Should Hypixel enable Anti-Fly?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Every since they removed the Anti-Fly thing, I constantly am seeing fly and scaffolding hackers. I personally think Hypixel should enable Anti-Fly again so there are less fly/scaffold hackers and so I can actually play a game without someone flying to my island and killing me with killaura. I just don't like hackers. By the way I don't know if it's called Anti-Fly or Anti-Cheat. I am sorry if I'm being a little whiny.
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  2. No, we love our precious tnt jumping too much
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  3. Perhaps it wasn't accurate enough and they disabled to prevent false punishments
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  4. No that’s not the case, they got rid of it because it prevented tnt jumping
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  5. Cringee

    Cringee Active Member

    Pew HOMO
    I saw like 10 fly / scaffold hackers today and i dont like it
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  6. That's right ! Today I saw at least 10 flying cheaters but watchdog do his job :D
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  7. those were my brothers accounts. i know because my brother is a hacker & he likes to hack inactive players accounts to play on them.

    & my brother is constantly trying to crack my pc's password but he can't
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  8. there would be a lot of false bans if it was :c it is optimized to keep it as minimal as possible without having false bans :(
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  9. Im agree with you I trust watchdog !
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  10. linzy

    linzy Well-Known Member

    Offensive OFN
    idk if it's just me but i very RARELY see tnt jumpers
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  11. the skywars gamemode
  12. If someone is fly hacking and you witness it and watchdog hasn't gotten to it yet, you can just do /wdr and they'll be banned. (Watchdog report). Also, as someone said, there would be a lot of false bans happening too. This also kind of defeats the purpose of watchdog.
  13. DIEamond

    DIEamond Well-Known Member

    SwFTW SW
    tnt jumping is an art that was ruined when antifly was added and is still vital to the skywars community. now i agree that there are more scaffolders etc these days but for example if it was added back then for example on bw fireball jumping would be impossible i think. but even if you could add it back only into skywars then the whole fun of tnt would be ruined. so just hope watchdog catch up
  14. linzy

    linzy Well-Known Member

    Offensive OFN
    yeah yeah pido someone told me this already

    but still how often does that fill?
  15. it's a lab game mode so it rotates but when it's on the rotation it gets a lot of players, also the anti-fly would mess with enderpearls, animal riding, boats etc. it would be a bad idea to add it, not only just because of tnt jumping...
  16. Pretty sure the fly hackers would be bypassing whether the fly check is enabled or not lol. Tnt jumping relies on the person taking damage and therefore taking kb upwards. Cheaters are only able to fly across gaps and dont have to take damage to do so. Also flying directly upwards is pretty much impossible at this point unless youre on a yt rank account.
  17. AShinyGiratina

    AShinyGiratina Well-Known Member

  18. NEVER xd
  19. it is just you I tnt jump to a random island and kill them its really fun
  20. Fly hackers are scary. They fly and then kill me and then I commit big mad and get muted but they don’t get banned

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