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    Hey all.

    We just released The Pit v0.2 to the PTL lobby.

    Before going into the details of the update, a word about stat resets (unrelated to prestige resets). We understand The Pit is about personal progression. As such, we are not looking to reset stats if the game sees a full release. BUT! We hope you can understand that we cannot make a 100% commitment on this. Millions of reasons could justify a global reset, we do not want it to happen, but it might.

    ▶ In a nutshell
    • Prestige system with a whole new layer of upgrades
    • Stats NPC to see how well you're doing
    • Balance changes
    • New perks & upgrades
    • Chat options feature to filter the chat
    • Lots of bugfixes
    Last week we also pushed a mid-week patch to the game, read more here.

    ▶ Prestige
    A big part of the fun in The Pit is the progression and seeing your power increase level by level. We want players to keep leveling up at a fun rate and unlocking new things through their whole playtime.

    We also want longetivity to the game. We would like all players to be able to keep enjoying progression-related content for a certain amount of time.

    To marry both the above goals, we decided to introduce Prestige to the Pit.


    Prestige lets you reset your Pit level to gain one tier of Prestige, plus a certain amount of Renown.
    Renown is a new currency which you can spend in the new Renown Shop.


    The Renown Shop has both strong gameplay upgrades and cosmetic unlocks. We will leave it to the players to discover what the renown shop has to offer.

    We increased the maximum level to 120
    and reduced the xp needed per level.
    If above level 50, your level will have increased.

    ▶ Stats
    We have been tracking player stats already since the release of the game. We now added a way for you to view them. You can view your stats by clicking on the Stats NPC next to the leaderboards. You need a minimum level of 50 to access your stats.


    ▶ Balance
    There are many playstyles in The Pit. Some players prefer the brawl in the center, some prefer racking up assists with their bow and some others prefer the more controlled fights on the outskirts of the map.

    One of these playstyles has been to pick the Streaker perk (triple streak xp bonus), invest heavily into diamond armor and accumulate massive streaks. While this is definitely fun, we're looking to close the XP gap between top players and the rest of the game.

    We already took some steps (click) to change the dynamic around Streaker, but now we are taking the opportunity that the Prestige feature is offering to directly address this perk.

    Streaker related
    • Streak rewards cap nerfed from 40 to 20.
    • Diamond swords now deal +20% damage against players with a bounty
    • Increase bounty chance per kill when streak is greater than 10 and 20.
    • Halved XP Boost bonus XP.
    Perk changes
    • Add +4g/kill on Bounty Hunter perk. Requires wearing the golden pants.
    • Increase minimum level for Bounter Hunter to 50.
    • Decrease Bounty Hunter damage bonus from +1% damage/50g to +1% damage/100g bounty.
    • Add a handy pickaxe to the Mineman perk.
    • Increase Strength-Chaining duration from 5s to 7s.
    • Increase lava damage so that it's dangerous
    • Lucky Diamond Perk now puts the upgraded items directly in the inventory.
    • Reduced price of Cash Boost V from 100,000 to 40,000
    • Increase XP bonus against people in a party from 7% to 10%.
    • Double assist detection duration from 9s to 18s when killing a player with a bounty.
    • Not applying party kill xp boost on teammates kill anymore.

    ▶ New Perks and Upgrades
    In order to encourage different playstyles we added a few new perks.
    We also moved the Scam Artist upgrade to the Renown shop.
    Note that we haven't made direct changes to the Golden Heads perk but are keeping a close eye on it.

    Spammer Perk: Minimum level 40.

    Gladiator Perk: Minimum level 60.

    Vampire Perk: Minimum level 60.
    Incompatible with Golden Heads.

    El Gato upgrade: Minimum level 50.
    Replaces Scam Artist.

    ▶ Chat Options
    We added the /pitchat command to let you filter chat messages in The Pit.


    ▶ Minor changes and Bugfixes
    • Added guild coins earned passively over time.
    • Add a message broadcasting once in a while that teaming is allowed in The Pit.
    • Add a message on join telling players that their tablist level is obsfucated when nicked.
    • Limited healing items on pickup.
    • Differentiate bounty creations from increments in the broadcasted message.
    • Limit iron and diamond pieces of same type to 1.
    • Disabled crafting to avoid many exploits.
    • Stopped players from putting golden heads on their head to avoid a duplication exploit.
    • Stop players from outfitting various invisible armor stands.
    • Fixed a bug where lava would never disappear.
    • Fixed a bug where players could go way out of the map and start playing survival.

    This update happened because of your feedback and help on the forums and in-game. I personally am stoked about the game and read the forums every day. So make your voice heard. Also please report bugs in the appropriate section. Thanks to the Hypixel Player Council for their help with the game's balance. Finally, many thanks to @ConnorLinfoot with this update.
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  2. That is some hecking good stuff there.

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  3. HYPE!

    EDIT: Oh boy.... I'm excited to see my amount of deaths.... Darn it minikloon.
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  4. The Pit is an awesome gamemode. I'm glad to see lots of improvements and fixes coming its way.
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  5. I'm excited for 0.3 update :D

    Oo, I really like everything added in this update, can't wait to play it when I get home from school tomorrow.
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  6. Ghyn

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  7. Rakt

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    And future ones to come!
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    Xecute X
    More clicking things!
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  9. WatchPiggy

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    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS amazing update
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  10. Hype!
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  11. Hype for this super cool update!!!
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  12. Hype ;)
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  13. Aye hype
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    IceSquad ICE
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  15. cool :eek:
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  16. Really? That fast?
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  17. Sunii_

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    Hype!! :D
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  18. Thanks for an update update so soon after it was just released! This is amazing. Bright things to come!
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  19. Fran

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    Reverb CUTIES
    I went from level 72 to 84 LOL

    great update tho
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    THE PIT of updates :D
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