1. Hey all,

    I just wanted to do a post giving you a quick update on the overall state of PTL, and some of our plans for the near future.

    Firstly, I want to thank all of you for your playtime and your feedback. The launch of the PTL was an absolutely huge success, and we couldn't have done it without all of you Prototype Players.

    The PTL is designed to be a place where we can rapidly test new ideas, figure out what works and what doesn't, and replace what doesn't with new ideas that may be better. With this methodology we hope to keep the server fresh and fun for a long time to come.

    Please read on for a summary of what we've been doing in the PTL, and some of our upcoming plans.

    ▶ Removing Survival Dash + UHC Deathmatch
    We plan to remove Survival Dash and UHC Deathmatch from the PTL soon, to be replaced by new game ideas.

    With Survival Dash, we tried a lot of different things but ultimately felt the gameplay was just not up to our high standards, and the survey data and your feedback on the forums confirmed this. With Survival Dash we started with the maps first, and tried to design good gameplay around them, which resulted in great maps, not-so-great gameplay. The maps are beautiful and I'm sad to see them go but maybe in the future we can reuse them for something much more fun and engaging.

    UHC Deathmatch is also coming to an end. Your surveys and feedback said that the mode is very fun, but we feel we've tested it as much as we can; this gamemode isn't gone forever and may be included in a main UHC update in the future :)

    Removing and replacing games is part of the ever-changing and fun nature of the PTL. Survival Dash and UHC Deathmatch will be replaced when our new game ideas are ready to test - until then feel free to play and enjoy these games.

    ▶ Bed Wars
    So far, Bed Wars has been a huge success. We are so happy so many old and new players are enjoying the game, and our team are working hard to create new patches, fix bugs, and polish it as much as possible before it becomes a full minigame on the server.

    Coming very soon will be the 0.5 update that currently includes both solo (1 player) and doubles (2 player teams) modes, along with new maps designed specifically for these modes. We also have new features and balance changes coming that we think you'll enjoy a lot. Keep an eye out for this 0.5 update, coming soon :D

    ▶ Duels
    Duels is another game we are very happy with, and one we are still actively working on. We are currently working on a Mega Walls Duels mode where you'll be able to duel people using classes from our Mega Walls minigame.

    ▶ Upcoming Games - Murder Mystery & Siege
    We are currently working on two new games / modes which will be available to test in the PTL.

    Murder Mystery is a social game, a new type of gameplay experience on Hypixel inspired by old 'murder tag' style games. In Murder Mystery, one player is a Murderer who must use stealth or speed to kill all Innocent players before they are stopped by a Detective armed with a bow. Early testing on this game is going very well (lots of hilarious betrayal), and we hope to include it in the PTL soon.

    Here's a sneak peek at the outside of our first map:

    We are also working on a new objective-based PVP game called Siege. Two teams of players fight for supremacy over control points, activating TNT cannons to destroy an enemy castle in a fun fight for domination.

    These modes will be available soon, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

    That's all from us right now. We have lots more exciting things in development behind the scenes, and we are very excited to reveal these and work alongside the community to create some awesome new games. Thanks for reading! :D
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  2. Pmorken

    Pmorken Well-Known Member

    HallowFall OFFICER
    Also Hype
    Also RIP everybody in Duels who try to play as Phoenix
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  3. Bighy

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    Sounds like a well-thought out and extremely balanced idea!
    (In all seriousness I'm happy to see things moving forward with the Prototype lobby.)
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  4. Denver

    Denver Well-Known Member

    The new modes for Duels sound cool! You can add duels for so many different Hypixel games. Mega Walls duels as mentioned, Blitz duels, Quake duels, SkyWars duels, and many more. I think Duels has huge potential!

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  5. Nooo not Survival Dash..
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  6. OminousSounds

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    Awesome! Personally loved UHC DM, hopefully gets added in the future!
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  8. Taboo

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    Thanks for the update

    "Murder Mystery is a social game, a new type of gameplay experience on Hypixel inspired by old 'murder tag' style games. In Murder Mystery, one player is a Murderer who must use stealth or speed to kill all Innocent players before they are stopped by a Detective armed with a bow. Early testing on this game is going very well (lots of hilarious betrayal), and we hope to include it in the PTL soon."

    This sounds very fun :)


    Btw anyone who likes town of Salem should check out the Hypixel Forum Mafia Games.


