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    Hey all!

    It's December and it smells like presents! The first part of the much-awaited Holiday seasons update for Hypixel has arrived, including festive lobbies, the advent calendar, special quests and our classic holiday arcade games. Continue reading to find out more about this first Holiday release!

    Winter Lobbies
    We've put a fresh coat of red, green, and white paint on our most visited lobbies!

    Throughout all lobbies you may also take part in the Present Hunt with 88 gifts to find. The locations of the presents have been changed since last year, so keep an eye out wherever you go! Finding all the presents will reward the Real Santa 2018 achievement.


    Advent Calendar
    The Hypixel Advent Calendar is back. Every day until December 25th, you can login and claim a unique daily reward. Rewards include coins, loot chests, and some new surprises!


    Claim your daily reward through the Delivery Man or by using the /advent command.

    Everything in a nutshell


    Many of the features in this release are the same as the previous year, but this isn't a bad thing! We have lots more planned for the Holiday season and this is our first release in order to fill the server with the spirit for the Holidays.

    In a nutshell:
    • The return of two classic holiday arcade games: Grinch Simulator and Santa Says.
    • Themed maps for the holiday seasons: in Sky Wars, Bed Wars and Arcade
    • Earn Bed Wars Merry chests from leveling in Bed Wars.
    • Special quests for SkyWars, Bed Wars, Murder Mystery and Blitz. We remade the Bed Wars quest from scratch, check it out in game.
    • Holiday season achievements.
    We will start offering Merry Chests and special Holiday bundles with unique exclusives on the Hypixel Store starting on the second week of December.

    Stay tuned for more Holiday content this month, you will be surprised with what we have in store!
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  2. Grinch Simulator!! The best part.

    Merry Christmas
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  3. what are the new maps?
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  4. Merry Christmas
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  5. Nice Update!
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  6. Happy Holidays everyone! :D
    Love the update as usual Hypixel! :D
    P.S. Standalone game announcement next!?!?
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  7. LitFqm

    LitFqm Well-Known Member

    Elation ELATE
    Happy holidays!
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  8. im gonna spend all my money on cosmetics and it's depressing me
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  9. AhMing

    AhMing Well-Known Member

    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    HYPE! Merry Christmas time!
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  10. Cool
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  11. Husky

    Husky Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Happy present hunting OwO
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  12. Espeon

    Espeon Well-Known Member

    Happy holidays~
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  13. WAGamer

    WAGamer Well-Known Member

    ISoup XMAS
    All I want for Christmas is to be first to one of these threads!
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  14. Enera

    Enera Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Merry Christmas!(Isn’t this holiday update same as last year?)
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  15. Yeeeeeeey
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  16. Yay!! I was wondering where the advent calendar was, I'm so excited to play hypixel now :D
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  17. Sans

    Sans Well-Known Member

    Advent Calender 2017
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  18. Well this was underwhelming...

    EDIT: I guess Smash Heroes isn't important enough to receive presents. Understandable.
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  19. Woo! Nice update!

    EDIT: oh cool first page
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  20. SKDemon

    SKDemon Active Member

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    Glad too see that your adding more soon :)
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