1. Quite a helpful thread, especially for a lot of people that don't know the themes at all.

    Really nice thread!
  2. segji

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    nice thread doblox expected from a member of MyGeeks :cool:
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  3. I've noticed that there are some themes in build battle not listed here, a decent amount actually. Do you think you'll be adding them to the list? Or is there a place where we can find the updated list?
  4. he doesnt have time or he isnt planning on updating it
    i think he doesnt have time tho
  5. I could update the list yes. Planning on getting more into Build Battle to complete all the achievement. If you want to help me, add me on discord
    and we’ll be able to work on it :)
    Kinda True, wasn’t planning on updating it but got a lot of request to do so. If you want to help me, my discord is in the spoiler :p
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  6. Nice Thread!
  7. Lion_Brine_Ninja

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    why did you necropost

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