1. What I really don’t get his why are people angry when he gets YouTube rank
    It doesn’t effect you, it doesn’t effect anyone, Hypixel ain’t gonna give your favorite YouTuber yt rank just because he have his taken away, he built his sub on giveaways, so what? good for him.
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  2. Starting your channel based off a single shout out why does that remind me of someone **cough** not squid kid
  3. J don't think my post was entirely fallacy. I think you are addressing the points against ban evading and irl trading. Those accusations were made against him without proof and that is what I wanted to point out. I also wanted to point out there that it is unlikely he did either since of he did he wouldn't have gotten his rank this soon.
  4. Wasn't even thinking about him when he wrote that lol.
  5. I am just saying your post suggests that those points were false and you used those points as arguments against people who are using the same argument. I am suggesting that the arguments that have no evidence should be left out of debates like this.
  6. I thought that was obvious lol...
  7. That is seriously something a murderer would say...
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  8. Well they were already being used against him so I decided that it would be nice to point out to the ignorant people that most of these are rumors with microscopic amounts of evidence. I also feel like I had a stronger argument with how hypixel denies yt rank if someone recently broke a rule.
  9. When Prix finally uses the forum:
    *Confusing screaming*
  10. I mean squid yesterday faked cheats by clicking in lobby 1 for 20 minutes (as he suggests) and a YouTuber has been banned the in the past for fake cheats squid is to my knowledge still not banned
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  11. A moment in history indeed...
  12. I do not know how I can defend squid kid against that point... It is true that youtubers get banned for faking hacks. And if he did fake autoclicking (even if it was for a meme) he is in the wrong for "promoting hacked clients."
  13. No, no it's not...
    Not sure where you got that crazy idea.
  14. Gets banned on his main

    Makes video on his alt

  15. Prix still dont deserve his yt rank

    i better get to milk giveaway to get a yt rank aswell dont forget KILLING 1000 ZEALOTS in 20MINUTES FOR SWEET AD REVENUE
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  16. Certainly suspicious but doesn't directly mean he didn't just abandon the old account to be easier to identify in lobbies.
  17. YehuDash

    YehuDash Active Member

    this thread is why we need a clown reaction.
  18. This response is what the clown reaction should be locked at 400 posts...
  19. this is prix's alt
  20. ToS rule #6

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