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    Hey everyone!

    Finally, after much work, we have released the 0.4 update to THE PIT!

    ▶ In a nutshell
    • Major Event: Squads
    • Major Event: Spire
    • Major Event: Blockhead
    • Minor Event: Giant Cake
    • Minor Event: King of the Ladder
    • Minor Event: Auction
    • Events in the bossbar
    • Event contest rewards
    • Event leaderboards
    • Player-to-player trading
    • Cool conclave renown upgrade
    • Fixes here and there

    This update has been long expected and we will take the time to explain all its features. Keep reading!

    Some Pit updates weren't posted to the front page.
    Here are links for your convenience if you haven't kept up:

    ▶ Major Event: Squads

    In Squads, the server is split into teams of 3.
    You can pre-arrange your squads using the /squad command during the event preparation.
    Parties are automatically squadded up together.
    If not pre-squadded, you will be matched with the players closest to you.


    Across the outskirts of the map are banners for your squad to capture.
    Staying close to the banner for a few seconds converts it to your squad's color!


    Once captured, banners provide points each second.
    The longer you control a banner, the more points it gives, so keeping stable control over a few banners is a solid strategy.

    To help you with that, you will be launched towards your squadmates and controlled banners when using the launchers.

    The squad with the most points wins.
    The top 3 squads earn 2 renown, meaning 9 players instead of 3 can earn the double renown.

    ▶ Major Event: Spire

    The spire event is a micro-tournament within the pit.
    This colorful tower spawns before the event starts. As soon as it does start, players can jump down the pit to spawn into the spire.

    Players start at floor 1 with no armor and a wooden sword.
    All gear is stashed away during this event. Players are on an equal footing. Perks, however, are still active.

    Killing a player teleports you one floor up.
    Dying makes you go one floor down.

    There are 9 floors in the spire!

    Scoring a kill rewards a Fractured Soul (healing item):

    As players go up floors, fights last longer and longer as gear gets stronger and stronger.
    Targetting and finding the right time to strike is very important. As such, all players' health are shown under their name during the spire event.

    To help you get the last hit when focusing a player, all swords in the event are upgraded with the following mystic enchant:

    The higher the floor, the more rewards are gained per kill (up to +300% XP and gold).
    Also, every time you score a kill, you gain souls depending on your floor.
    The event is tuned so players at the top floors (8 & 9) will win by having the most souls.

    The spire also offers extra renown (you can gain up to 3 per event) for reaching floor 7 at least once.

    ▶ Major Event: Blockhead
    As the name suggests, in Blockhead, everyone gets a block on their head.
    Similar to TDM, but everyone has their own block:

    The goal is simple: When you kill a player, you splash your block in a circle around the kill location.
    For example: if Megakloon (my evil brother) kills me, a bunch of brick will spawn on the ground.
    Control the most blocks of your type to win.

    But watch out! If someone else kills players over your blocks, their blocks will splash over yours!
    The two obvious tips we can give are:
    • Don't stay in the pit area, try to score kills in remote parts of the map.
    • Once you do score a kill, move out of your own blocks to convert as much as possible on the next kill.
    To mix up the experience a bit, there are 4 powerups which can be found around the map:

    Quicktrail (20s): Gives you Speed I and you automatically convert blocks under you when you run.
    Super Heal: Refills your whole health + 4 of absorption
    Combat Boost (30s): Receive -20% damage and +3 splash radius on kill.
    Diamond armor: Free, full diamond armor (rarer powerup)

    ▶ Minor Event: Giant Cake

    During this event, an absolute unit of a cake spawns somewhere on the map.
    You have to find it (shouldn't be too hard) and eat it all.

    When eaten, the cake drops milk and cookies granting healing, absorption, and speed.
    You will also gain gold from eating cake parts and whole cakes. In fact, you get more rewards per cake part for each 50 you eat.


    There are also Cherries and Chocolate Chips in the cake granting bonus gold and XP.

    We would highly suggest not eating this amount of cake in real life.
    Real life cake won't earn you gold.

    ▶ Minor Event: King of the Ladder

    In King of the Ladder (KOTL), a ladder structure spawns randomly on the map.
    By reaching the top of the structure, players earn ludicrous amounts of gold per second.

    There are actually 5 different possible structures, which can each spawn in different spots on the map.

    When near the structure, players have strong Regeneration. Of course, players are launched near structures when using the launchers, but the regen ensures fewer interruptions between climbing attempts.

