1. Now, you've read the title and most likely assumed that I am just some kid that was banned for hacking and am just being a complete moron. I'll be honest with you, I was, and perhaps I still am if that is how you wish to interpret this. Still, I ask of you to just hear me out on this.

    If you are reading this and it somewhat matters for you to know, yes I was permanently banned. Do I think my actions from years back should have consequences? Well yes. Do I believe I should be expelled for the entirety of my existence from Hypixel. Obviously no. Am I entitled to forgiveness? Most definitely not.

    Now still, you probably imagine me as some kid that managed to find a keyboard laying around and began to rant about server policies. While this may be true to some extent, I do have some reasoning behind all of this. I understand that running a server is a business. In fact, I probably couldn't even fathom how much money this server brings in yearly. That is why I understand how important it is to remove cheaters, such as myself, from the system to provide a safer experience for the players. I can now see why a simple "I'm sorry, please unban me" isn't worth giving into as a server administration team. Trust me, I would have apologized all I could for a final chance if it was possible, but in the hard reality it isn't.

    In this whole process, I am willing to be as honest as I can be. Even as ludicrous as I was for putting myself in the scenario in the first place, I was able to understand that forgiveness was not an option, so I went the only route I could see in order to unban myself. I filed an appeal and lied. It was rejected.

    Anyways now, you are certainly wondering the point of all this, with me saying permanent bans shouldn't exist, but extended bans should, and with me admitting I plainly lied, etc. Well, you see, is it more of a problem with a player or with a system that encourages lying, ban evading, and account trading? The most important thing I could have you take out of this is that, if I genuinely did not care about playing the server legitimately again without hacks, I would not be here. No one who didn't seriously want to be apart of what makes this community great would be here if they did not seriously regret what they have done. Anyone who hacks and does not concern at all for what he has done will see a permanent ban, and leave the server forever if a last attempt at an appeal was denied. Alternatively, someone who wished to continue hacking would just begin to break more rules by ban evasion. Someone as myself, who was banned and gone years thinking about what they have done, to a point where they write an entire thread should be an indication of something unique.

    Most likely your thoughts go along the lines somewhere of wondering what I would suggest as I solution if I seem to be so sure of myself. Quite exactly, that's what I am willing to present here. Likewise to what I stated before, I hope we all come to an agreement that when I am 70 years old, me still banned on a minecraft server seems overkill. But, what would be the appropriate "perm ban" time? My thoughts would have me believe that perhaps 3-5 years would be suiting. Anyone who just underwent a five year ban would be extremely unlikely to hack again if they genuinely wished to enjoy the server again. This would allow people who were stupid 10 year olds at the time and that are currently 15 to have a chance again, allow more ranks and such to be bought, increasing server profits. This would also bring only a nominal amount of careless hackers back as those who still wished to continued hacking would have already rejoined the server instantaneously with another alt, while the ones who don't care leaving long ago and never coming back. Which leaves those who regret their actions, wanting to play again, no matter how the long wait, with no possible way back, but to break rules. That is what I believe the problem is.

    I have been banned for a couple years now I would believe and I wouldn't ever expect to be unbanned now, soon, or possibly even months into years. I have been willing the price of suffering my ban, by obeying server rules and not playing on another account and ban evading when I very much could have done so easily over the past years. I am willing to continue to even several more years. But still, this will can only go so far. If I still do wish to be apart of the sever again as a "good citizen" I can wait a few years. But if it is to take my entire life, then it was the server's fault if I were to take my only available option to play again.

    In summary, no actual person just wanting to play again would do this, waiting for years after a ban, just to continue hacking to be banned once more. Yet, my efforts should be an indication that if a ban was ever to be lifted, perhaps some of us, completely new and matured people from who we were, would take up this opportunity to redeem themselves.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope that something about this does stick with you, and that you consider all this scenario from our side and at least give it some thought.

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  2. I really appreciate how much effort you’ve put into this thread! However, note that Hypixel never perm bans on the first offense, and to receive a permanent ban means you’ve been given multiple chances through the form of temporary punishments.
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  3. Well yes, I do admit that I have hacked on multiple occasions and while I do respect your opinion I would like to state that while I believe that a simple month or so ban does give a form of punishment, it doesn't really allow time for development at all. Such as, after a month ban, I would still be the stupid person I was before, while a longer ban, such as I suggested, would give plenty of time for personal maturity that when someone is finally unbanned, they will understand more of the situation then from who they were years ago.

    For example, I wouldn't make the same choices I made several times as a 10 year old as I would now as a 15 year old.
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    Love this thread and the effort.
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    I like this idea
  6. Interesting perspective.
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    Mystic Fyre FYRE
    Pretty sure they perm you for advertising
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  8. I love the taste of waffle

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