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    We just released The Pit v0.3 to the PTL.

    Let's jump right into the features.

    ▶ In a nutshell
    • Updated map with reinvigorated looks
    • World events to spice up everyone's experience
    • Quests & Contracts to give something different to do every day
    • Many balance changes
    • Lots of new perks
    • Some bugfixes

    ▶ Updated map

    Our builders have been hard at work on the Pit's map. The main goal was to upgrade the visuals, but there were also many gameplay upgrades while doing so. Make sure to check it out!


    Map changes big points:
    • The tree now has leaves and bark
    • Revamped pregame looks and launchers
    • Updated launcher destinations
    • Revamped sky area
    • Turned the weird zone between the sky and lava areas into a close-quarter arena
    • New tunnels in lava and water area
    • Improved and recolorized terrain

    ▶ Pit Events
    Many of the changes in the 0.2 update focused on metagame and progression. For 0.3 we wanted to bring more action to the table and shake up the core gameplay experience. Here come pit events.

    Events happen a few times per hour and will be the same on every pit instance. There are two types: Major and Minor events.


    Major events occur about every hour. They last for 5 minutes and change the rules of the game.

    Most of the major events are designed to not interfere with your gameplay while they are running. For example, your streak and bounty will be paused and restored once a major event is over.

    But you will probably want to take part in them, because of the increased rewards, various bonuses and, for players who are at least Prestige I, the possibility to earn Renown if you perform well.


    There are currently 4 major event types in-game and we are looking for new ideas.

    Minor events occur every 5 to 15 minutes. None force the players to participate, but much fortune awaits those who do.

    List of events for 0.3:
    • Major: Rage Pit
    • Major: Team Deathmatch
    • Major: The Beast
    • Major: Raffle
    • Minor: 2X Rewards
    • Minor: King of the Hill
    • Minor: Everyone gets a bounty
    • Minor: Care package
    ▶ Quest Master

    We added a Quest Master in the pregame area. He has daily quests and a weekly quest to offer which will reward Hypixel Experience and gold.

    But instead of challenges, the Quest Master offers something new: Contracts!

    Contracts are a fun way to earn lots of gold. It's simple:
    1. Pay a contract request fee for either Novice or Big Time contracts
    2. Choose 1 from 3 offered contracts
    3. Complete the contract's task within the time limit
    4. Get paid big!
    There is a daily limit on the number of contracts you can do, so you will have to choose wisely.
    Of course, you can purchase the Contractor upgrade from the renown shop...

    Contracts are available from level 30 and above.


    ▶ Balance changes

    Armor drops

    We launched 0.2 without noticing a bug causing armor pieces not to drop from players anymore, but all going directly to your inventory. We decided shortly after to leave the "bug" as-is to see the impact on the game.

    We now decided to bring back armor pieces dropping from players as we think they are more active, fun and visually comprehensive than auto-equip.

    The feature is back with these rules:
    Armor pieces better than chainmail will drop, except if they are perk items.
    Diamond pieces from the lucky diamond perk will drop regardless.

    In less words, this means that what you see on enemy players will once again drop on the ground when you kill them.

    • Mineman now grants 3 cobble on kill, max 1 stack, cobble now lasts 15s instead of 8s
    • Trickle down price now cheaper from 4000g to 1000g
    • Gladiator perk buffed from -2% to -3% damage/nearby player, max of 10 players
    • Lucky diamond will now say in chat when it triggers
    • Golden Heads cooldown reduced from 2s to 1s
    • Streaker back to Triple streak XP bonus
    • Gladiator price cheaper from 10,000g to 4,000g<
    • Gladiator now shows % reduction in sidebar
    • Vampire price cheaper from 10,000g to 4,000
    General gameplay changes
    • Above level 30, the 3 first kills each life grant bonus XP/gold. (El Gato stacks on top of that.)
    • Arrows now for sale in the shop
    • No more Reduced kills unless in case of extreme abuse
    • Diamond weapons held by players now have a chance to drop on kill
    • Streak bonus XP now scales up to level 80, but with only a tad more xp/kill than before
    • Max XP/kill capped at 250
    • Damage % upgrades now cheaper on all tiers
    Renown related
    We have heard your feedback that you felt The Pit was not rewarding enough.
    The 0.2 update introduced big gold requirements for Prestige aswell as the Streaker nerf.
    By hurting both currencies, some players didn't feel like the progression was worth it, especially if they weren't interested in the Renown upgrades.

    We understand this feeling and since progression is a huge thing in the game, we remediated.
    On top of the big rewards from the events, quests and contracts, we brought many changes to the renown shop and prestige.

    First change:
    Prestige now uses the sum of all gold grinded throughout the prestige instead of requiring the gold in your inventory.
    This means if you want to min/max your prestige speed, you can still spend the gold you earn.
    On your first login in the update, your current gold will be added to that sum.

    More changes:
    • Moved Renown Gold Boost and Renown XP Bump to prestige I
    • Renown cost of cosmetic trails have been lowered
    • Fancy hat recolor price now reduced by scam artist
    • Max Prestige is now 30 instead of 23
    Many players also felt like prestige should bring something new to their experience. To that effect, we introduced 8 new perks to the game. These perks must first be unlocked in the Renown shop at different prestiges before being purchaseable like the other perks.

    You will need higher prestige to even view all of the perks like the above

    We will leave it up to the community to discover the new perks, although the highest players on the leaderboard should be able to see all of them.

    ▶ Minor changes and Bugfixes
    • Highest streak now shown in performance stats
    • Show perks that players are using in kill recaps
    • Added fishing
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes players would get double kill credits
    • Fixed infinite cobblestone exploit
    • Fixed healing yourself with vampire arrows
    • Fixed armor floating on holograms

    This update couldn't happen without the community of Pit players on the forums and in-game. We do routinely scour all of the threads and read your feedback. Hopefully this reflects in this update.

    I would like to thank @ConnorLinfoot for his help with this update, aswell as @Vinny8Ball and the build team for their work on the map. I would also like to give a shoutout to the Player Council and @sfarnham for their help with the game's balance and design.
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    Xecute X

    this thing.
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  3. GG.
    Hyped to try it out!
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    Thx THX
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  5. Hype ;)
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  7. Awesome update! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I hope the pit becomes a full gamemode
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  8. LogicDotDev

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    This update is gonna change and already, looks 100% more better than before. Love to see what is coming up in the future. Good job Mini.
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    Looks awesome! I love this new PTL game and hope that it gets released in the future.
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  10. yesss hype!
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    O: OwOhype!
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  12. Nice work! :)
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  13. Awesome update! Really enjoying the gameplay changes. Keep up the great work! :D
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  14. Taboo

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    SabreTooth L
    More things to do then just left clicking really fast?! But my carpal tunnel was developing really well.

    Jokes aside I stopped playing since all it was, was left clicking really fast while on a long grind with lack luster rewards, but this update look like it will hopefully fix a bunch of this issues by adding this events and contracts. Now I can get back to trying to ruin my mouse and my hands.
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  15. Yes! I cannot wait to see this in game!
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  16. Finally new update!
    ty Minikloon!
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    Seems cool!
    the correct tag is @Vinny8Ball
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  18. When can I get a life?
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  19. The v1 is drawing close! Hyped
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    Hype! I love this game!
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