1. Its really annoying.....
    i know that its good for minigames like skywars and bedwars and all the other arcade games...
    but in the skyblock message it is just annoying and unnecessary,
    i want to write "the boss was ez" and i get something stupid or, im trying to tell someone
    "its ez to get iron dont pay that much for it" and i get something stupid about cat videos xd
    anyway, its just annoying, will be great if you can remove it from the sb server.
  2. LittleBitWeird

    LittleBitWeird Well-Known Member

    You can say "the boss is 'easy'" instead of ez. And they won't just remove it. from one server.
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  3. there is no reason to put it on skyblock
    and fact, the server chat is full with this "ez" replacing messages, its just annoying.
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  4. Try to write more proper and you won’t have a need to write ”ez”. Consequently, you won’t be annoyed by the fact that your sentence gets replaced. Or, you know, just write easy instead of ez.
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