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  1. First off all you will need a tiny bit off luck

    You will need 3 players that can Skype or have ts

    You need everyone to go the stone tools kit

    The finder step 1

    Get iron for yourself Get 30 Because you will need 2 buckets and smelt the other 6 iron in the furnace make yourself full iron and 2 buckets and a iron pick and sword

    Get Yourself 2 buckets of water

    Go to the cords 350 350 or -350 -350 you will not get eaten by the border btw

    Find some type of cave with lava at y11 can be done by hitting f3 like this, at those cords ^^^^^

    Tell you teammates to come to you when your at -350 -350

    The Gatherer step 1

    Get The following

    Wood ( 24 logs ) Sugar cane ( 7 ) Leather ( 3 ) Apple ( AS much as you can dont sped to much time all you need is 1-2) get a lot of sand ( 2 stacks )

    Meet up with your teammates when the finder says to at -350 -350

    The miner step 1

    Get a total of 48 iron and 6 coal from caves and using your iron economy skill to make iron for youself and then give that iron and coal to the Gatherer so he can make full iron ( when you guys meetup )

    Try to get a little food so you don run out ( not neccisary)

    If you see a skeleton don't hide bish attack him you will NEED those bones and I mean You will NEEEEED them later on

    Meetup with your teammates at -350 - 350

    The finder step 2

    Once you think you have found a cave at y 11 with lava and you think it might be there start digging strait down once you foud it place water down right where you dug strait down so you teammates can fall down to you

    Gather and Miner step 2

    When he started digging down do this so people cant find where you dug down

    Place the block


    Then jump when the waters placed


    Mine the place where you feel out so you can make a base


    Finder step 3

    Make a nether portal like this

    Go in it and type you coordinates in the chat so you don't get lost remember don't type anything else


    Find nether wart and gtfo our of there ( you will need more than 20 wart ) get lots of glow stone and blaze powder and rods

    Gather step 3

    Make a melon with your seeds apples and bones ( from the miner )

    Use the miners bones ad make bonemeal so you can speed up the rate of how fast they grow

    Place 4 sugar cane in some type of storage chest

    Put the glass in some furnaces

    Then just strip mine

    Miner step 3

    Just strip mine lol

    Get all the ores you can get you will NEED them

    [​IMG] you will eventually get dias
    do not make a pick do NOT

    Finder step 4

    Hit the The button t on your keyboard hit the up button so it should say the portal cords then come back to the normal world

    Have all your teammats give you all there gold so you can make potions

    Trap the nther portal so if people try to get in they will die [​IMG]

    Make brewing stands ( 8 )

    Have the Gatherer give you 4 sugar cane and make it into sugar

    Get the glass out of the furnaces and make potion bottle

    Start making pots exactly how I say

    Make 4 speed 2 potions batches( 12 speed 2 pots ) Make 4 strength 2 batches ( 12 strength pots )
    And make as many insta health 2 pots as you can

    Put all of these in a double chest in a certain order


    Everyone take 2 rows


    Everyone take 1 row


    Smelt all you ores so you can make better stuff

    Make a light anvil enchanting table ( using the obby talent to get the obby and you should have an extra 4 sugar cane to make books and you should have leather :) )

    It does not really matter if you have crappy enchants you have pots lol :)

    Just yolo in death match I got 11 kills in death match one game :3 I never died i just drak the insta health 2 and gg m8

    TL;DR Read it bish
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  2. nvisme

    nvisme Well-Known Member

    OG NoMercy
    You need more sugarcane than 4 for the light enchant table
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  3. X17oz

    X17oz Well-Known Member

    Nice guide!
  4. da_alager

    da_alager Active Member

    This seems a bit far fetched for me. (You kinda rigged yourself into creative single player because no one has enough time to grow watermelons or do all of this in the time that is given)

    The finding a cave thing with the cords was great thou! I never knew about it
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  5. I have done this 5 times in the matter of 8 hours
  6. ExplosiveMC

