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  1. Hey TNT fans!

    We're planning to work on TNT Games and wanted to outline our plans. We aim to use this as a reference, similar to Cops and Crims, SkyClash, and more!

    This thread will be kept up-to-date to know the status of each step. We aim to arrange them in a chronological order, however, nothing on here is final and may change!

    Collect Community Ideas
    Goal: Share community ideas to help plan out upcoming updates.
    Status: Thread Live.​

    Bug Fixes
    Goal: Gather information, fix most of the bugs and get it into a good state. Attempt to minimise the impact of bugs on the gameplay. As well as changes to both quests and challenges to improve the likely hood of them being completed in the intended time.
    Status: Done and Live.​

    Changes to the Shop, Quests, and Challenges
    Goal: Changes to make upgrades more balanced and fair for new players.
    Status: Done and Live.
    TNT Wizards Balancing
    Goal: Changes to TNT Wizards to make classes and teams more balanced.
    Status: Done and Live.​

    Map Improvements
    Goal: Fix any bugs/exploits and improve the playability with maps.
    Status: All changes are done and live.​

    Goal: Fix any bugs possible that are remaining or that may arise from the previous patches. Also add new shop items and achievements to the game.
    Status: Done and Live.​
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  2. Vershul

    Vershul Well-Known Member

    Family FML
    Ooh, intriguing
  3. I am looking forward to playing more of TNT Games!
  4. Me too <3
  5. the shop balances would be good after the bug fixes :) but yay for tnt games!
  6. Well to start theres a huge ghost block/ Rollback glithc on bowspleef
  7. Okay great!!! I am quite a big TNT Games player and I am looking forward to what the future has for us. I'm going to be on board with this and I hope everyone else will be too as we really have been needing a fix and development for the TNT Games. I am glad you are starting by sorting out the bugs and glitches that the games have first as this has been a big problem for a while now, expect me to be posting a lot about some of the problems experienced. Wizards being unfair has been brought up more times than I can keep track of so I'm happy that it will be sorted out and I'm glad the wizards community has been heard. As I have been quite a long time player now have managed to buy nearly all of the cosmetics and upgrades for TNT games and a lot of my friends have the maxed out shop so I'm glad new things will be coming as this will be great for them to spend their 1000000 (million) coins they still have left over on, perhaps something along the line of more than one prestige and ranked rewards would be great! quests have been brought up before and while I don't see it as such a big issue it's sad that people just waste perks and leave in bowspleef or just get carried in wizards or blow themselves up in tag so I'm interested to see what will come for this to be changed and improved. Maps! Maps!! Maps!!! that's all I hear when I read the TNT Games forum. Many people are either making new maps, complaining about maps or wanting new maps so I'm over the moon that this is will be addressed even if it's at the bottom of the checklist. I can't wait to see what the Hypixel build team are going to make, edit or maybe remove. Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to Hypixel for acknowledging and coming back to these classic games and being serious about reviving them. Like I said I can't wait to see what's next!:D:eek:
  8. Very nice! Thanks for making the progress so clear to the community.
  9. _-_


    _-_ Well-Known Member

    Runner TAG
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  10. #12
  11. YAY tnt update!!! I really wanted it
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  12. Yay, Cannot wait for the improvements / Updates. But I'd suggest new maps though for the games ^.^
  13. cheickens

    cheickens Well-Known Member

    Can’t wait for an update! Thanks Connor
  14. I would really like if you could also change something in speed UHC.
    I think it could be a lot more popular if there would be updated.
  15. I love TNT Games, I am looking forward to playing TNT Games after the update. :)
  16. Lumine pfp
  17. For tnt tag, there is a map full of wheat. I forgot the name of the map, it is farm themed, but I always lag terribly because of the wheat. I find that lag back and getting stuck on blocks is also a huge issue whenever I or my friends play on it, which is bad because it allows targets to get away safely, or for tnts to catch up with you.

    I would love if it was fixed.

    I also think that non-permanent shop items should be added for players with too many coins. Such as really expensive boosts to gameplay that eventually reward buyers with cosmetics/achievements that they couldn't get otherwise.
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