1. Me, Spinominus_Rex, have become the most died player in Paintball history. I've passed over MatthewRTP a short while ago.

    I have died 172,148 times as MatthewRTP has been shot 171,675 times. My kills/deaths ratio is only 2.19 which is probably pretty low for a player being in TOP-30 kills. @Atherd gave me such a perfect answer just one day ago relating to the subject.

    So, I'm now officially the most dead Paintball player. Cool I think. One more time:

    #1. Spinominus_Rex (172,148)
    #2. MatthewRTP (171,675)

    At least first in something, I guess.
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  2. You also hold the #1 spot for most noble player, you don't abuse anything or tryhard.
    there are plenty of others like you, but you are the most noble of them all.
  3. It's just a number
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  4. Wolf

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    Congrats! It's cool to see that the paintball community is nontoxic about the #1 death player. But you have so many other stats that one stat doesn't matter!
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  5. Its cool to see :D
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