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  2. Good luck :)
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  3. Good luck!
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  4. good luck!
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  5. Minecraft Username: o5IA

    Age: 14

    What requirements do you meet?: the kill and win req for sw

    How often are you online?: 3+ hours each day

    Why do you want to join this guild?: I feel like I would fit in with the guild community and I think I am a likable person

    Tell us more about you: I am a very big skywars nerd. I am normally online- If i am not, i am either on vacation or I'm grounded. I tend to rage a little in certain situations but I am generally a very likable person. I know some of the people in the guild, including Nickonaut, OOFtifine, and SoulGreed. I also have been an officer in 2 of the 5 guilds that I have been in.
  6. You're accepted! You'll be invited soon! (btw you need to leave your guild xP)
  7. tyty
  8. Digg1233

    Digg1233 Well-Known Member

    Good luck!
  9. Minecraft Username: Quack_Up

    Age: 11

    What requirements do you meet?: Check my plancke stats i'm too lazy to find out myself, if I don't meet the requirements bad luck 4 me.

    How often are you online?: Evervdav

    Why do you want to join this guild?: Cuz nrse is amazinq Hayylie is cool I'm an og member and I like the community of this guild.

    Tell us more about you: I'm autistic and have experience in life, more then you'd frickin' think. Ask bryan lmao. I am just a nerd wanting to join a guild.

    I am also a small youtuber.
  10. Sorry but you don't meet the requirements to join the guild.
  11. Minecraft Username:LuckyCharmCereal


    What requirements do you meet?:Every requirement except SW kdr

    How often are you online?:1-4 hours

    Why do you want to join this guild?: I want to join this guild because i want to be in a guild where i know that people are not going to be toxic and ruin everything.

    Tell us more about you: I am not really toxic (im vary rarely toxic) and if i ever am please forgive me. Also i am really nice to people.
  12. Congrats, you're in! You'll get an invite whenever I'm on
  13. I'm going to probably be on tomorrow, so should I give an application now, or wait until I am online?
  14. Vouch, but Hayylie (GM) gets mad too quickly, so devouch for that one.
  15. Hookle

    Hookle Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    good luck!
  16. Good luck with the guild :p !
  17. Yes
  18. how the hell do expect anyone to accept you to join their guild (note: one of the requirements is be appropriate) when in your application you will say "i'm too lazy to find out for myself"
    honestly, if i was in charge of this guild, i'd reject you instantly because of the way you are
    you can't expect to be accepted into something if you're not serious about anything
  19. Minecraft Username: CoronePlayzMC

    Age: 11

    What requirements do you meet?:
    I am pretty sure I meet the bedwars star requirement and the fk/dr

    How often are you online?:
    I would say 5+ hours unless I'm on vacation, traveling, at school, or can't connect to the server.

    Why do you want to join this guild?
    I would like to join this guild because I enjoy Bedwars and would like to be apart of a guild Bedwars related. I would also like to be apart of an active guild, which I assume this is.

    Tell us more about you:
    Where I am it's like 3 AM so I'm going to make a list.

    1. I am 11
    2. I am going into middle school
    3. I play alot of minecraft
    4. I don't intend to quit any time soon
    5. I have never used any combat or movement hacks
    6. I probably will play less when school starts
    7. I can't play past 10:00 PM EST or 7:00 AM EST
    8. I have only been playing Minecraft for about 9 months? (not sure)
    9. I was in the BadGrades guild, the guild that I think got renamed into this
    10. I don't play Skywars much
    11. I live in Orlando Florida
    12. I have food poisoning from eating pizza in Asia
    OK I feel like this is getting too personal so I'm going to stop there. If you want more information just ask me guess. I also haven't played recently because I went to Asia for 2 weeks or something.
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  20. How can I be serious about a group of pointless people in a kids block game?
    https://plancke.io has my stats and they can check it out themselves. The requirements are stupid anyways, so I don't care.

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