1. Hello,I will show you the secrets of frog and the advantages of the kit aswell

    You spawn with frog armour right? Here is a way to Not spawn with it

    Right Click Shop then left click Kits & Perks then Insane kits
    /or some other mode
    Then click the frog then click the anvil
    and then turn off auto equip
    Now you no longer spawn with the armour

    Now Here are some secrets on 90% of maps.... THERE IS NO NEED TO BRIDGE

    and Here is an advantage of frog you are always first to middle you want to get all the mid stuff

    and then EZ WIN

    I hope you enjoyed the trick ;)
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  2. No
  3. Everyone knows how to do this...
  4. frog kit is for dog shit players. They're mostly bots, easy kills and free speed potions.
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  5. Not if you're good lmao
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  6. and I think that is you btw ;)
  7. STOP FOLLOWING ME IN THE FORUMS ;-; and not everbody I saw many frog kids having armour when they spawn and they still bridge lol
  8. I use the ender chest kit and starting to use the strength kit, more loot at start makes for a anti rushing start
  9. They probably have the armor because.. it’s armor and they want protection. Just a thought.
  10. well probs like 50% of new people don't like frog armour but ok
  11. Ender chest isn't bad actually just make sure you don't get rushed when you use the kit and the strength kit is a kit I don't recommend since it takes 3 seconds to drink the potion and you could get 1-5 shotted with strength while doing that so yeah
  12. But if you drink it when they are walking up to you, they are generally trash enough to walk up to you any ways. won like 20 games recently because of that.
  13. Frog isn't a good kit, I've killed more frogs than I've been killed by a frog.
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  14. iHexRT

    iHexRT Well-Known Member

    TheFroglets FROG
    To be fair that’s probably the same with any kit...
  15. Nah if someone knows how to use a kit, they can beat people with it. Thus making frog just another kit where if people don't know how to use it, it's useless. In my opinion, it isn't the kit that matters that much, kits just help you slightly, its the player. If the player is bad, then they're gonna lose, frog can't make them win. If the player is good, then they're gonna win. It's the same with every kit, a kit gives an advantage. It's how you use that advantage to your advantage, and not just abruptly waste it.
  16. MrSegji7

    MrSegji7 Well-Known Member

    Calm C
    frog is used by 90% of the insane skywars community this thread probably wont help
  17. I am not good at explaining but you should watch Refractions video about frog you will learn alot of advantages :)
  18. Yeah but its an easy win ;/
  19. Yeah, But you get less kills :/
  20. I know I just want to share some tricks :)

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