1. Dovahkiin_

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    I see you took an interest in the Sith Empire. Everyone can join as long as you are faithful enough to your Emperor. Before you join you must memorize the rules of the Empire. You will eventually move up in ranks starting from Storm-trooper all the way to an apprentice of the Emperor. I wish all of you luck in joining my glorious Empire. Just write down the rules below and i'll send you a PM on your character. (There's not really a point yet as this is just for fun). If you have any concerns with other Brothers of the Empire please address them to me instead of possibly saying false rumors.
  2. IcyClover

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    Isn't there a code that translates to:
    There can never be true peace, but there is love
    people can become better at something through practice
    practice enough, and you can achieve your dreams
    Once you achieve your dreams, you can do anything

    and then I think there is one rule that states there can only be two siths (is that the plural of sith? It could be seeths, or sithie) and an apprentice at a time. The couple and child theme is very lovely, but I feel that it doesn't help the group become stronger. If you're only going to have 2 and 1/2 siths, then you won't be as strong as if you had an army.

    Meh, can't join anyway :confused:

    P.S. I may be joking around

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