1. Why am I doing this to myself yet again


    I chanced to look through my Ratings Received and found this relic. Credits to @JavaBrine for making the original (even though they apparently found it on another forum), they can assist in modding if they want since it was theirs originally. And also since I'm not exactly reliable at modding.

    80% of the stuff is the same since I'm a lazy bean.

    also @NinjaMario02 co-runs this now i guess


    In this game, there are two teams (currently), Red and Blue. Because we aren't cliche enough. Your goal is to defeat all members of the opposing team by reducing their health to (or below, lul) 0. Once all members of the other team are 'dead', the game ends, and you win. To do this, you will be able to take various actions to help your team. However! This is where the 'Luck' aspect comes in. You may choose the attack, but the results are selected through RNG.

    When you take an action, a number from 1-12 will be randomly chosen. This will determine the result of your action. Rolls can be increased or decreased by Roll Assisting/Hindering (discussed later). If you are dealing an attack/healing action, the amount you deal is decided by another RNG roll within the set range. Attack complexity does not impact results, so please spare my brain cells. If you are making a building, that does not get RNGed.

    Players can join a battle at any time, on a team of their choosing. Once there are players on both teams, the round will begin. To join a team, just say /in (Team Color). If possible, try and balance the teams out so I don't get an awfully skewed 5v1.

    For additional balancing, if we're more than a couple turns into a fight, newcomers may not start at full health, for the sake of not having someone with full health skewing things too much (the deficit won't be extremely high in most cases though).

    Prepare to be waiting a lot.

    Additionally, a small word of warning that turns tend to go moderately quickly. In smaller battles it can get up to several turns a day. In larger ones it still gets around one or two per day. So if you can't match that level of activity, it's not recommended to sign up for larger fights, since they can take several days, if not longer.

    Attacking: State your target and method of attack. The latter can be almost whatever you want, so long as it doesn't get this thread or you deleted from existence. E.g. "I throw a wheel of cheese at Player2." You may attack multiple players, however the damage will be divided among them.

    Healing/Reviving: You just need to state who you're healing. No method needed.

    Roll Assisting/Hindering (mentioned later): State your target. If you are roll assisting, you can't attack along with that. If you are Hindering, you do attack with that.

    Building: You need to state that you're constructing a building, including it's category and what it does. That's needed to make sure stuff doesn't get overpowered, and to make sure buildings don't get confused with attacks.

    Some re-scaling from Java's version. Also for irony since the 'Time to go beyond' was originally 7 and is now 13. Hahaha. Haha. Ha. This could probably have been scaled better but it's funny so haha.


    The Roll Titles are still Java's. Mostly.

    Attack Results are listed here. For information on how healing/reviving is affected by rolls, check the spoiler below this one. Reminder that Building actions are not rolled.

    0 - AHHH! - This is the worst thing you get if you had a Roll Hinder on you, mentioned later. It will deal damage equivalent to 75% of your Max HP to you, which means it is likely that this will kill you. Your teammates will take damage equivalent to 10% of their Max HP or 50-75 Damage, whichever is lower.

    1: This is bad! - If you have no Roll Hinder on you, this is the worst you can possibly get. Essentially, your attack critically fails, and you will take quite a bit of damage. Another roll between 1 and 2 occurs. If 1, you take 75-150 Damage (also RNGed). If you roll a 2, you lose 150 HP or between 15-40% of your Max HP, whichever is higher.

    Ow... - If you get this, your attack fails in a way that you will take damage. Somehow. 25-75 on RNG to decide how much HP will be taken off you.

    4-6: Well, this is awkward. - Nothing at all happens. Basically, your attack fails.

    7-9: I got a hit! - You successfully hit the target, dealing 50-100 damage!

    Woah, critical! - Same result as 'I got a hit!' but damage dealt is multiplied by 1.5!

    12: -
    I went wayyy overboard! - Same result as 'I got a hit!' but the damage dealt is multiplied by 2.5! However, in exchange for dealing such boosted damage you will take 25-50 Damage. Best you can get if you don’t have Roll Assist, (mentioned later)

    TIME TO GO BEYOND! - This is the best thing you can get with Roll Assist. Same results as 'I got a hit!' but multiplied by 4! It may completely annihilate your enemies, but you also lose 20% of your Max HP or 75-125 HP, whichever is more; and the teammate that roll-assisted you takes 25-50 damage.
    Everyone starts with 300 HP, at Level 1. To increase one's level, you will need to deal the killing blow to opposing players. This starts at two, and increases by one per level (pending). Whenever you level up, your Max HP increases by 50. This will be registered at the end of battles. The Maximum Level is 14 [PENDING].

