1. I used to play this game a lot a few years ago and then it just died. I don't know why because it's actually a pretty fun to play. People should start playing this game again, its really fun.
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  2. Just the fact that the game is not even in in the main compass just killed the game itself. They should just put one or two update and advertise it a little bit because I bet so many players don't even know what the gamemode is but it's actually really fun competitive PvP... It's like survival mode in a 1v1v1v1 and then 4 finalists and I really like that idea where you fight stronger people at the end.

    Hypixel should try and do one last thing for this game before killing it :c
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  3. @LegendMaxqc your stupid signature is stupid
    ToggleSprint is allowed.
    and everyone gets hackusated by nons, no need to put it in your sig
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  4. says the one whose signatue is literally just hackusations.
  5. i dont have a signature lol
  6. omg im actually retarded

    yeah tho that image is a pretty cringe sig
  7. yes but hypixel is apparently trying to KILL this gamemode
  8. Yeah just not understandable why they removed it from the compass. And why they not just bring it back there.
  9. When the last post was Friday
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    Yes please

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