Is TNT Good?

  1. Yes

    27 vote(s)
  2. No

    7 vote(s)
  1. This Might Sound Stupid, But How Many Times I Die & Bed Loses From This Stupid Item. Over 100. The Game Should Either Make TNT 10 For Soloes etc. Or Delete It As A Whole. This Will Make Me Feel Good About Bedwars.
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  2. By this idea being on, the whole bedwars community would be over. Try rushing the next island with 16 iron and 4 gold. Spend all your iron to wool and buy a TNT with your gold. Nice and easy!
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  3. It Makes Me Depressed That You Have Sooo Many Kills With Tnt
  4. If you rush first, no problem
  5. I'm A Bed Builder With Terrible PVP Skills. It Makes Me Sad That Some TNT People Have To Ruin My Creation
  6. First Of All Why Do You Type Like This. Second Of All, Build To Them And Fight Them Instead Of Staring At Them Then Complain That Tnt Is Overpowered When Your Bed Breaks.
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  7. 6CPS

    6CPS Well-Known Member

  8. I Type Like This Because I Cringe When I Type Lowercase As The First Letter & Have No Faith In Myself Anymore
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  9. I Have Someone On My Side
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  10. 6CPS

    6CPS Well-Known Member

    Your point being?
  11. That I'm Not The Only One To Feel That Way About TNT
  12. 6CPS

    6CPS Well-Known Member

    But no one has actually said that they agree with you, just a poll that was more than likely voted on by you. This is a terrible idea, it would remove one of the most popular tactics in the entire game so no, TNT should not be removed.
  13. Get better or place glass or place a few will blocks as a barrier? LOL
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  14. Why do you care so much over a game, only toxic people do that.
  15. so you want to just make a bed defense. Go play single player. People will just use tools. You’ll get another ten seconds. Stop complaining where there’s not an issue. Your playing a pvp gamemode not build battle bed defense edition.
  16. I Don't Mind Tools Destroying My Bed But TNT Mades Me Sad
  17. Beckyy

    Beckyy Active Member

    Maybe if you didn’t build a defense you wouldn’t get tnted so much
  18. Zaiyd

    Zaiyd Active Member

    The Beloved QTIE
    You know what makes me sad? You think Bedwars is now Build Battle. Use your freaking left click button on your mouse. Problem solved. And if you say you’re bad at PvP then get gud. 500 IQ. Nobody has thought of that before.
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  19. Ayeza

    Ayeza Well-Known Member

    TheFroglets FR✪G
    Ffs Why Do So Many People Write Like This. I Hope This Is A Meme Because I Just Lost Braincells.
  20. C
    this is why people make fun of bedwars players
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