1. then i would have nothing to say

    what if your post count suddenly got reset to 0?
  2. then I would postfarm HARDER

    what if everyone starts to postfarm
  3. then the forums would be very active

    What if hypixel deleted every post ever made by merlejay
  4. then it is great

    what if this is not a thread
  5. then it would be something weird

    what if you didnt have to eat
  6. You would type like skeppy

    What if Ralsei was a girl
  7. idk who that is so thats fine

    What if your parents thought you were trans
  8. then idk

    what if you are a robot
  9. I would probably get hacked and killed

    What if you were a cat
  10. Then I'd remain as I am. Meow.

    What if you were a kangaroo?
  11. i would jump a lot more than i currently do

    What if you were sent a random baby
  12. I would call 911 and tell them I have a child that isn't mine.

    What if the child was mine, though?
  13. You would be a true father

    What if Hypixel said "I'm shutting down the server tomorrow."
  14. Then half of the circular Minecraft planet would shrivel up and die.

    What if Minecraft was as popular as it once was?
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  15. Then chat will become chaos

    What if the chat became chaos?
  16. then it would be ranked skywars' chat

    what if you become the top poster of the entire forum
  17. Then I wouldn't post as much.

    What if you got a 100 on your test when you were supposed to get a 0?
  18. Husky

    Husky Well-Known Member

    I'd have a 4.0 GPA

    What if your crush just suddenly appeared in front of you right now?
  19. That's a good question, Husky. I'm not entirely sure what I'd do if my crush just suddenly appeared in front of me right now. I know her, but she doesn't know me, unless saying "Good Game" and high-fiving each other after a Nitroball game in PE counts. If she were to teleport in front of me right now, she'd probably become part of my desk. But let's say I was leaning against my bedroom wall typing this on my phone while listening to listening to Baby by Justin Bieber and she appears in front of me. First, we'd both get struck with hysterical fear and confusion. Before she even gets a chance to fully process her surroundings or who I am, she'd probably faint from the abrupt and unimaginable terror and confusion of being suddenly teleported to another location. I'd drop my phone and catch her in my arms before she falls to the carpet floor. I'd set her down gently and then stand up straight. I'd cover my mouth with both hands and try to comprehend what just happened. A wide range of emotions will flood through my head. Half lovestruck, half terrified. I'd feel myself blushing, examining her. The urge to do something sexually inappropriate will come to mind. I snap out of my thoughts and kneel down next to her. I remember from health class and what we learned about CPR. I lean my ear close to her mouth and nose to make sure she's breathing. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Faint, but breathing. No CPR needed. No mouth to mouth required. Oh.. I rub my lips with my index finger. You can imagine what thought just went through my head. I snap out of it. Again. I then think about what my parents would do or how they would react. I look around the room. My attention narrows down to my bedroom window. I get up on my feet and run over to the window. I pull the lever and swing it open. It took a lot of effort and time, but I was eventually able to get her outside into our backyard. I close the window from the outside. I begin the process of trying to wake her up. "Lauren," I whisper, "Lauren, are you okay? Lauren!"

    And now for my What If question: What if you read what I wrote above?
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  20. idk

    what if you are dying in 1 day

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