Is TNT Good?

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  1. I am losing brain cells comprehending this.
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  2. First and foremost, if you would like to stop dying to TNT then you should consider using your left hand and a keyboard (you can get some solid ones for like $50, and they come for free if you use a laptop!) and pressing the W key. It lets you move forward, thus avoiding the explosion! More advanced techniques to avoid being killed by TNT include using the A, S, D key and the spacebar, but we'll need to wait for your skill level to adapt to this in the future. :)

    If you have learnt how to successfully dodge TNT, and maybe even use the other 4 essential keyboard keys for movement, then we should move on to another way of preventing TNT deaths, which is to prevent the attack entirely. You do this by looking at the shopkeeper and right clicking, then clicking on the wool in the shop GUI. Once you are satisfied with the amount of wool you have (32-64 blocks is usually what you would need) then you should build up by looking down and pressing the space bar while holding the wool. Right click while in the air, and repeat this process until you've successfully caught up to the height of the incoming attacker. Then simply pull your sword out and left click on the opponent.

    If you still struggle, I would suggest getting good, what many players fail at and end up making threads on the forums to remove a certain item with no arguments to back their idea except for "I get annoyed by this item and die to it a lot".
  3. If You Stopped Typing Like This I Would Feel A Lot Better.
  4. It's called bedwars, not bed builders for a reason.

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