1. << This thread is a community based proposal with the purpose of planning and pushing a Warlords tournament. Because the thread is not officially sanctioned by the admins (nor the HPC), the development of Warlords' own tournament system will be largely reliant on community support. Leaving a rating or comments to give feedback will all serve to help bring the tournament into reality. I will try to respond and resolve concerns voiced in the comments as soon as possible. >>


    What is Warlords?

    Warlords is an original mini-game created in 2015 as Hypixel's second attempt at a custom resource-pack required game. The game itself is heavily inspired by the World of Warcraft series with classes and abilities paying homage to their original counterparts. Over a million players have played a Warlords game as of this date. Warlords is one of the most unique gamemodes on Hypixel, having the largest variant of win conditions, a multitude of classes to explore and level up, and a community brimming with life. ( . . . ? )

    Currently available game-modes include Capture the Flag, Domination and Team Deathmatch. CTF is largely a twelve on twelve game where two teams face off in an attempt to bring their opponent's flag to their own base. Domination is where two teams, upwards of thirty a side, compete to hold the most points for the longest time. Team Deathmatch is a simple yet brutal fight to the death with the winning team declared when it reaches 67 kills or more.


    Hello, I'm Heatran, a member of the Hypixel Player Council currently helping with updates and development of Warlords. I currently hold second place on the Warlords leaderboards for Wins, while also holding a leaderboard position for Paintball. I've been playing on the network since 2014, witnessing the coming and passing of many generational players while meeting lots of new friends through in-game and forums, the same connections that lead to my tenure in the now defunct Hyballers guild, oops guild, and currently a proud member of The Foundation.

    *small update on the new specs* - we're working on them.


    I think a Warlords tournament is largely beneficial for the Hypixel community for several reasons, the main one being because the gamemode is not based off traditional combat, hacks are naturally less game ruining. A large problem with previous tournaments is the abundance of closet cheaters, if not cheaters on alternate accounts outright, where most of them cannot be detected or caught because of how "subtle" they can be and sheer volume of hackers themselves. Players also will not have to worry about the lack of compensation after getting game time 'hacked' off their clock when the cheater issue is mitigated.

    Warlords stands out in particular due to it's uniqueness. As a new player seeing the game for the first time, don't feel overwhelmed by the content before you, as the game is easily understandable and enjoyable as long as you participate in the objective. Playing Warlords is a refreshing change of scenery after clocking in hundreds of Skywars games (for example) where the tiring and cumbersome grind (especially of previous tournaments) often leads the already simple games to become even more stale. With Warlords, I can guarantee that your interest will be constantly rejuvenated when you achieve various levels of understanding in the game.

    Warlords is a team game-mode with a pretty low learning curve, especially when you put in an hour or two to learn the ropes. Game decisions are often very straightforward when you can understand what is presented to you and you can counteract accordingly. Warlords is particularly enjoyable because of the multitude of possibilities and combinations you can play as and work together in the process of achieving domination over the other team.


    It would be amazing to run 8v8 Capture the Flag games in a tournament format, but such gameplay would be better off community organized with external adjudication. The main problem is that participation for our current game-modes would ideally require at least eight a side, and with players struggling to gather parties of four a side, it seems unrealistic to expect the tournament to be popular when encouraging larger parties. Games based off the current gamemodes have tendencies to last more than ten minutes, which is not healthy for player retention as games can get boring when it's a stall. Longer games will also result in low player flow, potentially meaning that higher brackets may project very long queue times. All in all, various reasons constitute towards opting towards King Of The Hill (KOTH) as a potential Warlords tournament mode.


    KOTH on Hypixel is a unique iteration of the popular format of where the winner is the one who holds most time at the pinnacle of elevation or is the last person who remains standing on top. Hypixel's iteration involves upgrades that can be purchased in spawn off of kill rewards, and boosts that can be attained by capturing the side altars. Teams gain a point for each second a team member occupies the center point. The last concept is the only one relevant for KOTH's proposed Warlords Adaptation.


    How will KOTH be adapted to be suitable for Warlords?

