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    Hello! The TNT games update is finally here, we have lots of new cool additions to discuss so let's jump right into it!

    New Wizards Classes

    We've added 3 new wizards classes:

    Hydro - Throw explosive water bombs and travel through the air on a wave
    Ancient - Shoot a fast-moving magma ball while chain heal yourself and allies
    Storm - Fire a beam of lightning and blast players away with tornados

    This update also includes a full set of balancing changes!

    Hydro wizard is a very mobile kit, focusing on speed rather than surviving. It's attack and defence wand are both very different from all the current kits. We tried to combine both elements of the projectile and beam kit for the attack wand, by having it shoot a fast (slower than projectile kits) ball of water in an arc that explodes when it touches the ground, and have the defense wand try to be a match for the current fastest kit, fire.
    Attack wand:
    Shot: A water ball that travels to players in an arc-line trajectory
    Cost: 7 Mana
    Damage: 6 HP
    Defense wand:
    Cost: 9 Mana
    Effect: Surf on an invisible water-like wave through the air
    Get regen II status effect once you walk through water

    Ancient is the third projectile kit, it's its overall intention is to be focused around support, in which it really gives bigger groups a more dominating edge when trying to capture a point. It also has a rewarding attack once when you play conservatively with the kit, having the player be able to shoot a triple shot when sneaking, for the cost of 1 shot! The attacks itself don't do that much damage but you will have plenty of chances before you run out of mana.
    Attack wand:
    Shot: A magma cream ball
    Cost: 5 Mana
    Damage:5 HP
    Defense wand:
    Cost: 10 Mana
    Effect: Heals yourself for 2 hearts, but multiplies that effect depending on how many allies are nearby use of chain.
    Be able to triple shot when sneaking when your mana is above 15

    Last, but certainly not least, kit #9, Storm. This kit should hit players like a hurricane. It's fast, very fast in both mobility and wand effectiveness. Its attack is a quick shot the can effectively reach players fast when they try to run away and its defense wand is a big blast of air, pushing the player backward away from it.
    Attack wand:
    Shoot: A small thunderstrike
    Cost: 6 Mana
    Damage: 3 Hearts
    Defense wand:
    Cost: 5 Mana
    Effect: Blast players away with a horizontal tornado
    Get Speed V when walking on the ground for more than 1 second (base speed in wizards is Speed III)

    A lot of specifics including range and duration for these kits are left out, so you can figure that out while playing!


    From a maxed kit perspective:

    • Decreased damage from 7 to 6 HP per shot
    • Added an incremental increase to the fire defense wand: Every time the fire wand is used without shooting or dying in between the cost for using the wand will increase with 1 Mana
    • Decreased base starting cost for the defense wand from 5 Mana to 4
    • Increased the duration of the defense wand to 20s instead of 19s, mainly to prevent an overlap bug
    • Made the attack wand shoot a triple shot (like in paintball)
    • Decreased attack wand's base damage from 7 HP to 6 HP per shot

    New Bow Spleef Abilities
    • Arrow Volley - an ultimate powerup which is limited compared to all other power-ups, shoots out a volley of 10 arrows around you
      • Activated by a blaze powder in your 4th item slot
      • Max of 3 uses
    • Explosive Dash - An optional power-up that replaces Repulsor if selected. Upon activation, the player receives speed II for 1.5 seconds and leaves an explosion trial behind you that lights up all TNT blocks the player steps on top of
      • Switch in the bow spleef waiting lobby
      • Progression costs & prestige costs are twice the cost of repulsors.
    New Maps

    We've added 8 new maps! The breakdown is 2 for TNT/PVP run, 2 for Bow Spleef, 3 for TNT Tag, and 1 for Wizards!



    Full Private Game Support

    We've added private game support including fun custom settings to play around with.

    Try out new settings like:

    • Quadruple shot in Bow Spleef
    • Triple mana regen in Wizards
    • Knockback Swords in PVP Run
    • Jump Boost in TNT Tag
    • and more!

    TNT Wizards:
    • Double, triple and half mana regeneration
    • Maxed Kits
    • Killing a player penalty to 5/10/15 points per kill
    • No mana regen for points
    • Double and triple health
    TNT Tag:
    • Only deathmatch rounds
    • Disable powerups
    • Jump boost
    • Maxed perks
    TNT Bow Spleef:
    • Maxed perks
    • Multiplier for double jumps
    • Jump boost
    • Speed settings
    • Quintuple shot
    • Heavy arrows (extra TNT blocks ignited)
    Tnt Run:
    • Jump Boost
    • Maxed Perks
    • Enable Snowballs
    • Speed settings
    Pvp Run:
    • Jump Boost
    • Maxed perks
    • Enable Snowballs
    • Speed settings
    • Change sword type
    • Change armor type
    • Knockback swords

    New Cosmetics

    We've added 5 new Bow Trails, 3 new TNT Tag suits, 3 particle packs, 4 hats, and 4 double jump effects! We've also added a new Void Messages cosmetic category!

