Does the Skywars Tournament Need Reworking?

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  1. MySpeed

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    Defiant D
    Let's first admit that most of us came into this mode with high hopes for a fun, unique Skywars experience. Well, from the already sufficient experience of myself and my guildmates, the "fun" part was overlooked while the "uniqueness" was immensely overdone. Here are some of the worst issues that have been experienced in only a few hours of the tournament's release:

    Unbalanced loot from chests. (punch bow, sharp 4)
    -While it's fine for the developers to want to spice up regular skywars a bit, the way "unique features" were implemented made the gamemode very unbalanced and difficult to play. First of all, mid loot massively outweighs anything you receive from your island—punch bows and sharp 4 swords are just two examples of these overpowered items that put a heavy emphasis on luck, something that should be REDUCED in a tournament of all things. Secondly, it's common to not receive any healing or projects from one's island chests, making fights among competitive players very one-sided.

    The right-click-to-equip feature is incredibly unhelpful
    -Right clicking to equip armor is something already exists in Minecraft; the only difference in the tournament mode is that this feature overrides the original one and makes gameplay worse. If you have a diamond chestplate equipped and have any other chestplate (such as iron) into your hotbar, right-clicking on it will automatically replace your current armor piece with whatever you're holding. This is very bothersome when first looting your island, as worse armor pieces will replace better ones you have on. Secondly, if you have an armor piece in your hand and attempt to open a chest, it will not let you open it. This may sound like an uncommon scenario, but for those who are used to quickly looting their islands it

    comes up quite frequently.

    No regeneration on kills
    -While it could be argued that the removal of Bulldozer was beneficial to prevent cleaning (although this often isn't the case), removing Juggernaut (which gives you regen on kill) make cleaning a NIGHTMARE. You often will get into intense fights in this tournament, which is perfectly expected, but once you're down to low health and run you stay at that low health for a long time. Even if you have healing in your inventory, if someone is coming to clean you, you'll have no time to use it and be forced to run until they eventually catch up. Keeping bulldozer out is okay, but juggernaut NEEDS to be added back.

    Promotes camping/skybasing
    -This Skywars tournament heavily encourages people to camp/skybase in order to get ahead, doing this in two ways: The first goes along with the aforementioned "no regen on kills" struggle, as getting into fights decreases your health drastically, and with no regeneration perk after, you're unlucky to survive. This fact coerces many players into camping until the final three, which brings me to my next point: being in the final three automatically levels you up to the next bracket. I understand what the developers were thinking when they added this, as it rewarded players who'd survived most of the game, but they completely overlooked the loophole of camping. These players, who clearly do not deserve to be rewarded, can wait the game out until it's just three left and don't have to worry about possessing any skill in the game. This is a TOURNAMENT, it's supposed to show who excels in the game, not who can hold shift the longest.

    Completely upsets actual strategy
    -In the master bracket, everyone's health and names are hidden. Initially removing player may not seem impactful, but it really disrupts a fundamental part of Skywars that makes it strategical, which is knowing how much health your opponents have and whether you can take them on or need to run. If this is a skywars tournament, it should actually reflect the skills and abilities one needs to succeed in skywars, and this feature counteracts this sentiment.

    Protects cheaters
    -This is likely the most important problem with the tournament. Once players get to the master bracket, their names are all changed to "Skywars Player". The only reason for this implementation is to prevent targetting, but the far more drastic side effect is that this PROTECTS ALL CHEATERS. As far as I've seen, there are no ways to report anyone who's hacking once you get to this bracket. You don't know their names, so you can't /wdr. The compass doesn't have a report feature anymore, and even if it did, it wouldn't work since everyone, once again, has the same name. Even recording, the last semblance of hope to fight back against cheaters, is rendered futile. This is such a frustrating and destructive measure that many players have given up on the tournament altogether, including me. Surely the higher-ups are aware that cheating is the largest issue with Skywars, and it was only exponentiated in the tournament. In case you don't believe me, just look at some of the stats of the players on the tournament leaderboards. I won't mention their names solely because this thread would get taken down, but do you really think someone with FIVE skywars wins could make it to the top of a skywars tournament?

    If you agree with these conclusions, please show your support on this thread so that administrators take a look and make the appropriate changes. This mode can definitely be something enjoyable for players, but only if these issues are resolved.
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  2. I love this thread. I agree with everything
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  3. Woah, Hey MySpeed!

    Honestly, how stupid can the devs be to make hacking easier in higher brackets. I myself have not played yet but thanks for letting some of us know these problems (so we can work around them :/)
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  4. Completely removes all perks after one gets a kill and then proceeds to add very unbalanced items into the game.
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  5. Duone

    Duone Well-Known Member

    Not sure if many people are enjoying the tournament ngl
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  6. very well done post, i agree with all of it. good job:)
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  7. why does hanging gardens have random crevasses thats not cool
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  8. I am in agreement wit u
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  9. I mean, when I first played a game, I thought this was some sick joke... I'm not sure who exactly worked on this tournament, but in future tournaments they need to do the exact opposite of this...

    I can't count how many times I've been cleaned because of no regen... they need to either give us juggernaut or give us bulldozer... one or the other, so that we actually have a chance to live past 1 fight...
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  10. I completely agree! Changes do need to be made to the tournament very soon.
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  11. lets get rid of /nick and incognito mode for tournaments so catching hackers will be easier
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  12. This shows Hypixel can’t ever have a truly competitive event due to hackers / exploiters.
    G G
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  13. I feel like they should not make the reward about how good you are but more about how much you have played. This might make less player want to hack.
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  14. or have an actual event that doesn't suck
  15. True.
  16. n-no... that would fix absolutely nothing... people will still hack, we'd literally just be rewarding more people for no reason...
  17. Well in my opinion, people are hacking right now more to have the reward than to annoye people, and we would reward people who spend a lots of time in the game, it would also make the game less frustrating because loosing wouldn't be a big deal.
  18. also it's so easy to get cleaned, and you don't even get points for assist even tho it should have (on the forum post it says assist give you points)
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  19. much better than my thread lol, good points.
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  20. Oh my god, it can be easily and boldly said that the cheater protection part is the WORST. I keep fluctuating between Diamond and MAsters because of that. It was so much more straightforward with the bw tourney.
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