1. Ahoy, Maties! I've been at it again, building yet another Murder Mystery map, this time based off a pirate theme. I am proud to finally present the result - Tidebreak.

    The idea: Setting sail on the Seven Seas, you and the crew find yourself setting sail into a storm. Featuring cannon traps and more, can you survive the murderer and the storm at sea?

    Pregame lobby: upload_2019-5-25_11-50-9.png

    Map: upload_2019-5-25_11-51-9.png

    Cannon Traps: There are three cannon traps throughout the map. For three gold, you can shoot a cannonball out of a cannon by flicking the lever on the back of the cannon. These cannons will blast out a cannonball, killing all players within a 3 * 5 area infront of the cannon. Has a 10 second reload time.
    upload_2019-5-25_12-6-1.png upload_2019-5-25_12-6-41.png upload_2019-5-25_12-6-51.png

    Captain's Quarters: The Captain's Quarters are locked with an iron door on both sides of the ship. Beside these iron doors, there is an item frame on either side of the ship. If two players place their maps inside the item frames, they will open the Captain's Quarters for everyone.

    Map Flooding: After two minutes, the bottom floor of the map will flood, placing glass blocks as shown. Water particles will appear at 10 seconds before the event occurs, along with a warning message in chat telling people to get to high ground.

    The rooms and area under the flooded region will become a kill zone, killing the poor souls who find themselves under the waves.
    upload_2019-5-25_11-46-11.png upload_2019-5-25_11-48-43.png

    (This is the chute down the crate of the cargo hold, also blocked off).

    Plank: Make your victims walk the plank! If a player stays on the plank for too long, it will break, dumping them into the water and killing them. It will regenerate after 5-10 seconds. (Thanks to Trihard for suggesting this).
    As you all know, I'm always proactive about how players could possibly get out of maps. As such, I've blocked off several areas with barrier blocks to stop people from escaping the map.

    upload_2019-5-25_12-7-43.png upload_2019-5-25_12-7-49.png upload_2019-5-25_12-7-56.png

    For this map, I've decided to add a couple unique achievements to it too! :p
    • Plankwalker - have the plank break under you. 5 achievement points.
    • You are a pirate! - kill the murderer with a cannon trap. 10 achievement points.
    • Cannonball Collector [SECRET ACHIEVEMENT] - throughout the map, there are cannonballs scattered around. Click on a cannonball to find it; find all the cannonballs hidden throughout the map and you will get the achievement. 25 achievement points.

    I hope you all enjoyed this map! This was quite a challenge to build while keeping to the theme of Murder Mystery, but it came out successfully in the end <3


    Map Builder: Jet711
    Version: 1.8.9 (can be downgraded to 1.8)
    Resource packs: Faithful 1.12 32x32, custom skys edit.

    Small note: I'd like to thank @Trihard for suggesting the map name and helping me find some pirate-themed music ;)
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  2. Don't stop impressing me, this idea is absolutely phenomenal and fantastic. All of your maps actually feel like they could be real Hypixel maps, can't wait until this gentleman joins the build team.
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  3. jack_kenobi

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  4. t bo
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  5. Looks amazing!! Outstanding job!!
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  6. That is really awesome!!! I love how you did all the details, and the mechanics of the map really fits in well, amazing job!! :D :D
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  7. Wonderful map. I love the creativity and thoughtfulness of every detail! :D Seeing the map progress from an idea to completion has been amazing and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
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  8. I agree! He's obviously spent a lot of time and effort and deserves rewarding.
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  9. 1 like = 1 cracker for the parrot :p
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  10. MagicTin

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    Minecon MC
    Awesome attention to detail and design, Love the map! Keep up the great work!! :p
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  13. I can't not agree what you said about this, you and your fellow guild members are very similar.
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  14. I NEED IT!!!!
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  15. OMG YES I thought that was forgotten!
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  16. I certainly agree, this map is a true masterpiece of art.
  17. I wish this can be added into mm maps
    T bo
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  18. Looks really good :)
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  19. ALAND

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    I would've given it a 100% if the name was TidePods.

    But for real now, the map is absolutely amazing, but some spots need a little bit of balancing, such as the one shown in the video at 1:22 because the detective can just camp in there and wait for the murderer until he shows up.
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  20. I thought about that one while I made the map, and while it isn't visible from the video, I positioned it in such a way that the murderer can open the trapdoor and throw a knife at the detective's feet without getting in range of the bow, effectively killing the detective. But that's a good observation! :p

    Same goes with the other hiding spots on the main deck - the murderer can shift over the edge and nail people's feet. It was definitely a challenge but I felt that murderers needed to be slightly cautious on this map, and finding a balance between rampaging and playing smart.

    Although murderer and innocent balancing is definitely a challenge in the creation of all maps - really easy to mess up, as seen on San Peratico, Archives Top Floor and Darkfall. But for a map which gets smaller like this one, some good hiding spots are needed :)

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