Is this layout better?


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  1. This Profile selected needs to be changed the lay out like the same of Super Mario Galaxy 2 Layout
    This won't match like this:
    Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 6.45.39 PM.png sb4e01_3_by_cdamjc-d8srt4m.png

    This needs to be matched like this: Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 6.56.31 PM.png
    And this must match erase profile from SMG2. This Layout needs to be changed.

    Old: Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 6.46.34 PM.png
    New: Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 6.56.59 PM.png
    The Cancel has been renamed to No, and the No button is on left, and the Delete profile was renamed to OK, and OK button is the right. Tnt is a OK button, but it needs 5 seconds to convert to barrier. Admins needs to do this on Update 0.7.4, Minikloon needs to do this. Pressing Profile Name Button will let you choose a profile name of Fruits and vegetables, or Custom Name, Youtubers and Admin Only for custom profile name. Also, It needs a fruit or vegetable icon in middle and the grass block is changed to fruit or vegetable icon.
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  2. The Switch to Profile was moved to bottom right, and it was renamed to Start, but it still has features at the bottom of start.
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  3. and also, somebody post it there and drop a useful
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  4. This layout would only make things worst since everyone is used with the actual layout, I don't like it at all and I hope they won't change it. Sorry.
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  5. Why is that?
    Also, Is this necroposted?
  6. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    No, no it doesn't.
  7. Yes it does
  8. Good god, no.

    The profile menu is fine as it is, nice and simple. No need to further complicate it...
  9. The original is bad, because They can't change profile name from Strawberry to Grapes
  10. I saw mario galaxy, so you deserve a like.
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  11. If they repeatedly press Profile number 5 when it becomes unresponsive, the profile will be deleted if they press repeatedly.

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