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    Hey all,

    The Prototype Lobby (PTL), as previously announced, is now live on the server!

    Simply put, this lobby is a new dedicated space on Hypixel where you can help us test fun new minigames and features. The idea is to involve you, the community, more in the process of shaping new games whilst also freeing up developers to work on updates for existing games across the server.

    You can access the Prototype Lobby via the Compass, Main Lobby NPC, or by using the command /lobby prototype OR /lobby ptl

    Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here: https://hypixel.net/threads/welcome-to-the-prototype-lobby-rules-faq.971951/

    Read the initial PTL announcement post here: https://hypixel.net/threads/announcing-the-prototype-lobby-help-us-test-new-games-features.961461/

    The PTL Forums are also now live! We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback here: hypixel.net/PTL

    To start we've included 3 new minigames and one new gamemode, with many more to come. See our initial line-up below:

    Hypixel BedWars
    One of the most requested games not yet available on Hypixel, we decided to create a unique Hypixel version that improves on the popular original.
    In BedWars, you start on a floating island with a bed. As long as your bed survives, you can respawn - but if your bed is destroyed it's game over! Collect resources and use them to upgrade yourself to help destroy the beds of your enemies.

    When researching game ideas, we realised we didn't have a simple 1v1 combat game. Duels will pit players against each other with different weapons on tightly designed maps, and provide a great platform for simple and interesting PVP games. Fight with bows, classic weapons and more across 4 gamemodes.

    Survival Dash
    Fight to survive across beautiful maps in this fast-paced SG inspired game. Every player has a dash ability to help their mobility making things much faster than a typical Survival game. Dash to collect resources and fight to be the last person standing!

    UHC Arena Deathmatch
    UHC Arena is a free for all gamemode that borrows the same rules as classic Hypixel UHC. Fight against all the other players to be the last man standing!

    We hope you have fun playing these new Prototype games, and we can't wait to add more new types of games as well as release new updates for older games across the server. Enjoy! :D
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  2. Optay

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    This is awesome!
    ProtoHype!!! ;DD
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    +1 creative rating
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  6. Yeaaa!
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  8. It's risen again! Now, time play another round of Bed Wars with 8 dragons!
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    Nice really like the duels ^-^
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  10. The train has already made its stop on 2017!

    Let the testing begin, Add more Hype peeps!
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  11. oh
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  12. Hype! Something to look forward to when I come back from my holiday as well as my pc being fixed :D
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  13. Incoming text wall. That's your warning.

    My first impression of the prototype games is that they're incredibly simple. Simple is good. Simple is the kind of thing that gets and keeps new players. Bedwars seems a little bit complicated at first, but it's pretty easy to get the hang of after a few games--and unlike gamemodes such as Skyclash, where you're too dead to figure out how to play, bedwars lets players experiment their first couple tries without getting killed immediately. Duels is pretty much the most simple gamemode possible. UHC deathmatch is a tad repetitive, meaning it might not last as long but it's easy to figure out, and Survival Dash is just a less confusing BSG with better gear. Overall, the prototype games are fantastic as they are--and the only change I would suggest is to not change anything.

    Although the duels gamemode is unoriginal and pretty basic, it's the type of thing that lasts a long time and is perennially popular. I'm surprised Hypixel hasn't done anything like this before--in the original post, it said that they were surprised to find they didn't have a 1v1 game, but it goes further than that. Duels are, quite simply, the perfect thing for new players. They're an easy to use system with completely fair win conditions and no progression system. It's also purely about skill and strategy--luck plays no part. New players are going to flock to this minigame, and it's a great way to get them accustomed to the Hypixel network, especially if it gives Arcade coins.

    The last sentence of the first paragraph was "don't change anything". This fits in here because any changes to duels would simply make it worse. Bug fixes, of course, are fine, and adding more kits is great, too. But adding a progression system would ruin the appeal for a good portion of new players.

    UHC Deathmatch
    To be honest I haven't played this one yet because I'm lazy and it has a bad Hype Meter rating. To me, it seems very similar to duels, and I would definitely say duels is better. Duels also sounds better--"UHC Deathmatch" seems like a crappy knockoff of UHC, but Duels sounds fun and exciting.

    Survival Dash
    This gamemode is, in my opinion, better than BSG. It requires many more skills than its luck-based counterpart, and since everyone starts with decent gear, there are many more available strategies. Survival Dash doesn't have a progression system, either, which is fantastic, especially in an intense pvp gamemode. There are a pretty good amount of bugs in here--chief among them being lag and lagback. Again, I think the best option for this gamemode is to not make changes--adding a system favoring longtime players would kind of ruin the point.

    Bed Wars
    Since I'm lazy and this is an utterly brilliant game, I'm just going to list everything good about it:
    Most of the money wars/egg wars games I've played have ridiculous prices, but Hypixel's is rather good.
    I also like the sheer amount of stuff to buy, especially fire charges which get rid of basers, though this does make it complicated for new players. I'd recommend having a "suggested" section with wool, sandstone, stone sword, iron sword, gold apple, unenchanted bow, arrows, and iron armor. This would make the game a lot easier to understand for new players, and make sure some of them stayed for 2-3 games instead of quitting right away.
    The distance between islands allows for strategy instead of mindless rushing. It also makes archery important, unlike in Skyclash and to some degree Skywars.
    Basing isn't really a problem because of the huge benefits from emeralds and diamonds. Having every diamond island contested over makes them rare, so there's actual fighting instead of people just camping their island and nothing happening.
    One thing I would suggest is to decrease the time between tier upgrades. Most of the time, all of the teams have gotten the basic team/self upgrades, and they need to wait 10 minutes to get enough diamonds for another one. Other than that and bug fixes, however, this game is really good--a minor progression system would be okay, but nothing too massive. The player count is pretty good as it is--it definitely shouldn't be less, since people leave frequently, but maybe a small increase would be good.

    Hype and other currencies
    Since we're basically being powerless staff members and testing your games for you, Hypixel, can we at least get some xp or coins? Make it like 5 xp and 25 arcade coins per game--that wouldn't exactly break anyone's bank, even with duel spamming. Let me remind you that people get 700 xp per hour for /tipall--someone would have to complete 140 duels in that time just to match it.
    Hype's a pretty good currency, but I'd like something to measure it by. It would be great to see just how many people have played and voted. Also, making the Hype meters comparable would be good--right now, they change so frequently despite being very far apart that it's hard to tell.

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  14. Kam7

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    Free Candy
    lmfao geniuses
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  15. These games have potential!
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  16. It's awesome!
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  17. Yay!
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  18. Protohype *3*
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    First time on first page o-o
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  20. HYPE!
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