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    As promised earlier this month, here is the second part of the Holiday seasons update on Hypixel. It includes Holiday Royale, TONS of maps, a Build Battle Holiday mode and new seasonal achievements!

    Don't forget to check out the Hypixel Studios and Hytale announcement!!!

    Continue reading for screenshots and more...

    ▶ Holiday Royale
    It's back! For a limited time

    Hypixel Battle Royale was a prototype game released earlier this year. It didn't quite prove itself as a permanent game, but following popular demand we decided to bring it back for the Holiday season!

    New Features!
    For this special version, we added:
    • TONS of snow! The whole map is now covered in snow, so much so in fact that the holes to the void are now covered. But watch out for some quick spleef action!
    • PRESENTS! On top of regular loot in chests (we rebalanced it btw), you can now find presents granting coins for various games!
      • The old "downed state" system left little room for actually getting revived by your allies.
      • The new system turns you into a snowman and lets you run away from your enemies, providing you the second wind you might need to turn the game around!
    • SUPPLY DROPS! To encourage pvp, there are now supply drops with insane loot spawning in various spots on the map at set times.
    • Removed guns
    • Gain Arcade coins from kills
    • Rebalanced chest contents
    • Main fighting tools are now shovels
    • Shovel snow to gain snowballs, snowballs deal 0.5 damage
    • Ender pearls are disabled for the first minute
    • Spleef kills are now credited

    ▶ New Holiday-themed Maps
    The Hypixel build team has been working double-time to offer you a sizeable amount of brand new maps! All of the following aren't reskins, they are completely new and are available exclusively during the Holiday season.

    Murder Mystery

    Snowfall is a fully-featured Murdery Mystery map including some festive new mechanics:
    • Presents & Christmas Tree
    • Gifts exchange
    • Igloo tunnel
    • Dangerous ice/fire traps
    • Shovel vendor
    Bed Wars





    Obviously the builders were very hungry when they created these...



    You can find all of this new content in the MVP+ Map Selector or by joining the respective games. Let us know which of these maps is your favorite in the respective forum for each game. :)

    ▶ Build Battle Holiday Mode

    We listened to your feedback on the Halloween mode and decided to offer the 70+ Holiday themes on a longer build time instead of the hyper mode. On top of the above goodies for the seasonal mode, we are also offering both a solo and a team mode!

    Additionally we added a new seasonal Build Battle quest for the occasion.

    ▶ New Seasonal Achievements
    Achievement hunters rejoice, we added a sleigh of new seasonal achievements. There are now 12 new achievements in the Christmas Achievements category for 75+ points.


    This is it for the Holiday updates, but don't worry, we have more planned for December! The biggest of which is the upcoming First Look Trailer of Hytale, but we also have other updates and an upcoming Tournament announcement.

    Thanks for being part of Hypixel this December!
    We'll see you in game!
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  2. dude this is mega hype
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  3. Nice! I like this update!
    Did build battle christmas update come out?
    Also can you reskin that western map for bedwars 3s and 4s again? I liked the Halloween one
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  4. First page hype
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  5. Husky

    Husky Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    I thought fortnite was dying

    Boy was I wrong
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  6. Kolton12O

    Kolton12O Well-Known Member

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  7. PostFarmer

    PostFarmer Well-Known Member

    On the 2nd day of christmas, Hypixel gave to me, another good update.
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  8. tysm
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  9. Yay! New maps!
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  10. Epic
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  11. Loqiical

    Loqiical Well-Known Member

    IceSquad ICE
    Really loving the effort you guys put into giving us a good holiday experience, keep it up!
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  12. Cool!!!
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  13. Awesome! Thanks so much. :)
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  14. jpleb

    jpleb Well-Known Member

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  15. You guys better be giving the build team a pay raise...
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  16. Yes, the maps are really nice. Especially SkyWars.
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  17. Yep, and look at the size of the duels maps!!! Sorta sad that they will only be around for a couple weeks. :(
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  18. neat
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  19. Espeon

    Espeon Well-Known Member

    Everything royal these days
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  20. iHack

    iHack Active Member

    HypeW H
    @Minikloon pretty sure candylane is not a bw map
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