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  1. Pingers seem to be everywhere on Hypixel, mainly duels. How many times have you fought one (200ms or higher) and just get quick dropped with their laggy hits?
    On the other hand, you can easily get them glitched and stuck in a combo if you have good enough aim.

    Do you think pingers have a fair or unfair advantage?

    Let's have a nice discussion
  2. Not their fault. If you don't want to queue them just enable ping range
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  3. lizerdio

    lizerdio New Member

    I personally think they have a middle ground fair/unfair advantage/disadvantage.. It also is not 100% their fault.
  4. i cant get good streaks on uhc bc of pingers so thats kinda unfair : p
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  5. How is that remotely an unfair advantage? Enable ping range or blame hypixel for not having different proxies.
  6. first rule of duels is you're not gonna have a nice discussion anywhere, so just remember that

    High ping players have it much worse (read: laggier) than we do, but we dont see the effects because we aren't there with them.
  7. jo bloje, what is your discord?
  8. I’ve experienced both and I can say low ping is way better
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  9. We high pingers cant' do anything about it other than move somewhere else to live
  10. people complain about me having high ping all the time (its like 100 at the very most) and like theres not much that i could do about it so like yeh i think its fair, and its honestly more of a detriment to me than it is to others.

    if your like ping spoofing than thats a different story but otherwise its not really your fault
  11. I get around 150 to 200 ping, your saying that’s my fault and it’s unfair? It’s also hella unfair for me dumbass
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  12. FSDoggee

    FSDoggee Well-Known Member

    okay OK
    You want everyone's discord???
  13. It depends. If they spike then its an advantage but if it not getting higher or lower it is a disadvantage.
  14. This is a discussion...
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  15. I
  16. Wtf seriously are you retarded? This is not an excuse he didnt say that high ping is op or smthing he made it clear that he wants a nice discussion not idiots who comment without even reading the thread.
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  17. Sorry, I didn’t see that in the rules. Pretty sure it’s the opposite
  18. kinda ehhh, but i'd say it's no in my opinion. feel free to disagree.
  19. WLR


    WLR Active Member

    you got 15 potted by undertime LOOOL
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