1. Just because Lazer and the other guy couldn't stop discussing doesn't make me a 'comment farmer' lol, is that how u do things ? Killed ur arguments so that's ur new one ? hahaha, I just like discussing, don't have to cry about it, crybaby
  2. Oops, I did it again ...
    (Yesss, now I'm postfarming, just to be a little annoying to you x x x)
  3. 'respect for their work and private lives'
    ah yes
    by complaining about bugs
    we are not respecting the admins private lives
    Logic: 100
  4. Another one ...
    Try and read the comments, maybe u'll notice I told the other guys times that it's about the spam complaintments, not just the people reporting once and carrying on with their lives, let it be clear now please, people might start to think I'm postfarming ...
  5. 1. you are postfarming its extremely obvious lmao
    2. you make so sense at all still havent explained how we are 'disrespecting the admins personal lives' by complaining abt fixes
  6. By not being patient and trying to push them getting everything fixed, if they would have to work faster, they'd have to work overtime, pretty obvious
  7. my brain

    ah yes
    by asking the admins to change 2 numbers
    we are forcing them to work overtime

    do you legitimately think it takes as much work to change the sell price of clay as it did to make the end update
  8. Is this thread about the selling price of clay ? Nope.
  9. Are you okay in the head? nope.

    Do you think
    fixing 2 bugs
    is as that hard?

    yes you do

    are you trying to look good to all the mods by being all 'omg stop complaining abt glitches idots'

    also yes

    also at this rate the entire thred is going to become us arguing lmao
  10. L
    Like any staff member is going to read this thread :D leave me alone already, done with this thread, took me hours to explain it to them and now ur going to come here and give the same arguments as I answered an hour ago ..
  11. Silly me for complaining about an incredibly common item-deleting bug that has been in the game and ignored by the developers for 3 months. Oh I shouldn't be so negative, they finally fixed it, even though that created a new item-deleting bug that's even nastier. No biggie.

    The Quiver Arrow fiasco should have never been a thing in the first place, but here we are. And it was far from the only serious issue in the game.

    I'm hopeful that yesterday's update is a sign that things are moving for the better now! But until then it's hard not to be cynical about Hypixel Skyblock.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  12. Sometimes this fail. The Skyblock menu...and the arrow disappear, making you put /hub to back to normal.
  13. Thanks for the decent comment !
    I see where u (and all others) are coming from, it's annoying but to overwhelm the forums with hate and negative comments about every single aspect, in hundreds of different threads, is in my opinion very much unneeded, it's a prototype still so it's normal that it has a lot of bugs, I'm sure there is a good reason why the dev team has taken so long to fix these, in the end, we're all on the same team anyways so everybody should take it easy a bit ..
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  14. what an idiot! imagine complaining about agame breaking bug! haha! whats wrong with a game breaking bug not being fixed for 3 months! stop being such a crybaby lol!
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  15. What's annoying is how your milking this post
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  16. Can you actually qoute yourself proving my arguments wrong instead of saying 'I already proved you wrong lol stupid non xd'
    please actually prove why im wrong and then let the thread die out
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  17. ***Tells me what to do***
    ***Proceeds to tell me to not tell them what to do***
    Also i dont act like you've made books about it because if you did i would have to get the whole squad of teachers in the universe to read out what you are saying and why you made those books and they would still struggle to understand
    Have a nice day

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