fix or no fix

  1. fix

  2. no fix

  1. place the gold, mine the gold, get more gold.

    I think the toolsmithing perk should only work with ores that were naturally generated. I don't know if they can do this or not, but if they can't, then that means that players could just keep placing gold ore and breaking it again and again to get more and more healing.
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  2. Gapples are of the past, god apples are where it's at now. (pls fix this)
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  3. shhhhhhhhhhhhh keep it low-key
  4. darn it i forgot
    i shouldve just abused and kept silent ):
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  5. lmao i will do this every game now lmao now just to find a pickaxe with silk touch ;)
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  6. why do you need silk touch for gold and iron ore
  7. Kontario

    Kontario Well-Known Member

    imagine giga drilling wasnt removed
    this would be the god strat
  8. ya dont say?
  9. 2 words:
  10. Doesn't work anymore, they patched it.
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  11. It only worked on gold/iron
  12. oh damn thats a shame
  13. it is but It would be Op if it worked on diamond

    the perk did say it only duplicates Iron and gold ore though

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