    ExplosiveMC Well-Known Member

    My strategy: 10 wins from it
    Solo Guide

    • Get all surface supplies no matter what, this includes at least 10 reeds (1 for sugar later), 1 leather, 15 sand, 12 feathers, 8 pieces of food, and an apple.
    • Then go to 300, 300
    • Look for a good cave, don't mine down.
    • Get 11 coal and 48 iron
    • Use 3 coal and 24 iron of those on iron economy.
    • With that, create a sword, pick, 2 buckets, a chestplate, pants, and boots.
    • Now smelt your remaining materials, including food and glass, while they are smelting, grind for flint.
    • With your remaining iron make a helmet and a flint and steel.
    • Make a nether portal use ing the bucket trick.
    This should all be done within the first 15 minutes, if you aren't getting to this point, you need to work on your speed.
    • Trap your portal by placing lava on the blocks on top of it, but build a trench first so that it doesn't get messy.
    • While in the nether, grab atleast 4 glowstone, 2 blaze rods, and 4 nether wart. (I recommend not trying to take out ghasts unless you have a bow, just go for the nether fortresses, same goes for blazes, try to block them off so they can't hit you but you can hit their feet).
    • Go back to your portal immediately, while collecting quartz for exp, and go to y: 11 in the overworld.
    By this point, you should have around 25 minutes remaining.
    • Start strip mining and brewing your potions, you want to have 3 strength II, and 3 speed II.
    • Get at least 4 diamonds to enchant.
    • Make a pick, get obsidian by mineing a block next to it, then place a water bucket so that none fall into lava.
    • Make a light enchantment table with 9 of your reeds.
    • Start enchanting all of your gear.
    By this point you should already have your potions, and you are starting to get better enchants, with about 15 minutes remaining. The gear that I always get is the following.
    Iron helm- Prot II
    Iron chest- Prot II
    Iron pants- Prot II
    Iron boots- Proj prot II (this is swappable with the helm)
    Diamond sword- Sharp III
    Bow- Anything, you will mainly be using your sword in DM.
    • So now, as you are preparing your final preparations for DM, lets look at your health, you should have lost about 4-8 hearts in the process of doing all this, and you want atleast 2 golden apples to heal you, eat one of them as soon as you can, but eat your last one 5 seconds until you are allowed to move in DM, the same goes for your potions.
    Inventory management before DM:
    Slot 1: Sword
    Slot 2: Bow
    Slot 3: Flint and steel
    Slot 4: Water bucket
    Slot 5: Lava bucket
    Slot 6: Potion
    Slot 7: Potion
    Slot 8: Gapples
    Slot 9: Food

    You should have nothing else in your inventory except for arrows, leftover gold, apples, and your potions. This will help you pick up important things when you get kills.

    How to fight in DM:
    This all depends on how many people there are, if there are 25 people left, I recommend trying to stay back until there are 15-20 left, then rampaging through the outskirts of DM, don't go through the mosh pit at mid. If it start with only 15-20 people immediately circle around the perimeter of the map taking out smaller teams with full iron unenchanted, these people are the ones that don't know how to play the game, so they aren't geared but might have some golden apples. They will be easy kills with your potions, and gather the healing items they drop. Next, go after some enchanted teams, they should be pretty easy if your health if still high and your potions are in effect. Continue until there is 1 other person left, this person is most likely a hacker, so try to use your bow, but if they try to rush you, make sure you have your potions.

    This is how it should turn out.
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  7. Im making a light etable xD
  8. [
    I do xD I even have the philos pick :)
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  9. da_alager

    da_alager Active Member

    New tactic
    Go to 300 300 and kill the people trying to use other tactics
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  10. rip in wins
  11. DAS_225

    DAS_225 Well-Known Member

    I have never tried growing melons like that... seems like a waste of bonemeal, and if you have str II spd II you shouldn't need 18 health pots.
  12. Vitallion

    Vitallion Active Member

    But i need kills ;p
    I dont want to be mining all game...
    I just rush kills and get like 15-20 EVERY game
    With each kill, you get more stuff...
    Best way to get stuff is kill people for it.
    I usually end the game in full diamond with either a notch apple, pots, or a whole bunch on gold apples.
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  13. 18 pots are 1. Back-up 2: Necessary if you are charging into 3v1s all the time.
  14. and that is how you play UHC everybody!
  15. shayminz

    shayminz Well-Known Member

    ox OX
    tthose FPS amounts. I can only get 25
  16. With all the pots it's almost reaching BSG
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  17. if you can get your hands on a strength pot, health, and speed you just win
  18. *adds gunpowder to the pots, mlg mode activate*
  19. brewr

    brewr Active Member

    Divana DIVANA
    How Does This Help Again? Everyone is just going to do this and get angry when they lose
  20. it wont let you splash them :3

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