1. Before I begin this thread, I'd like to address the fact that I accept you for whoever you are and whatever standpoints you hold. I'm fine with you even if you are homophobic or transphobic. All I am requesting is simply for you to be respectful with what you reply on to this thread, and please do not talk about me behind my back.

    I have seen quite a few LGBTQ+ people attempt to come out to the forums community, mostly through the Off Topic section. I'll admit it, I've done that too. Like many before and after me, I was met with strong mixed results: A very strong proposition and an equally strong opposition, and the two sides mercilessly fighting each other on the thread.

    First of all, if you have already made a thread, I want you to know that whatever people might say about you or any LGBTQ+ communities you might belong to, you are beautiful. You deserve just as much basic respect as any other human being.

    At the same time, please do not act overly flamboyant in your behavior. I am fairly sure that most of you are aware of the stereotype that LGBTQ+ people are ignorant, loudmouthed, and perverted people who blindly push leftist views and bash conservative views relentlessly. I really don't want my fellow LGBTQ+ friends to fit those stereotypes, so please don't become one of them if you're LGBTQ+. Being transgender and pansexual myself, I'm open about my identity and I'm not afraid to state my views, but I'm respectful about it and I don't try to force my ideas on anyone else. I open my ears to any opinion and I try to stand in other people's shoes whenever possible. I hope we, as a community, can break the ugly stereotypical image of LGBTQ+ people.

    If you feel unsafe about your identity on the forums, there are Discord servers like LGBTQ+ Lounge, Transpeak, GayDayz, and so much more, for you to explore. My guild, United Dragons, is also a LGBTQ+ focused community that can provide a safe space for you to communicate your thoughts. Believe it or not, many people online can give you some very nice help and advice with whatever you're struggling with.

    Also, you want to recognize that whatever LGBTQ+ identities you might have right now might not be permanent. For many young people, it's simply a temporary phase. Keep your mind open, and do not jump too quickly to conclusions. You know yourself best, nobody should be telling you what labels you fall under except yourself.

    Again, I would like to ask whoever is reading this thread to please be respectful, and think before you type. I really would not like this thread to burst up in flame war, and I would very much appreciate it if you guys cooperated. Thanks! :)
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  2. Really well said <3
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  3. #3
  4. What's LGBTQ+?
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  5. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and questioning
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  6. Ok
  7. Q typically stands for queer, but I'm pretty sure questioning is one of the +.
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    Great job ;)
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    Feels like this is sorely needed after the latest thread discussing this topic that got locked... xD
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  10. Link?

    Edit: I found it.
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    It's literally right below this one lol.
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    <3 Well said
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    Well said, here are my views as a non lgbtq person and a leaner more toward the republican side (not nearly as much as my parents want lol) and plz don’t harass me for my political views, as I won’t care and won’t respond.

    I’m going to be honest, I think the whole lgbtq thing is very foreign and weird to me, so obviously I don’t understand it. It’s kind of like trying to understand why a leader would implement communism into a government; I don’t have any experience with it so I don’t understand it. Although I don’t understand it, I respect it. Tbh i don’t care what you are doing with your life as long as it doesn’t hurt you, me, or anyone else.

    That being said, there are two things I really don’t like about a small fraction of this community, along with some of the third wave feminists and racial equalitists (I don’t know what they are called lol). The first is that if I don’t understand something, they force me to try to understand it/ get angry because I don’t understand it. The second thing is probably controversial, and that is people that try to overreact to much about the use of words and other things that are might be offensive to these communities. I get it that these people are more prone to bullying and stuff like that, and that’s not right and I feel bad, but like if I call my friend a fa**ot, why does it matter, it’s really just what people do, don’t worry about it just the same as when one of my black friends calls me a cracker.

    Annnnyyyyyways, i won’t be responding to any sort of h8 to this thread, and if there is any, then why, I’m only expressing my opinion the same way that this person who started the thread did. Tytyty for reading :D
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    How can I get access to these areas?
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  15. It's great to see these threads, as I, and many others, really do appreciate them. As a gay guy myself, I don't really see a need in coming out. It draws too much attention to you and is really just normally viewed negatively when it shouldn't be. For me, I'll tell someone if they ask, but I really don't see a need to make a thread on it, announce it irl, etc.. It's great that you accept yourself for who you are, but don't let others get you down because of it. Biggest mistake you can make.
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    Even though im against the whole lgbtq thing, doesnt make much sense to me, i think alot of ppl are in fact struggling with this and needed to read something like that. Very well said.
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    Thanks I love you too
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    Man, I'm transgender (m2f) and even I don't understand why people get butthurt over some of the things they do. Some people are just much more easily hurt than others, and usually unfortunately they tend to be the loud minority.

    Edit: I'm not saying people aren't allowed to be offended or whatever, if that's how you want to spend your time, go for it, but don't try to involve me in it because really, I don't care at all. I just wanna be a girl, man.
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  19. FoxNews

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  20. I respect your views.

    Trust me, I used to be like that too, when I was much younger, being raised in a conservative Chinese family. I totally see where you're coming from.

    Again, I can totally see where you're coming from. Despite being a liberal myself, I can definitely see that the leftism from the past decade or so went quite out of hand. The feminism and anti-homophobia stuff has really gone over the top in some ways.

    I respect your opinions! I read through the whole thing, and I think you've presented your points in a very skillful way. ;)
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