1. So they changed the piggy bank so it becomes an item that saves your coins on death.
    Actually I like these changes, now you have to upgrade your personal bank to access your bank remotely.
    I have only 15k emerald collection rn so I'll be farming emeralds like everyone else in the next few days. Remember when they made greater accessory bag upgrade and many complained that it requires too much collection? Now everyone has greater accessory bag. Its not a big deal.

    But the thing is you probably have like 1 coin on you when you die, and boom, piggy bank breaks and you have to fix it.
    My suggestion: make it so you can right click the piggy bank and open a settings menu, to input a "threshold" (or choose from many set values) so piggy bank will not activate and break when you die with coins below the threshold.

    Also piggy bank shouldn't break when you die in situations that doesn't lose coins (examples are falling into the void on your island or dying in Colosseum) (haven't tested it yet but I assume it breaks)

    Also I'm not sure if piggy bank and broken piggy bank stats can stack, but they shouldn't.
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  2. People aren't complaining about grinding emerald, there complaining because a 0 second bank cool down is 6.2 million coins when they piggy bank did the same for less then 100K.
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  3. Yes Yes L L L ILY!
  4. They do stack
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  5. Yea that's painful for some people. 6.2mil is a lot for many players.
    If it requires collections only (not coins), or players have to do some special quests to upgrade their personal banks, it should be better.
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  6. Lol now you have to get 2 piggy banks and break one of them on purpose. Makes perfect sense.
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  7. is it confirmed that the 5mil upgrade is the 0s cooldown one?
  8. the piggy bank change completely changed the game...now i need to be more careful while doing slayer quests on the Coal mines to not lose the money that i make from killing the mobs...and plus I am pretty sure that the last upgrade to the personal bank is gonna be still like 15 minutes of an cooldown . that's just my guess tho. I hope they make that the piggy bank can only deposit your coins...It would be way better than what we have right now.
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  9. Minikloon said he will set the threshold to 20k, so that if you die with less than 20k the piggy bank won’t break. However, I do agree that being able to set your own threshold might be a better idea
  10. We'll make it through together bois - lol
  11. Yes it is.
  12. Flachdachs

    Flachdachs New Member

    The Cooldown should be changed to start after transfering money, not immediately when just clicking the Personal Bank. Right now you can't check the amount without triggering the cooldown.
  13. it shouldnt cost coins period. If there is a massive grind for it then make it emeralds not coins. It will take me months to get 6 mil coins and i dont want to spedn it on a god damn bank upgrade
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  14. can't agree more(
    but what happened to the tnt u r selling XD
  15. No player is buying them so I have to lower the prices :(
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  16. Yeah the personal bank icon is too close to the crafting table so it's very easily to misclick on it. Should be moved to somewhere else.
  17. MrEevee7

    MrEevee7 Well-Known Member

    Defiant D
    Sounds good!
  18. KindaOP

    KindaOP Well-Known Member

    The problem here is that it costs way too much money here to max out, it should be 1.5m at most, not 6.2m.

    There's a difference between a money sink and just annoying mid-late game players with virtual taxes.
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  19. Haven't tested but it says "triggers when losing 20k+ coins" this trigger means it will break and save the money
  20. 6.2mil coins are a good price for such a good upgrade I would say...

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