    To heal, post “I heal [player].” This will heal them by 60-120 HP, if you roll a 7 or above. Healing is only usable on living players. It's not affected by multipliers on crits.

    Reviving is RNG based as well. This is only usable on dead players, duh. If you roll 6 or lower, you will fail. You won't be affected negatively, however. If you get 7 or above, you succeed. From there, the effectivity varies. If you roll a 7-9, the target will be revived to 20% of their Max HP. If a 10-11 is rolled, they will be revived to 30%. A 12 gives 40% and 13 gives 50%.

    You can heal multiple players at once (HP given is split equally), but you can only revive one person at a time.

    A player can only be revived once.
    Roll Assisting will increase a target's roll result by 1, but you cannot attack and roll assist in the same turn. This can be used on teammates, and that's how it's supposed to be used.

    Roll Hindering decreases the target's next roll result by 1. Do this by attacking and add “I also attempt to Roll Hinder them” This is in conjunction with your Attack Roll, however failing your attack does not mean you will be hindered instead. This is supposed to be used on members of the opposing team.

    You can't use either of them on consecutive turns.

    There are 3 categories of buildings. Offensive, Defensive and Supportive. Offensive buildings attack the enemy or increase someone’s attack power. Defensive reduces damage of opposing players or heals your team. Supportive Buildings can Roll Assist or Roll Hinder. These are base uses, there can be other uses within each category. Buildings can take a while to build, and their effects have cooldowns. The build times and cooldown times are scaled to player count.

    Buildings have a set number of uses. This varies.
    Teams are limited on how many buildings they can have.

    Once you have set the initial action to begin constructing, it will automatically be built for the remainder of it's duration. It will only pause if the creator is killed, something directly interferes with construction or the game ends.

    I don't know if there's anything about being able to attack buildings so frick
    From Tmi, with slight alterations to some.

    Attack Buildings:
    Attack <Standard> - 2 extra attacks for the Team, but roll hindered by 2. It cannot be Roll-Assisted and attacks are processed last in turn order. It will not attack the same player twice in a row unless there is only one opposing player remaining. Affects turn of activation.
    Counter - Halves damage from 3 successful attacks from the opposing Team (in order of processing) and deals that damage to them. Requires an extra turn to build. Affects attacks post-activation.
    Splash - Targets 3-4 (maximum) opposing players with 100+ HP. Deals 40-80 Damage on a successful check.
    Sure Shot - Attacks 2-3 times for 50 true damage, if it activates with a 5+ roll. Longer cooldown.
    Poison - 10-20 damage to 2-3 randomly selected players [same dmg to all] every turn, for three turns. After a cooldown period, the affected players are re-randomized. Needs a 5+ Roll to affect the player. Shorter Cooldown.

    Defensive Buildings:
    Defensive <Standard> - Reduces damage of 2-3 incoming attacks <by order> by 40%. Only activates if a successful attack is done that turn. Affects actions post-activation.
    Forcefield - A 40% damage reduction from all sources, to 2 random players. Standard Check. Affects turn after activation.
    Healing - Rolls heals for 2-3 players, for 40-100 HP each. Standard Check. Does not Revive.
    Muti Healing - Heals 4-5 players for (25-75)/Successful Heals HP, Standard Check. Targets players with <50% Max HP.
    Revive - Same as Heal but will target 2 dead players (but stops if one is successfully revived). Will heal if there are no players to revive, but it will only heal 1-2 players (depends on group size) in that scenario. Longer cooldown.
    Regeneration - Heals 5-15 HP to 2-3 players [Same Heal for all] every turn, for three turns. After cooldown, affected players are re-randomized. Needs a 5+ Roll to affect each player. Shorter Build Time.

    Support Buildings:
    Support <Standard> - Roll Assists one player on its team, and Hinders an opponent.
    Buff - Multiplies Damage Dealt by *1.25 or adds +25 Damage for the first three successful attacks, whichever is higher. Automatic, but only works on successful attacks. Affects actions post-activation.
    Roll Assist - Roll Assists 2 Players on its team for their next actions.
    Roll Hinder - Roll Hinders 2 Opposing Players.
    Speed - Upon activation, decreases all other Building Cooldowns by 1, with a 4+ Check.
    Stun - Prevents 2 players from attacking on their next action, Standard Check.