    ▶ Minor Event: Auction
    During the auction, this elephant auctioneer visits the 4 corners of the pregame.
    You can also click the notification in the chat to open the auction menu.


    Once you open the Auction menu, you can take a look at the item offered and bid on it using gold.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There are many types of items offered in auctions:
    • Random T3 Mystic
    • Full Diamond Set (4 pieces)
    • Between 2-8 renown
    • 2x fresh pants of the same color
    • Mystic Repair Kit
    • Funky Feather
    • Philosopher's Cactus
    • Mystic pants with unique Auction enchant
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The unique Auction mystics are auctioned as T1 but can be upgraded.
    They also have more lives than normals mystics.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ▶ Events in the bossbar

    The boss bar is now used to announce events, announcements, and timers.
    This includes showing a timer for minor events such as double rewards and KOTH.

    The health bar shows the % progression of the event.
    Special effort was made to have the boss bar as smooth as possible in the pit!

    ▶ Events contest rewards
    A while ago we organized an event brainstorm contest to try and thinktank creative new events.
    The contest received a lot more answers than we expected! (2591 in total)

    The winners were promised to be announced with 0.4.
    With all these new events, we now integrated the contest winners into the game.
    You can find the raw list of winners HERE. Congratulations!

    These are players who provided suggestions which helped inspire, mold and impact the events added since 0.3. If you are in the list, you will have access to a special button in the Prestige NPC:

    Here is the /credit command in action:

    More players may get credited in the future, both from the contest and from suggestions on the forums. So if you have an event in mind, make sure to share it!

    ▶ Event leaderboards
    We noticed one of the most common types of threads on the forums were unofficial leaderboards for events.
    The leaderboards are now officially in-game!


    You can choose the leaderboard you see using the leaderboard picker rabbit next to the stats NPC:


    Once in the rabbit menu, you can find leaderboards for different stats for all of the events:

    The event leaderboards reset seasonally (every 3 months) + you have to log into the pit weekly to refresh your position. This way, only active players are shown. (the current level leaderboard works this way!)

    ▶ Player-to-player trading
    Ever since its creation, doing commerce in the pit has always been a shady, dangerous business.
    No longer do you need to maintain lists of good guys and baddies, trust is now built into the system!

    There are actually two different commands to conduct business.

    /trade <username>

    This command first sends a trade request to the target player.
    If they accept, both players will open up the Trade UI:


    You can then offer eligible items by clicking them in your inventory.
    You may also click the gold nugget to add gold amounts to the trade.

    Both players need to accept in order for the trade to execute.
    Every time a change is made, a 3s timer resets and players must accept again.

    /offer <username> <price>

    This other command is a shortcut way to trade.
    You hold an item in your inventory, choose a price, and the person can either accept or refuse.

    Both commands are subject to significant restrictions:
    We will revisit those restrictions in future updates.
    • Can only execute up to 8 trades per day
    • Can only send/receive up to 30,000 gold per day
    • Players below level 60 cannot participate in trading (regardless of prestige)
    • Cannot initiate a trade or offer if nicked.
    • Cannot trade with a player who /ignored you
    • Can't initiate a trade in combat or to a target in combat
    • May only send one trade request every 60s per player - resets on a successful trade
    • May only send one trade request at a time
    • May only send two concurrent trade offers
    All trades are FINAL. Trades will not be reverted or arbitrated in any way by staff.
    Make sure you review before you accept!

    Players can review their daily trades and gold limits using /tradelimits.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ▶ Cool Conclave Renown Upgrade
    Found in the renown shop from Prestige X for only 10 renown.


    This convenient unlock lets you see a list of players in your instance sorted by prestige instead of by level. It also shows the exact prestige, like the chat does.

    ▶ Random fixes
    • First Strike speed no longer overrides other speed effects
    • Raffle participation bonus requires 35 -> 27 tickets
    • Vampire has been disabled in Rage Pit
    • Disabled Telebow for Beast
    • Stopped TNT explosions from breaking care packages
    • Fixed some issues with drop confirmation making items disappear
    • Added messaging in some cases when items can't be dropped
    • Homing shots can't track to players in pregame anymore
    • Fixed Singularity taking no knockback

    This update marks the opening of a new page in the book for the Pit. As usual, please leave feedback in The Pit's forum section and please submit bug reports in the appropriate section.

    I would like to thank HPC and community members (you know who you are!) who stepped up and contributed some of their time to help out with the design and bouncing back ideas on this update. I would also like to thank the staff members who helped out filtering the contest ideas.
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