1. IDK man, I thought my conclusive proof would make it apparent its not fake and a top priority, but maybe not if some guy with more holes in his argument than grammar mistakes thinks I'm faking it to be a ten year old with a shiny tnt?
  2. Plus nobody has heard of yr exploit and nobody uses it so it might not be that big of a deal, nice try on getting the rare item tho!
  3. I don't think you understand how bad it can be to triple your EHP, if you want to complain about the game's balancing issues not being a problem, at least learn the mechanics please.
  4. My friend, where did I make a thread about balancing issues ? It's about kids complaining and spamming their complaintments on every thread out there, stop being annoying and go to the next thread if ur gonna be discussing over something I never said shit about
  5. You literally said we shouldn't care about bugs because its a prototype lobby. First of all, that's exactly what one would interpret, and second, Prototype Lobby is a place where we are encouraged to report bugs so they are fixed.
  6. Ur changing my words, I didn't say or mean to 'not care' about bugs, I said u shouldn't stalk and spam devs and forums, where are u going with ur comments ? Just trynna humiliate me in a discussion ? or u just bored ?
  7. There is a reason you don't make the games.
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  8. Yea pretty much I like to call attention to public issues when I have nothing better to do and you sir are quite the "public issue"
  9. If ur trynna be funny or harsh towards me, good for you, kid, good for you, I know I ain't no Developer, dunno what's wrong about that
  10. lmao, ur bored, if u don't like me, why are u still talking to me on this thread, m8?
    Just stop commenting already xD
  11. Not really, it's just you stated that you would delete the whole skyblock server if you were the owner, which makes me glad you're not in power. Also quit responding, I know you just want to bump this post and don't care for actual debate
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  12. And you're the one responding to every single person that disagrees with you lmao
  13. I figure if you really need those 100 posts for the active member I may as well help you because you're clearly post farming as desequilibre said thats why I respond lol
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  14. Lol and when I said a real fact about a serious bug not being addressed you went off on a tangent that people only report bugs for the game breaker so no reports should be considered.
  15. lmao, Imma be honest here, I have no idea when or how I can get diff forum ranks xD I just really got annoyed by all the kids spamming every thread yesterday during maintenance that I made this thread, I just don't see the prob with u guys, U say I say things I never said, I said that it's all too much, people can't be like this towards staff team and all u guys are doing is exploding this up to a topic with a lot of comments, idgaf about forum ranks, not that type of guy
  16. I never went off on the gamebreaker, I said lots of kids will be trying to get it and be spamming the inbox for exploits so it's hard to find the real ones probably, stop changing my words, thank you again
  17. Progress comes from feedback if us crybabies don't say anything the game would be in shambles. We're not crybabies, we simply want the game to be better. Your whole post has no actual evidence, or claim just ranting. All the bug fixes that were in yesterday's patch were FROM COMMUNITY FEEDBACK. And also a solid fifth of your forum messages are literally from this post.
  18. Once AGAIN, I meant that kids should stop spamming, no need for 50 comments about the same bug, I never said u should't report bugs, stop changing my words, thank you
  19. Aight, I'll stop but because I want this post to stop getting bumped lmao
  20. bump

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