    If I recall correctly, all living members of both teams must take their turns before any of them can go again.

    Once it is a team's turn, they have a limited amount of time (varies) to take their actions before their turn is auto-run. (This may be shortened, if, say, everyone but one player has submitted.) This typically means they'll just attack, or heal themselves if low on HP. Their action will be RNGed as per normal.

    If a player is continually failing to respond, they may be removed from the round.


    Astatine - Level 4 - Kills: (1/5)
    LordAnduil - Level 3 - Kills: (0/4)
    Hungurr - Level 2 - Kills: (2/3)
    Eevee - Level 3 - Kills: (2/4)
    Scythe - Level 2 - Kills: (0/3)
    Chroma - Level 3 - Kills: (1/4)
    Skull - Level 1 - Kills: (1/2)
    Tmi - Level 3 - Kills: (1/4)
    Java - Level 2 - Kills: (2/3)
    Nitro - Level 2 - Kills: (0/3)
    Bulb - Level 1 - Kills: (0/2)
    Quack - Level 1 - Kills: (1/2)
    ImWithSmart - Level 1 - Kills: (1/2)
    NinjaMario - Level 5 - Kills: (0/6)
    Enderasher - Level 2 - Kills: (2/3)
    CoolKidz - Level 2 - Kills: (2/3)
    ShaunMack - Level 1 - Kills: (1/2)
    DiamondPuppy - Level 2 - Kills: (2/3)
    FrozenBear - Level 2 - Kills: (2/3)
    WeatherCats - Level 1 - Kills: (0/2)
    OwenCraft - Level 1 - Kills: (0/2)
    Crazy_Cat1245 - Level 1 - Kills: (1/2)
    Vixxz - Level 1 - Kills: (0/2)

    Get to playing if you want to be inserted here!
    Red Wins: 4
    Blue Wins: 3
    Draws?!: 0

    Feel free to suggest things, I guess. Have fun, woo.
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  3. yay everything should be fixed now.
  4. BulbJake

    BulbJake Well-Known Member

    IfOnly I
    How do I get in
  5. Skullmaster4

    Skullmaster4 Well-Known Member

  6. I knew I forgot to add something. Here you go now that it exists.
  7. Also, since all results are randomized, me playing is fair game.

    /in Red.


    Red Team:
    Lev 1 Astatine (0/2) - 300/300 HP

    Blue Team:
    Lev 1 Skullmaster4 (0/2) - 300/300 HP



    The (0/2) things are kills towards leveling up.
    And I shorten Level to Lev because I do that.
    Enjoy my blundering while I try to account for the mechanic changes.
  8. Skullmaster4

    Skullmaster4 Well-Known Member

    Uh, action roll?
  9. Are you trying to attack? Just state that you're attacking, who you're targeting, and how you're attacking (can be pretty much anything).

    I should really have specified these things I'll go do that
  10. emojisbook

    emojisbook Well-Known Member

    /in green
    Build an offensive building
    if possible attack Skullmater with a beam
  11. Skullmaster4

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    Attacking you with a brick
  12. ...

    You need to state what it does :>
  13. the roll results are unbalanced as fricc but I don't care it's a game and I'm tired and not tired dbishqbiqoehirwbor

    You rolled a 3. You wind up to toss it, but accidentally let go too early and drop it on your foot. That somehow deals a whopping... 38 Damage... to you.
    wow first roll of the game


    My turn.
    let's start this off simple
    take a spear to the face.
    Rolls a 4. Somehow manage to spear myself and heckin die take 48 Damage.


    Tl;dr we both failed our attack rolls and damaged ourselves.
    also we can go again so do things plox


    Red Team:
    Lev 1 Astatine (0/2) - 252/300 HP

    Blue Team:
    Lev 1 Skull (0/2) - 262/300 HP

    epic palindromes


    what do I do with Tmi
  14. emojisbook

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    let me REBELL
    /in blue
    Build a support building that roll assists
    Then attack you witha beam
  15. /in Team whatever team asta is on which I guess would be red
  16. LordAnduil

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  17. /in blue because epic
  18. PadoruPadoru

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    /team red
  19. BulbJake

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    IfOnly I
    /in blue
  20. /in blue

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