1. recently i've been playing a lot of bedwars with my friends but we've been coming in contact with a ton of hackers. some of them even being mvp players. this is a real problem and we /watchdogreport them but it hardly seems like anything is done about it. i love hypixel and the games on your server, but these hackers who think they are so high and mighty are just a nuisance.
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  2. So, is a hacker anyone who is better than you? That's what it seems like to me according to this post, hm . . .
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  3. no one cares, queue up and move on
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  4. Kha0tic

    Kha0tic Well-Known Member

    I almost never see hackers, especially not MVPs. So unless you're on a different server I'm going to assume that you are hackusating a lot of people with one post.
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  5. that's not what im saying. i admit im not the best player, but i dont get salty when someone kills me. but it seems like more and more people are hacking and nothing is done about it. i was staff on a server once so i know what hacking looks like. i also know when someone shouldn't be hitting through blocks (kill aura), placing blocks in mid air, or hitting others 7 blocks away.
  6. Most players don't hack, unless you're playing ranked skywars or UHC, then there ar a few hackers.
    The people hitting you through blocks are most likely lagging as well as the players hitting from "7 blocks away" which isn't really possible
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  7. blegar1

    blegar1 Active Member

    Easiest way to spot if their hacking in bedwars. If they're running as they place blocks. If their headsnapping to place blocks as they run towards your bed. It's pretty obvious they're hacking. Kill aura is harder to spot now so could be lag.
  8. Headsnapping when placing blocks doesn't mean hacks at all, that is just then being dumb and thinking placing blocks under you makes you go faster
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  9. Yes ^^
  10. next time try to have proof
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  11. Exiliations

    Exiliations Well-Known Member

    So what do you want us to do?

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  12. they're head wasn't snapping at all they just kept running as they built a bridge in the sky. they didn't have a bridge egg either.
  13. TheWildTester

    TheWildTester Well-Known Member

    Bruh if you think 7 block reach is possible I think you don't know how hacks look like or can't measure the distance unless they use something like tp aura or something like that lol
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  14. i'm just trying to let people know about this. rn im trying to get recording software so i can record all my bedwars games. i know that nothing is gonna come of this tread but i just needed to say something about this.
  15. i know 7 blocks isn't possible. im just trying to say that they're hitting much farther than they are supposed to.
  16. imDari

    imDari Well-Known Member

    Annoy v2 ANNOY
    In that case they're legit LOOOOOL
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  17. imDari

    imDari Well-Known Member

    Annoy v2 ANNOY
    I love how you were a staff member yet fail to know basic PvP things
    It's possible for reach to look like 6-8 blocks away legit
    Building bridges into the sky is possible
    Hitting through blocks is possible after hypixel removed the line of sight check, however they must have 100-200ms in order to send an attack packet before their client can see the player placed a block.
    Killaura is surprisingly obvious when it's actually used. And most of the time they're just good
    1v1 me and you'll say I'm hacking, I'm sure
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  18. There are dozens of free recording softwares that take a total of 5 seconds to download. How have you not gotten one
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  19. hackers are only a problem if they're casually floating on a cloud and getting your bed and gliding through you killing everybody in meer seconds.... otherwise tryhard teams can usually wipe reach or kill aura players out. Just keep practicing :D
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  20. Maybe nothing is being done about it, cause they're probably not hacking.. unless you're playing uhc
    Personally, the last time I saw a hacker was about 2 months ago. And I play pretty frequently.

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