    Edit signs up have ended
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  9. Sk1er

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  10. Siege. Just for those sweaty faction kids! TY Hypixel :D. Can't wait for the growing community...
  11. INCOMING TEXT WALL. This will probably get looked at zero times because I'm posting it so late so I'll make this as long as humanly possible in order to get some attention.

    The first two thoughts that came into my mind after seeing this thread were "Trouble In MineVille" and "Domination", also known as "Hive" and "Mineplex". Not good. Even if Hypixel isn't copying--which, let's be honest, it certainly seems like these ideas are partly stolen--if it seems like it's copying it amounts to the same thing. Take Skywars, for example: I'm fairly certain Mineplex released their version of it less than a week after Hypixel, but despite that and the fact that Skywars has been around for ages, people on both servers made a huge deal of "omg Mineplex is copying". Now, a couple of years after the two similar-sounding games were released on their respective servers, Hypixel is coming out with newer versions. The more similar the new games, the more people are going to complain, so this reply will be focused on uniqueness and originality.

    Murder Mystery
    I'm sorry, but we need to face the truth: this game is never going to match up to TIMV. As a player with a large amount of experience in that game, there are too many maps, too many testers, and too many years of constant updates for Hypixel to ever catch up. Every "Hilarious betrayal" in the early testing has probably happened thousands of times in the other game, so my recommendation would be to try as hard as possible not to compete. The game definitely shouldn't be scrapped--I'm sure an inventive, quality staff team combined with forty thousand testers can do a decent job with anything--but it definitely needs to be really original. Here's a long list of ideas off the top of my head--I don't think all of these should be added, but one or two would help make the game unique enough to avoid most criticism.
    --Change the name. Really? "Murder Mystery"? Why don't we call Skyclash "using kits and cards with certain buffs or debuffs to defeat your opponents in an elevated arena with small areas of void scattered about to keep things interesting"? I didn't even have to look at the gameplay to make the connection to TIMV--someone who mained Hive would probably assume it was a carbon copy. It's more obvious than "Dr. Bob" being a knockoff of "Dr. Pepper". The first thing people are going to see is the name, so make the name original!

    --Give the detective some special powers. The bow idea is interesting, but detectives get bows in the other game, too, so it's not exactly a novel concept. Let them have potions that they can give to players they know are innocent; give them mob eggs to spawn; give them weaker weapons but the ability to right-click someone and know their role--do something to keep the game unique, interesting, and exciting. Bows don't fall into any of those categories.

    --Give the murderers an advantage other than surprise. Having one murderer who has no advantages except for nobody knowing who they are would keep the game interesting, but it would be way too similar to TIMV--and there are a bunch of problems with that, anyway. If the murderer was given some kind of advantage that really said "Hypixel"--like, say, getting a knockback V stick after 5 kills named "Hypixel"--it would help to differentiate the two games and get rid of complaints.

    --Make the game at least somewhat fun for the innocents. The biggest problem I've seen on Hive is innocents get bored really easily because there's almost nothing to do. There are five traitors and 24 players per game--so, on average, each innocent will actually get to do something fun every four games. This leads to trolling, baiting, and people just quitting as soon as they get their role--so much so that staff have practically given up on moderating the game. Hypixel should try to avoid that at all costs and do something to keep every game fun for the innocents, even if it's at the expense of the other roles.

    I don't really have many suggestions for this game because it isn't something I would play, but it sounds a little bit too much like Mineplex's Domination. At least, that's the first thing I thought of--maybe it's just me. The word "domination" should at the very least be removed from the description.

    A couple of minor suggestions:
    --Make sure it isn't Mineplex's Bomb Lobbers.
    --Make sure it isn't Warlords plus tnt.
    --Make sure it isn't Mineplex's Skywars, which is 99% focused on tnt.

    Other than that, it looks like an interesting gamemode. The description is kind of sparse, so I don't really have any other suggestions, except maybe try to not add a ridiculous progression system that ruins the entire gamemode and murders its player count a month after it's released (I'm looking at you, Skyclash).

    Removing UHC Deathmatch and Survival Dash

    Bed Wars
    I think having too many modes for Bed Wars isn't a good idea. Solo looks kind of terrible and unnecessary, and doubles would be nice but would eliminate the need for Teams of Three. Yes, I know everyone really wants to play independently without any teammates ruining the game for them, but think about it:
    --Assuming the same resource generation (3 gold/15 secs for To3, 4 gold/15 secs for To4), you'll be getting 4 gold a minute. Ew.

