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    High Tide was created on 4/6/2019 by [MVP+] Mamk2 with the vision of creating a community where people can easily socialize and play games with other players. Starting out with a small group of friends, the guild has grown rapidly, increasing in player count and developing a more diverse player base. Recently High Tide has started to become a bit more competitive, earning some leaderboard spots, and improving our tactics. We also strive to be a fairly social guild, and hope that our members will be kind and accepting to others. This thread will be improved on as or guild grows, but for now we will just present the basics. We are currently above level 25 and have a green tag.
    1. Have respect for other's mindsets and/or beliefs
    2. Keep toxicity to a minimum
    3. Do not spam
    4. Do not post explicit content in general chat
    5. Be active at least 5 hours a week (Exceptions can be made)
    6. Use basic common sense
    7. Be comfortable with the English language
    8. Do not hack
    9. Do not boost
    The High Tide Discord
    Even non-guild members can join!
    Guildmaster - Mamk2
    Co-Master(s) - TheAkkadian (_Shadow_Step_)
    Legendary - Will be adjusted soon
    Hope - The member rank of the guild
    Recruit - For new members
    For the time being, we are accepting a wide spectrum of players, so there are not any strict stat requirements. Instead, you are judged on how you could possibly improve the guild, and your skill as a player (Which could be derived by your stats). It is highly recommended to have Discord, so guild events could be easily communicated.
    IGN :
    Discord Tag :
    Timezone :
    Network Level :
    Games you play :
    Link to stats :
    Notable achievements :
    How active are you? :
    Mute and ban history with reasons :
    How would you describe yourself as a player? :
    How would you describe yourself as a person? :
    Is there anyone in High Tide who would recommend you ? :
    Any friends who would also like to join? :
    What guilds were you previously in? :
    What would you bring to High Tide? :
    Anything else we should know? :
    If application results do not come in right away do not worry, we will get to you eventually.
    If you missed or did not receive a guild invite upon being accepted, send Mamk2 (Parka) a private forum message.​
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