    The proposed Warlords twist of KOTH is quite simple and elaborate. The format will be 4v4, with the winning condition being first to attain 1000 points. This is achieved by standing on the center point for the gain of one point per second per player on a team. Conventional powerup altars on both sides will be disabled (as of the current proposal), instead replaced by a traditional Warlords powerup hut containing the healing or damage/energy powerup. The healing powerup heals until the player is full over the length of 10 seconds which can be disrupted by the loss of health. The damage/energy powerups last for thirty seconds. All powerups will respawn 45 seconds after initial consumption and are prospected to initially spawn a minute into the game. The type of powerups spawned every time is projected to be random. The perks and upgrades function of KOTH will also be disabled for Warlords' iteration of KOTH. All 10 (/12?) classes at maximum level and weapons will be available for both teams to choose from at the start of game. It is currently not expected to be able to change specs/classes in the middle of the game. Each team will spawn on their respective sides and attempt to gain control over the center point. Horses will be available for both teams with a fifteen second cooldown off dismount.

    There is expected to be respawn penalties which are to be discussed. Current proposal is to have incrementally penalizing respawn times per person, having the base of 5 second respawns with increments of two seconds per personal death. This can be modified into increments based off per team death, and teams may potentially be rewarded 10~ points of the 1000 total to win for each kill, all of the above still subject to discussion.


    Tier 1 Bracket:
    Win: +10 Points
    Team Kill: +1 Point
    Loss: -5 Points
    Win = Instant promotion to Tier 2 Bracket.

    Tier 2 Bracket:
    Win: +15 Points
    Team Kill: +2 Points
    Loss: -7 Points
    Win = Instant promotion to Tier 3 Bracket.
    Your team earned at least four kills total: You stay in Tier 2 Bracket
    Your team earned less than four kills total: Demotion to Tier 1 Bracket

    Tier 3 Bracket:
    Win: +25 Points
    Team Kill: +3 Points
    Loss: -12 Points
    Win = Instant promotion to Tier 4 Bracket.
    Your team earned at least four kills total: You stay in Tier 3 Bracket
    Your team earned less than four kills total: Demotion to Tier 2 Bracket

    Tier 4 Bracket:
    Win: +35 Points
    Team Kill: +4 Points
    Loss: -17 Points
    Win = You stay in Tier 4 Bracket
    Your team earned at least five kills total: You stay in Tier 4 Bracket
    Your team earned less than five kills total: Demotion to Tier 3 Bracket

    After playtesting, total DPH (Damage + Prevented + Healing) may also give an added bonus to points.


    Top 1: 350 Tributes, 3,500,000 Warlords coins, Blaze Pet, 500 Void Shards
    Top 2: 300 Tributes, 3,000,000 Warlords coins, Blaze Pet, 400 Void Shards
    Top 3: 250 Tributes, 2,750,000 Warlords coins, Blaze Pet, 400 Void Shards
    Top 4: 250 Tributes, 2,500,000 Warlords coins, Blaze Pet, 300 Void Shards
    Top 20: 200 Tributes, 2,500,000 Warlords coins, 300 Void Shards
    Top 100: 150 Tributes, 1,500,000 Warlords coins, 200 Void Shards
    Top 250: 100 Tributes, 750,000 Warlords coins, 150 Void Shards
    Top 500: 50 Tributes, 400,000 Warlords coins, 100 Void Shards



    I hope you enjoyed the proposal thread read, and am looking forward for feedback in the comments. Warlords is a game with immense potential and it could very well succeed again on the world's largest network.
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  3. Pekkuh

    Pekkuh Active Member

    The Foundation F
    Great thread, hope everything works out and this actually happens
  4. @Flare_Pikachu so my main concern about koth will be a party of 4 defenders. If we have koth as a potential gamemode, then I feel that warrior (specifically defender for obvious reasons) should be disabled. Maybe earthwarden too, but they are less spammy with the knockback.
  5. sdrawk

    sdrawk Active Member

    Credit CREDIT
  6. i suggest no spec repeats in a 4v4 to avoid busted combos

    also lack of skill 1 position makes normal players seem decent no need to think
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
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  7. im not playing if i cant at least 4stack
  8. I feel like we shouldn't completely disable defender.

    In my opinion, the best way to handle it would be to only allow a spec to appear once per team. No team of all one spec, no team of half one spec half another, only one team. So a team can have one defender max. One crusader max. One cryomancer max, one aqua max, etc.

    However, what teams would be most used if we applied this limitation?

    I can see def + ave + crus + prot. This team would have all the synergy of the paladin specs, the very powerful overall healing of holy radiance x3, and the defense of last stand and probably intervene on the Avenger. As well, Hammer of Light would provide a way to get through the defensive power of defensive teams, and the Defender would cripple the self-healing of enemy players. The energy removal will be useful as well. However I can see pyromancer taking the place of Avenger easily enough.

