1. The update added a lot, but some things still need to be fixed. There has been multiple different observations on this but I'm just clumping it all together and adding some of my own thoughts.

    1. Remove 0,0 being an ocean, limit jungle size
    Obviously. This has been requested for ages, where 0 0 is a water world and anyone who finds themselves stuck in the middle gets bowed from 4 teams on all sides.

    2. Buff trapper kit.
    Most trappers can agree that the kit is relatively underpowered. A huge thing about trapping is time: mining a trap with a regular stone pick is not efficient, nor is punching trees. A suggestion is to give the trapper kit and Efficiency 3 Unbreaking 10 wooden pickaxe and 64 logs, or something along those lines

    3. Nerf Apprentice Bow
    It's too easy to get power 4 with the new changes, increase the damage required to gain power levels and max it out at power 3.

    4. Buff the Invention perk
    They recently changed the perk to give haste 1 instead of increasing efficiency level, but haste 1 is pretty useless since you may as well mine an ore, and the difference isn't great. Maybe buff it up to haste 4 or 5, so the perk isn't complete doodoo.

    5. Change Brawl
    Don't necessarily remove it, just change it to to2 since it's more of a favorite. (or replace it with my suggestion from a month back ahem ahem)

    Now these are bit less necessary:

    6. Change gold pack
    This one is not too necessary. It just seems a bit overpowered to be able to get enough gold for an extra gap from four gold packs, I think it'd be better if it yielded 8 gold. Healing is much more valuable in iron, so the logic for this doesn't apply to iron packs.

    7. Allow you to toggle whether the crafting message shows up for certain crafts
    It'd be in /recipes or the recipe book, when you click on the recipe there will be an option to toggle the chat message on or off. Not necessary, but getting 10 messages to craft chest of fate after every kill gets annoying, or getting messages to craft lumberjacks axe. I don't really care if this gets added, it'd just be nice. At the same time, messages for quick pick and ghead and such are pretty useful.

    Adjust Modular Bow
    I haven't ever used it but I heard the poison doesn't actually tick, so maybe increase the level of poison.
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  2. barcode

    barcode New Member

    apprentice bow is pretty fair when you compare it to stuff like dragon sword
  3. Before any of those happen I think there should be a cooldown for boosting.. Its a little op
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  4. Yes, but apprentice bow is extremely easy to craft, compared to sh3 drag.
  5. barcode

    barcode New Member

    yet they can both be easily obtained before pvp and people only complain about one
  6. Grubby

    Grubby Well-Known Member

    Barmen BARMEN
    These are some great suggestions!
  7. A power 4 within around 5 minutes after PvP can completely fuck most people and is still extremely viable in DM, a sharp 3 dragon is nice and all but keep in mind that apprentice bow is ranged and even though I love using the bow, this is a bit broken
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  8. barcode

    barcode New Member

    people with power 4s cant lock in kills if someone is cleaning while someone with a sharp 3 drag could easily as they can wall up or dig
  9. But then how do they kill the person with a power 4?
  10. barcode

    barcode New Member

    by getting enough diamond armor and healing to tank and then kill them in 5 hits
  11. Agree with changes except for 6. Might as well use a Forge, most people don’t mine 40 gold before pvp so the extra gap wouldn’t be crafted often. With 4 I’m guessing (hoping) they change it back once they find a final patch for the Giga bug.
  12. If you get to 3 hp, you cant run and drain a person infinitely with drag. So no
  13. If you play well enough you can easily kill someone who plays like that

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