    --Unless the maps are miniaturized, you alone will be trying to defend two diamond collectors, the emerald collectors, and your own bed--stressful? YES. Fun? Probably for, like, five games.

    --Targeting will result in ruining the game for you completely and utterly. Unlike the team modes, where one obnoxious player who doesn't know any better relentlessly rushes you and your teammates shut them down, here your game will be 100% ruined. You will be completely unable to break their bed, get a respite, or gather a decent amount of resources--so if you take an emerald from someone and they get triggered, goodbye winning and hello wasting 20 minutes of your life.

    --Pros. One pro in the game--or, in fact, one person who has read my guide for NOT SUCKING AT BED WARS, will easily win--so all of the average or slightly above average who are currently tired of noobs and begging for solo will soon be tired of pros and begging for a 5v5 mode where the pesky good people don't have as high an impact.

    So, my suggestion: Try out solo, but be ready to get rid of it in a week when nobody is playing it anymore. Doubles will probably be more successful than triples, and more modes isn't good, so remove the less successful one after maybe two weeks.

    Mega Walls Duels
    I have played exactly one game of Mega Walls in my life so I can't really say anything here. It does seem interesting, but unless something is added to it, it'll probably just turn into UHC Deathmatch (a miserable, boring failure--let's be honest).

    TL;DR (in blue because read this even if you read nothing else)
    Overall, I think this is a fantastic update. I was too lazy to talk about what I did like--I pretty much just gave criticism--but I believe both games have a ton of potential. I think the updates to the prototype lobby will be beneficial for testing, and keeping up a good ace of adding new games and removing failed ones will ensure the prototype lobby is successful in its purpose. One thing I really liked about the two new games is that they (probably accidentally) followed most of my suggestions in my thread about why Bed Wars is successful (shameless advertising). If you read through this entire text wall, thank you for taking the time to do so.
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  12. Looshy

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    ooh the new prototype games sound cool
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  13. Joey_MC

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    Thank you for the update! PTL is such a promising idea. Can't wait to see how many awesome games are derived from this new and exciting 'testing' concept. :)

    Also, Murder Mystery & Siege HYPE!

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  14. OOOoooo! These new additions look exciting! Looking forward to playing them in the future! :D
  15. Nope, think of the DOTA map revived.

    I can't believe that I'm seeing the day where DOTA returns to Hypixel.
  16. UHC Deathmatch
    I haven't really played a game of it, so I can't give my opinion :(

    Survival Dash
    I've played only one game of it. It was actually a pretty fun game, but the biggest flaw was the amount of players needed. 72 I believe? Maybe it could be mixed in to Blitz as an OP gamemode.

    I've played a few games of it, and I can say I'm hyped for all the possibilities it can bring. Maybe it will turn out to be the new Skywars ;) Man, all of the people who were against putting Bedwars in were stood corrected. I actually was one of those people, but I'm glad that the devs decided to put it in anyways.

    Classic dueling, another game with endless possibilities. Something I would love to see is the ability to create your own kit and "friendly duel" others with it, for no reward other than karma for saying gg and the satisfaction of destroying others. Can't wait to see what it becomes!
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  17. Ozthans

    Ozthans Well-Known Member

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    I like it, I like it a lot
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  18. Tmi489

    Tmi489 Well-Known Member

    Hey, we might get duels of EVERY fighter game! The long requested Smash dueling! Kit testing for WL, BSG, MW! Guns?

    MM looks cool but looks bad at how you'll execute it in MC:

    - How would the killer hide their weapon? Or their speed right after a kill?
    - Why would anyone want be alone when that's the best time a killer would kill?
    - Range? Melee? Different weapons? OHKO? If killer has range then bow would be less effective.
    - Players can just run if killer fails to OHKO, but for how long/is the killer faster.

    Town of Salem/Trouble in Terrorist Town/etc. also thrives with multiple different roles - add them, randomly pick, etc.? Doesn't look like roles will be in the game, though.

    Also - a bow is KNOT enough to really stop a killer but still requires skill to get out the killer. If the hunter can be killed [as] easily like innocents then the killer can go on rampages.
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  19. Looking forward to the MattressWars update. ;)
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  20. convirbo

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