1. It got out of my mind yesterday, and i finished it ; here it is :


    Tower Defence

    Never saw it as an housing plot, but the second i opened my house to the public there was like 5 people, and eventually after 30 mins i reached 30 guests, but here's the explanation :

    There's a castle and a big door, [RES] = Defender and [GUEST] = Attacker
    When you enter the plot you are automatically an attacker, and to become a RES you need to stay 3 seconds on the red wool that is on the castle.

    However the door is closed, so i made three ways in, behind the castle being the most popular.

    What it makes it so different from normal PVP ?

    First of all, this isn't PVP it's Tower Defence.
    Attackers teams up with other attackers unlike PVP, and the guests needs to make an attack plan (not really)
    to pierce the defences of the defenders.

    Plus, there is easter eggs hidden all around the map, so there isn't a solid goal to complete.

    Yeah but, you need to wipe out every defenders at one point of the game !

    No, because, the more defenders there is, the more it's hard to stay on red wool for 3 secs, and eventually, more guests will arrive and defenders will leave with time !

    So, what do you think of that original and cool pvp gamemode ?
    (don't kill me if anyone did this before me)
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  2. FINALLY someone who actually made good creative uses of the PVP feature. When I have time I’ll be interested in playing. Nice plot finally

    Edit: Do you have rules against team killing?
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  3. The people here have a brain and everybody knows that you need to team up. No rules about team killing, just a kick.
  4. Maybe the reason nobody is doing creative things with PvP is because the feature literally just makes KitPvP. They haven’t added teams, no-PvP zones, spawnpoints, or really anything else to allow us to make things more complex.
  5. Is this housing or skywars ?!
    I know you will be able to create custom games, but at least there's ONLY one thing i really want : make an option where you can disable the damage and PVP for the owner. My house haves Punch V bows, so if everybody shoots at me i'll end up as a tennis ball.

    (hey but that's a good idea)
  6. Noice build :p
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  7. petition to make a tennis house using lorddeaddemon as the ball
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  8. Nah tennis is not possible, maybe football

    I'm thinking about making this a real feature, but maybe it's still fun to make it with stuff we have in housing, @codename_B ?
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  9. Bumping this thread because Season 2 is now live !

    Here's some changes :

    3 seconds > 5 seconds

    It have been too easy to get RES those days. If many people disagrees with me, i'll change it.

    Punch IV bows > Punch I bows

    Many people agreed with me, the bows are too op. However, the knockback cookie is still here!

    Increased vegetation in some tunnels/prison

    Nothing to say here.

    Added a new entrance

    The floating island !

    More Easter egg rooms and a new way to get CO

    Find the diamond ore hidden somewhere in the plot to get free CO!

    Added tips and facts signs, changed the signs at spawn.

    Trapdoors can only be opened by attackers, and iron doors can only be opened by defenders.

    Every RES from Season one are now guests.

    I could change every ranks from the housing list, but it wasn't worth it. When a RES joins in, i will automatically change his/her rank.

    Please join. I feel lonely :(

  10. Small update :

    To get co you need to finish the parkour now.

    Btw the house is open, /housing join LordDeadDemon !

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