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  1. Map name - Pacific

    Your In game name - Silver14

    Minigame its for - Tnt Run

    Screenshots -

    1.jpg 66.jpg 7.jpg 55.jpg 3.jpg 22.jpg 33.jpg 44.jpg

    About the map - The map was made for tnt run (or pvp run). It contains 4 layers, 2 big layers with the same size of 38 by 38 blocks, 1 middle layer with smaller pieces of floor separated on a way that makes parkour important, and 1 small starting layer where the map starts.
    Recommended for 12 to 20 players

    A little update - now the first layer has barrier blocks so no players can double jump up there, even tho they should get kicked as soon as they do if they could, also the 2nd layer with glass that faces the tree rooms have been replaced by barrier blocks to look better
    1a.jpg 1b.jpg 2a.jpg 2b.jpg

    Another update - I decided to add some depth to some parts of the walls and try to do my best with the pillars on the last layer, so hopefully it looks a lot better, also, the ceiling looked kinda empty to me so i implemented some sort of "overgrown" feel to it, so it may look better for some people and looks less plain
    111.jpg 112.jpg 113.jpg 114.jpg 115.jpg 116.jpg

    Other information - The decoration of the map its what took the longer, its supposed to look good, but also helps light up the map correctly, so not too many light updates ocurr, the map its also been created to work on pvp run, since it has no small corridors that could lead to camping, the middle layer also has this purpouse, since the patches are separated by 2+ air blocks, that way sprinting has a reward over walking.

    The last layer is set at y:11, that way double jumping its not as hard for some players.

    Thanks for reading. ^^
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  2. Great job. Good luck for the map selection
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  3. Oh thank you, hope people like it, even tho i know theres some greater maps submitted
  4. MasterGamerPro

    MasterGamerPro Well-Known Member

    Really great map <3
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  5. Personally, this would rank in the top tier if compared to the other maps that Hiku gathered.
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  6. Thank you
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  7. Oh idk about that, theres a lot of really good maps there
  8. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    ForumJelly MEMBER
    Congrats :3
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  9. Congratulations
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  10. Shadpho

    Shadpho Member

    One of the most detailed fan-made AND build-team created TNT Run maps!

    Congratulations on making it in the community maps update!
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  11. Thanks. im hoping to get to play the map soon hihi
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  12. There were so many really coool maps tooo, idk how i won, and thanks!
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  13. Nocth

    Nocth Well-Known Member

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  14. I like the concept.. Would it be a 12 player map or a 24 player map>?
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  15. atleast this is what its designed for, the build team decides that though, but hopefully they dont make it above 20

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