    I can see another powerful combo being crus + Eward + Sguard + Revenant, if those are out by this point; crusader would provide energy for both Ewarden and Sguard, which are both limited more by energy than by cooldowns. Generally, revenant's ultimate ability will probably be powerful in this gamemode, and the single-target cripple ability will be much more impactful in such small teams. Additionally the minor immobilization from reckless charge will be likely to mess up the opponents and synergize well with Eward's knockback.

    Finally, I can see a Bers + Def + Revenant + Crusader being a powerful team as well. Crusader always synergizes especially well with berserker because more damage means more healing, and I've heard defender + berserker is a very reliable combination. Revenant has the same things I mentioned earlier, while

    I haven't played for a while, but I'll share my thoughts on some of the specs here. In general, I suspect Protector and Crusader will be must-haves in smaller teams like these because the direct counter to tanks or the good 1v1 potential crusader has combined with decent healing support and energy support.
    In a similar fashion, I imagine cryomancer and aquamancer will be 2 of the least used specs in this. Reasons being aqua has no damage to offer and is easily targeted. Cryomancer would probably be unusually underpowered simply because the 4 player teams will rely on synergy as well as skill and strategy, and cryomancer has nothing to offer to the team. Pyromancer will not be terrible but with fewer targets to hit and no range to buff flame burst, I don't think it will be standing above any other specs. Probably will stay about in the middle along with Berserker and Thunderlord. Tlord will probably be the least of the offense specs because without easy targets (like a big moshpit) it can be difficult to get chain lightning off cooldown, which means limited defenses.
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  9. The plan is to probably iron out the spec balancing and changes needed regarding balance issues after internal playtesting.
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  10. I would like that.

    Sometime I would like to have a "guild" tournament (every few tournaments) that encourages guilds to compete against each other. (For these tournaments, points would be rewarded differently based on the guild you are fighting.)

    Reasoning for every few is so individual players don't feel left out.
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  11. 7Cabritos_gamer

    7Cabritos_gamer Well-Known Member

    No holes on the floor please
  12. owo 500 void shards uwu
  13. 7Cabritos_gamer

    7Cabritos_gamer Well-Known Member

    I have been thinking that the spec of the 4x2 players should match instead of leaving a spec out of the tournament.
  14. lol considering the active playerbase of like 200-300 players 400k coin as the top 500 would be pretty easy to get
  15. There's a TL;DR at the bottom. I don't really know why I wrote this much, but it's there if you want to read it.

    I think it's worth noting that Mages and other ranged specs will be heavily disadvantaged here. KoTH maps are small, reducing the range they can fight from. In addition to that, the historical problem of splash damage being useless when firing upwards will arise. Mages, and really anyone ranged will be much less useful than melee specs when attacking a team on the hill because of the angle they must fire at and the accompanying inability to splash. On top of that, assuming that we play without Garden (the map with ridiculous amounts of void), both Sector and Grove (the two remaining maps built for two teams) both have raised ridges in the middle of the map. These ridges would block line of sight to the other side of the map for ranged specs, and because the hill is slightly elevated above these ridges, line of sight of the ground of the hill would be blocked, hindering Mages and Tlords by not giving them ground to splash on.

    In order to be useful, ranged specs would most likely have to:

    Pyro: Camp by powerup huts/altars. On both Sector and Grove there are slightly elevated positions you can climb to that would allow you to see the ground of the hill. Pyros would camp from atop their posts/roots and subsist off of healing powerups, forced to either snipe or engage in hand-to-hand combat with teams of Paladins. Pyro works best at medium range, where it can stay relatively safe and utilize its high damage without risking its low health. Sniping is inefficient and sub-optimal, and close-up combat is a last-chance throw of the dice for Pyros. Maps constraining Pyros to less effective playstyles makes Pyro even less useful in the face of extremely high damage melee fighters.

