1. Right. It's been the second time for me to post something in this section. Here we start.


    The Walls. It's one of the oldest games on the server. It's a comfortable gamemode to play on, a gamemode filled with calmness and exciteness. It used to have a great community. Players meet friends from here. It's a gamemode where combat skills isn't the only matter. We think of ways to win a battle. We seek mates to share the victory with. Yes, an all-rounded gamemode.

    We are players addicted to this gamemode. We love this gamemode a lot, that most of us spent nearly all of our time online on this game. Efforts made has been great. The guild, originally, was created by Tyl_Zaniah (@Darth_Bane) and Fel_Orc11 (@Fel_Orc11). We had a great start, and ruled this gamemode quite a bit. We started off as a small group of friends in 2015 and slowly gained our player base. Throughout the months, we've been hosting various Walls tournaments, and the reaction was pretty great.

    However, good things don't last. There's always an end. Players in the guild ended up separating afar. Some of us went into other gamemodes and guilds, some quit playing, and some stayed.

    In 2016, I recreated the guild and passed down our tradition of the fondness towards the gamemode. It was a success at first, but we simply lost quite a lot of players, mostly quit the game.

    In 2018, we looked at past screenshots, past dialogues, and our past friendship. We loved the old days, the nostalgic stuff. Our spirit driven us to take a brief look of our favourite gamemode, maybe just a slight glimpse. No. No one ever plays that anymore. No community does it have anymore. Nor is it alive. It takes half a day to start a game. It is dead.

    The Walls used to have its very own community. Awesome players were all around. It's always shameful to see your favourite gamemode being forgotten. It surely doesn't feel good when you see something you like to be in such status.

    Therefore, we are here to revive the gamemode. Our first mission is to revive the gamemode we most enjoyed. We have to bring an active community back.


    1. Follow all rules of the server.
    2. Do not spam in the guild chat.
    3. Do not disrespect/shame other players.
    4. Respect all players as equals.
    5. Never do '/shout #TheWalls' or any other kind of guild promotion in game.
    6. Respect guild officer/master decisions. They are absolute.
    7. Do not beg to be an officer of the guild.
    8. Be active.
    9. Have fun!
    If you break ANY of these rules then you will be removed from the guild.


    TheCreeperWarriors (@legoliker1002)
    Scamming (@Gabault)


    As said in the 'information' part, we often hold events for guild members and other players. Here's a list of events we've held/are holding.

    Walls Tournament 1 [Finished]
    Walls Tournament V2.0 [Finished]
    Walls Tournament 3 [Finished]
    Walls Tournament 4 [Finished]
    Walls Tournament 5 [Finished]
    Walls Tournament 6 [Finished]
    Walls Tournament 7 [Finished]
    Walls Tournament 8 [Finished]
    Walls Tournament 9 [Finished]
    Walls Tournament 10 [Finished]
    More events will be held soon.


    Okay. So you're interested in joining? Right. It's simple, the requirements are, to be friendly and active. Even if you do not know what Walls is, we welcome new-comers. We will show you how exactly Walls is, the fun it brings.

    Here is the application form:

    In-game name:
    Time zone:
    Online time per week:
    Introduce yourself:
    Why do you want to join us:
    Have you ever been banned/muted in the server? If yes, why?

    Please be noted that you will have to quit your present guild to receive an invitation once your application is accepted!


    Guild member cap: 125

    Daily guild coin cap: 20000


    Notable players

    -2015 Tyl and Fel era-
    Tyl_Zaniah - founder
    Fel_Orc11 - founder
    Fishie - master
    arstan - co-owner
    Selina - co-owner
    kkwig - officer
    Retronic - owner
    KittyKat552 - owner
    RoseFredricks - officer
    Aeronix - officer
    Dotslatch - officer
    yusufkamals - officer
    Exceedings - officer
    Tireiron - officer
    KrypticGirl00 - officer
    Aaryanna - officer
    itsPrince - officer
    Bakery - officer
    Kahlee - officer
    muh25 - officer
    DanielMC - officer
    Amylea - officer
    zhmeva - officer
    Jayden - officer

    -2016 new guild era-
    Destvader - master
    Juceqa - officer
    0lafe - officer
    Kaguya_Houraisan - officer
    Captaine_Morse - officer
    Masher - officer
    Rolence - officer
    FaZe_AsSaSsInS - officer
    Lulu - officer
    Dark - officer
    jahovaswitness - officer

    -2017 dark era-
    Ashleee - officer/bae
    Kev - officer
    Caspin - officer

    -2018 #ReviveWalls era-
    Efan - officer
    Taco - officer
    Gabault - master
    PulseWaveGaming - officer
    AlmarGhalani - officer
    Gavin - officer

    -2019 new era-
    InfectedAlpha - officer
    DimandADane - officer
    Trise - officer
    SuplexCity - officer

    Past threads

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  4. Best of luck with your guild! :)
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  5. Thanks! I'll try my best to revive the gamemode!
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  6. No problem! :)
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  7. I REALLY hope this guild goes far.

    I love The Walls, as it gave me the biggest push to turn to PC gaming instead of consoles.
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  8. GL!
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  9. Yeah, a lot of us started off as a Walls player. Be sure to play with us sometimes!

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  10. Niceeeee, GL !!! (Plus I’m pretty sure TheCreeperWarriors is equally as dead :p)
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  11. It's time to revive things!! >: )
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  12. Bring it back. Let's go!!
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  13. Right. I remember playing games with you, the old days!!
  14. Bump because I have to.
  16. GL with guild
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  18. the scam is real!
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    I miss the Tyl and Fel era tbh
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