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    Hello, we are The Strong. An active and friendly guild aimed at CvC.

    When we created this guild, we did it with the idea of uniting people by passion, creating some kind of "safe harbor" free from all toxicity where people can have fun.

    Thus, here we are, thriving, continuing on building our dreams.


    We are an active guild, doing our best to get to the top. We host Guild Parties frequently, sometimes multiple times a day. Playing Competitive CvC is also on our list.

    Guild Level: 23
    CvC Rank: 6th.
    Guild Tag: [STRONG]
    Guild Party: Unlocked
    MOTD: Unlocked


    We have an active Discord server to help us communicate. One of the features we are proud of is that our Discord server is not reserved for only Guild Members, everyone is free to join as a friend.


    Guild Master - Theangy_CvC
    Congress - LeonOnWall, Valnerf, CHICKnFRY, RycerzklanuCvC
    General - [EMPTY]
    Sergeant - [EMPTY]
    Corporal - Brianthecoo, blubber19, RtRevDrMoo
    Private - Mr_Strider_, BasketBoy2001, FeliMox, Mordy_, Zombiehexler300, Monkey_Block, TheDioMio

    All Guild Members


    Use common sense, that's all.

    Also if you are going to be inactive for more than a week, message one of the Guild Staff in-game or on Discord, otherwise your inactivity will result in a kick.


    Message CHICKnFRY on the Forums with your IGN and your request will be delivered to the Guild Master.
    Yes, it is that simple.

    Glad to see you made it this far! We hope to see you soon in our guild.
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  2. good luck uwu
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  3. Thank you! :)
  4. Appreciated :).
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  5. Good luck wld apply but need to get a chic burger from McD
  6. Thanks! Feel free to apply!

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