    Bow Trails
    • Water
    • Angry Villager
    • Magic
    • Falling Diamonds
    • Rainbow
    • Pastel
    • Sunrise
    • Ocean
    Particle Packs
    • Crayon
    • Rainbow
    • Golden
    • Lapis Hat
    • Magic Hat
    • Nature Hat
    • Final Hat
    Double Jump effects
    • Magic
    • Portal
    • Snow
    • Diamond Rain
    Void Messages
    • Eaten by the Void
    • Dark Side
    • Black Hole
    • Oops
    • Call of the Void
    • Spleefed
    • Void Fighter
    • Vacation
    • Troll
    • Prisoner
    • Staring Contest
    • Heart Break
    • Losing the bet
    • Artist
    • Tripped
    • Fried Chicken
    • Yeeted
    • Boogie
    • Hypnotic

    New Achievements

    We've added 16 new challenge achievements and 1 new tiered achievement!

    General Challenge
    • Win Streak - 15 AP
      • Get 10 TNT wins in a row
    TNT Run Challenges
    • Potion Shower - 10 AP
      • Get hit with 6 potions from other players in 1 game of TNT Run
    • Patience is Key - 10 AP
      • Play in a game of Tnt Run that takes longer than 8 minutes
    TNT Run Tiered
    • BlockRunner
      • Walk over 25K-125K-250K-500K-1M blocks in TNT run
      • 5-10-15-20-25 AP
    TNT Tag Challenges
    • Lucky! - 5 AP
      • Don’t start with TNT until the deathmatch rounds in a game of TNT Tag
    • No u - 5 AP
      • Tag a player 15 times in TNT tag and make the player lose that round
    • Timer - 5 AP
      • Tag a player in the last second in a round of TNT tag and survive the round
    Bow Spleef Challenges
    • Magnet Boots - 15 AP
      • Win a game of bow spleef without jumping
    • Learn to Combo - 5 AP
      • Kill a player with a repulsor after you double jump
    TNT Wizards Challenge
    • Sniper - 5 AP
      • Get a kill from over 100 blocks in Tnt Wizards
    • Time Wizards - 10 AP
      • Have a wizards game take last longer than 15 minutes
    • Flying Madman - 10 AP
      • Don’t touch the ground for 5 minutes and kill 5 players in the same game of TNT Wizards
    • I'm actually a healer - 10 AP
      • Heal over a 100 hearts in 1 game of TNT Wizards with the kinetic kit (can be team or self-heal)
    • Freeze! - 5 AP
      • Freeze water with the ice kit in TNT wizards
    • Mega tank - 10 AP
      • Take over 150 hearts of damage as the toxic kit in a game of TNT Wizards
    • Extremespeed - 15 AP
      • Kill 5 players in the first minute of Tnt Wizards
    • Pro Surfer - 5 AP
      • Use Hydro wizards’ defense wand while standing in water

    Quality of Life Changes & Bug Fixes


    • Removed Bow Spleef map, Chaparral
    • Added void kills in PVP Run
    • Double jump feather now is togglable
    • Changed the draw mechanics in wizards
    • Added passive description for each kit in TNT wizards
    • Moved all cosmetic shop pages to the cosmetics section
    • Added game descriptions for all cosmetic pages
    • Changed rainbow particles double jump to random double jump
    • Changed random double jump particles to potion effect
    • Changed fire shot furnace to Flint and Steel
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed particle effect only showing on the right-most arrow in triple shot
    • Fixed "Is it over already?" achievement unlocking with 2 players instead of more than 2
    • Fixed Stats NPC showing incorrect Total Wins
    • Fixed not being able to double jump in PVP run after killing a player while on 0 DJs
    • Fixed /who showing hidden staff members

    As always, we will be carefully monitoring feedback given by you guys so we can adjust changes over the next few days!
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    Cool. When's watchdog getting fixed/improved/replaced?
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  11. Might get back into that game-mode cus of this, granted I never actually grinded the game that much but ye.
    According to my calculations, there's a 0.02% chance of another tnt games update within the next week.
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    So everything that should be changed - Most of the bowspleef community still wants Xhing to be edited, Astora to be removed.
    Also in bowspleef the explosive trail doesnt do a whole lot, they should buff it because I think it has potential. And the Volly should be removed it serves no purpose.

    For tnt tag, its a game with a VERY CONSISTANT community of 250-300 usually. It does not have the servers to support it and its hurting the game because for like 15/24 hours in a day theres a thing where u cant warp for like a straight minute and I feel its hurting the playercount.
    Also for tag since its popular theres many GvGs and party limit is at 28, and that doesnt sound like an issue but usually when u have a big party it auto warps to maps that have more than ur party, and most maps start with 30, so it can be frustrating trying to find a map that is 28 players over 30. Its very rare and usually is like 10 minutes which is a big waste of time.
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  16. New TNT tag maps :D
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