1. Instaboomer

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    The Hypixel rules state that any automation of something is bannable on the network. Toggle sprint is a macro that automatically holds sprint down. It's an automation so it is an unfair advantage.

    please give me dislikes
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  2. BulbJake

    BulbJake Well-Known Member

    IfOnly I
    No. It says togglesneak is bannable.

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  3. Instaboomer

    Instaboomer Member

    i just realised that

    Toggle sneak is automatically holding sneak down so why is it bannable

    l o l

    EDIT: it's the same thing with auto clickers, if you set your auto clicker to 14 CPS, keep in mind that it is still possible to obtain 14 CPS legit
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  4. Many reasons.

    1: You are hiding in a game of Mega Walls sneaking for 20 minutes. The amout of finger work there boy it is alot. Thats why toggle sneak is not allowed, we gotta get better finger streanght to sneak longer and longer so we can last 40-50 min in a UHC game ( This a joke )

    But for real good question. I dont know why it isent acceptabel.
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  5. I don't mind what it does, but I do mind that it is not a vanilla feature.
  6. Toggle sprint does make you constantly run, it just makes the process of sprinting automatic while you walk.
  7. Choo

    Choo Well-Known Member

    6 6
    Autoclickers are meant so the person doesnt have to click.

    Also autosprint is a vanilla hotkey lol. Togglesneak isnt, although it doesnt kill you to just hold on the shift button?
  8. "many" reasons
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  9. Shshsh xD
  10. Dials

    Dials Member

    It isn't wtflmao
  11. i wish people can delete threads
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  12. Toggle-sprint is allowed but toggle-sneak isn't.
  13. Knotty

    Knotty Well-Known Member

    you're an unfair advantage
  14. Toggle Sprint is literally the same as just holding down a sprint key I mean I could see how its unfair but at the same time not really.
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  15. Cheating = gud
  16. imFIS

    imFIS Active Member

    If you toggle sneak on, it’s possible to do things like be in your inventory or be typing a message in chat while you are sneaking. This is why it’s bannable.
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  17. Instaboomer

    Instaboomer Member

    tip: use your username and password to access your mc account

    you play bedwars you shouldn't be talking
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  18. I use toggle sprint but keep my finger on the sprint key at all times out of habit
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  19. Togglesneak keeps your nametag hidden while in chests or inventory.

    Also, having an autoclicker at 14cps still doesn't really make it fair. It'll be a constant guarantee 14cps plus easier mouse control.
  20. @HPWizard
    I know youre being serious. But WHY DO YOU PUT "unfair advantage" in the first place
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