What kind of 'Episode' would you like to see on The Hypixel Theorist this upcoming Thursday?

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  1. Maybe, maybe not ;)
    Thanks for the heads up! But here are the comparisons, I don't know what to think of it, I think it will be pretty cool to add to the whole graphics increase in this game, but It might just be the teaser ;) What do you think?
    Better Foilage Video:

    3D leaves textures/models:
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  2. nehuiloco

    nehuiloco Active Member

    I will wonder if the hoverkarts will explode like in F-zero
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  3. The reason I don't think that they would've added that to the game is because making the leaves 3D would be relatively graphics intensive, as I've used the mod before. You'd have to have a decent PC to run this mod in Minecraft, or have those added on textures to leaves. A lot of people have PC's that struggle to run default Minecraft, so I'd highly doubt that they would've added 3D textures to leaves.
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  4. I'm pretty sure those leaf textures are from a mod/shaders.
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  5. Well it was just an idea ;)
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  6. *whistles*
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  7. *whistles innocently*
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  8. WascallyWabbit

    WascallyWabbit Well-Known Member

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  9. I'm not sure I agree with that.
    The left one is a screenshot from the official page Better Foliage on CurseForge. You can still see the block shapes, it just has extra "fluff" around it. (Or at least it looks like it to me.)

    EDIT: Whoops, didn't see the second page. :p
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  10. Giann1

    Giann1 Well-Known Member

    Good job!

    dis thred haz been bumpedd bai teh tabelflippin golem
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  11. #31
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  12. Why have I been gifted this abomination? xD
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  13. I did find some extra textures, what do you think about the whole thing? When I went to the page I don't know if it is the same, it might just be shaders, or they are graphically enhancing minecraft! :D
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  14. Can confirm that has more to do with terrifying dreams and absolutely zero to do with minigames
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  15. I have been gifted endless nightmares about giant deformed block people devour my family, Confirmed.
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  16. Uhum

    Uhum Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the club
  17. SO what can you tell us then :p
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  18. He really cant tell anything, the game just released it's first 2 teasers, so everything is still hush hush, so for now, we all go off of thoughts :p
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  19. I know that, mainly want to see what he'll say :p
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  20. Hey @Skater29
    I've been thinking...
    What's the main difference between a main game and an arcade game?
    Main games have coins, upgrades and more than one map. Obviously.
    Arcade games are... the same thing. Over and over again.
    If this is a main game, then we can expect the Hypixel trademark: upgrades.
    My ideas?
    Off-road speed, since it's likely there are shortcuts like the possible one in the screenshot.
    And it's probably going to have multiple maps, probably with different themes.
    I have no doubts there will be other layouts of pods (most likely cosmetic and limited to VIPs and up)
    Maybe you'll even be able to find and use different parts to mix up your vehicle!
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