    Cryo: Cryo will probably be mostly okay. It's much more reliant than other Mages on getting direct hits instead of splashing, and probably won't care much about the reduced range. As @Rainbowcraft2 said, its complete lack of synergy is crippling. But I personally think that Cryo will be a serious threat. Paladin will hands down be the best class, partially because Paladins work well with other specs, partially because they have Light Infusion. In a 4v4 situation, individual kills become massively important. Whoever gets the first pick on the enemy team will win the teamfight. Ability to survive and reliably win 1v1s becomes a huge factor in deciding the usefulness of a spec. Light Infusion makes Paladins faster than everyone else, which means that if they want to disengage from a fight they can't win, they can do so and run back to their teammates faster than the enemy can chase them and therefore escape with their life. Cryo will most likely be worth playing specifically because it can secure 1v1s. It's extremely tanky and generally hard for one person to kill, and excels in 1v1s because its high survivability combines with significant damage and its ability to heal itself even if its teammates are out of reach or dead, and the most important part; slowing. Enemies slowed by 20%, 35%, or 55% will not be able to escape, and will allow Cryo to flank, drop Mage burst damage on a single target, and having slowed them by 55%, the enemy won't be able to escape, and then the Cryo's team handily wins the teamfight because their Cryo rode in, picked up a dps or healer, and got out alive.

    Aqua: If you ask me, Aqua will be unplayable. In a 4v4 where kills mean so much, having one team member who can't deal significant damage is a problem, no matter how much they heal. Combine that with the fact that Aquas can't realistically defend themselves against Aven, Crus, Bers, Tlord, Pyro, Cryo, and probably Sguard makes them a liability, because teammates are forced to run and protect them. Aquas are just too fragile and too situational for a fight like this, and anyways, they're best at healing in moshpits, not small fights.

    Tlord: I think Tlord will probably be a little below par. It can pump out huge damage, but is suited for moshpits, not single combat. It's still adequate in 1v1s, but will end up as a glass cannon that can deal huge damage in a short period of time, but then has to retreat to regenerate energy because it just doesn't have the health to fight melee for an extended period of time.

    Sguard: Sguard is sort of a melee spec. Its soul shotgun (it feels so good to know I half-designed that ability) isn't really long range. Sguard will probably be best at fights where it is greatly outnumbered, being able to defer damage 4-8 seconds in the future. I've never seen Sguard played or played it myself, but from what I understand it seems like a jack-of-all-trades spec. It can support a team a little, tank a little, deal damage a little, heal a little, mosh a little, 1v1 a little. It'll be an okay spec, not incredible nor abysmal. As a side note, I kind of want to see how quad-tank would work out.

    Ewarden: Along with Cryo, one of the only ranged specs worth playing. A moderately tanky healer with respectable damage, a pseudo-slow and knockback for escapes or general utility, and healing abilities specially geared towards healing small teams. Ewarden+Crus will be common (probably Ewarden+Aven+Crus+Prot for that matter), with Ewarden serving the role of aggressive healer who also picks off weakened enemies.

    TL;DR: KoTH map structure makes ranged specs weaker, the only ones that are really worth playing will most likely be Cryomancer and Earthwarden.
  16. Very good idea but the top 20 players will likely have the maximum shop and coins reward will useless for them
  17. Yuyuko

    Yuyuko Active Member

    inb4 fly hacking pyromancers
  18. tjommie

    tjommie Moderator | Biology student

    The Foundation F
    Love the thread, warlords tournament is something I've looked forward to a long time already.
    Few questions about the thread though;
    - You mention team kills; will this also include assists so support/healing classes will not be put behind in rating?
    - Will there be multiple points, like there are 4 in a map that it constantly switches between (sort of hard point-like)
    Mainly so the game won't get too repetitive and there is more strategy involved to for example try to dominate the next point before it unlocks.
    - Will it include the new soonTM specs? :p
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  19. If the map had a more cratered design it would work perfectly. If a custom map is built it might be good to have the map slope inward and down towards the niddle. It wouldn't quite be "king of the hill" but it would be playable for all specs equally.
  20. Everyone on the team will gain the same rating so players of all specs will reap the rewards gained by their teammates.

    I was debating making the gamemode a miniature version of domination with three points (TNT Wizard concept) but there are several challenges that come with it, e.g with four people per team to cover three points the map just seems too large, perceived difficulties to re-occupy a point that is already taken, should the side altars grant as much points as the center hill? Having more than one point is also more confusing to explain and will take exponentially longer to playtest and balance but it's a pretty good idea for future tournaments. I also explained in the post that although having larger team sizes would be ideal for a gamemode like Warlords, it seems that many within the community want a gamemode which players can quickly hop into (solo) and have a chance of winning which larger team sizes with big parties diminishes their chances. We want to encourage the participation of all players so the concept was designed to be as inclusive as possible.

    What I'm trying to push for is the 10 specs we already have for the first tournament, then introduce the two new specializations for the second one, already giving people an incentive to play again. This can always be modified accordingly depending on the how the new specs pan out.
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