1. So lately all u see, in every thread placed, are people complaining about bugs and those not getting fixed ...
    This is a theory from my own viewings but ...
    Yesterday an update got released for coop functions etc, thread posted by Minikloon, the admin.
    Today a different thread came out for a bugfix update, by a totally different Admin sooo, a wild guess ...

    There's multiple teams working on multiple things, an actual game update team, an actual bugfix team and prob some more teams.

    So what does this mean ?
    It means that we have to give the staff team time and space to plan in updates, actually test them themselves alot, test them ourselves with ranked players and stop whining about everything every single time, basically have some f*cking respect for their work and for their private lives ...

    Tbh, if I was a Server Owner or Admin on here and I had half of my players whining my ears off for some bugs while you have a server with over 50+ games on it, which have to be maintained aswell, Id fookin just delete the whole skyblock server ...
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  2. And thats why fortunetely or unfortunately either way 10 year olds cannot be admins on popular servers.May i ask whats the point of this thread?You are acting like its something new.Hypixel is the most popular server atm of course some people will whine about bugs what are you on about?
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  3. They fixed Quiver glitch so theres something. it replaces the Nether Star instead of the Top Left slot.
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  4. Just trying to help some people think, as apparently, thats pretty hard around here, it's like they're copy/pasting everything from thread to thread.
  5. Problem is when bugs delete stuff you worked hard on, and just because you are not a youtuber you can't get anything in return from that loss... Thats actually pretty tilting
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  6. Well, a ton of people will really worry a lot when the entire accessory (talisman) bag disappeared.
  7. that's why you wait for them to fix it along with other problems tho
  8. nice all I hear is wait, wait for update, wait for bug fixes, wait for everything. I know its not easy to release an update without bugs, but if these bugs are gonna delete my stuff im kinda done
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  9. This isnt helping anyone do you think people will stop just because you made this thread?
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  10. What's the point of your comment ?
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  11. The point of my comment?It is to point out that this thread is absolutely useless and you should stop making these.People arent going to stop complaining about bugs
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  12. You say there's an actual bugfix team, but why did they spend all their time nerfing runaans?
  13. Ok, 1st of all, I'm super annoyed by the fact that ur not placing space in between ur sentences, do something about it, 2nd, this is literally my first post about this topic I have ever placed, why u acting like I've made books about it ? If u don't like the thread, skip it, don't come here and tell me what to do, thank you.
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  14. Well people who lose an item because of a bug are going to be understandably upset if that was a good item they were grinding for and you can’t really convince 10 year olds to stop complaining on the forum
  15. It's a prototype game, if u wanna play without bugs, look for a different server or wait untill the official version gets released ..
    I've lost around 2mill myself to bugs, I just respect the devs for their work and don't just blame everything on them and don't expect them to do everything in 5 minutes, there's bugs in every game, accept them
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  16. What if I told you I reported a game-breaking exploit in JULY that basically lets you double or even triple your EHP but they haven't given a real response even with me telling them exactly how it works?
  17. Just relax a d wait for bugfixes
  18. Then I'd respond to you saying that you're probably not the only one sending them messages, u get an extremely rare item when u find an exploit so just think about how many 10 year olds are gonna be trying to get that by sending in stupid or fake expoloits?
    I dunno, man, I just think people shouldn't be this harsh on them for a free to play game, and I know, people have donated money ... but ur still forgetting ur donating, ur not paying monthly so u wouldn't have any bugs if u understand what I mean, we chose to donate, doesn't give us the right to boss them around and team cup on them cus they're still mightier than any of us will be and they can just not give a f*ck, Hypixel will always be the best played minecrfat server around, be glad they still care in the end, the big bugfix update showed us they're working on it, let em do that and plau the game.
  19. What does donating have to do with them not fixing one of the most serious exploits in over 2 months?
  20. How is the 1 sentence about donating the only thing u got from that message ?

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