1. Official documentations.
  2. Well imo crash courses dont help me at all because they explain everything and it gets very boarding for very little useful info so what do you want to make? What steps will it take to make it do what it needs to do? Search up each function and put it all together and boom!

    If you don't know what to make and think you can just "learn" code then you wont be making that much progress and it wont end well.

    If you want you could help me with my project (it's a big one)
  3. but idk what to search up xD

    atm I want to create a rpg game, I can draw very quick on computer so graphics aren't a problem, it's just idk how to code ANYTHING. Nor which language I should use..
  4. A 3d game isn't something you will be making when starting out like you're going to need experience from other things first
  5. 2d*
    I will do pixel art since I know 3d would be difficult for first try
  6. smoI

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    look up pygame
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