Have you read The Hunger Games?

  1. Yes, recently.

  2. No, never.

  3. Yes, but I have forgotten the characters/plot.

  4. No, but I have watched the movie(s).

  5. Yes, and I have also watched the movie(s).

  6. Yes, I have read the whole series and watched the movie(s).

  1. There are no male slots at the moment, though
  2. As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.

    NetherNitro and SFmovie fight for a bag. NetherNitro gives up and retreats.
    uln finds a bag full of explosives.
    D9F grabs a shield leaning on the cornucopia.
    D10F runs away from the Cornucopia.
    TheFatalConceit runs away from the Cornucopia.
    JavaBrine grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty.
    Wyatt snaps D6F's neck.
    Swac grabs a backpack and retreats.
    NanoCourse runs away from the Cornucopia.
    MrKillU snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag.
    Captainized runs away from the Cornucopia.
    FunkyPickle3 takes a handful of throwing knives.
    D5F runs away with a lighter and some rope.
    LegoHuntress takes a handful of throwing knives.
    MyMetalPony runs away from the Cornucopia.
    Enderasher, Waffle, and Incrediboy2000 work together to get as many supplies as possible.
    FyrePhoenix runs into the cornucopia and hides.
    Astatine sets an explosive off, killing Zichy, and LeAragog.
  3. Games 49, Day 1:

    MrKillU discovers a river.
    NanoCourse chases uln.
    TheFatalConceit, D5F, and MyMetalPony unsuccessfully ambush FunkyPickle3, NetherNitro, and D9F, who kill them instead.
    Waffle receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.
    Captainized tends to Wyatt's wounds.
    JavaBrine camouflauges himself in the bushes.
    D10F discovers a river.
    LegoHuntress defeats Swac in a fight, but spares her life.
    Enderasher begs for Incrediboy2000 to kill her. He refuses, keeping Enderasher alive.
    Astatine and FyrePhoenix split up to search for resources.
    SFmovie sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate.
  4. FLEE FROM MY WRA- wait crap

    “Oh no, violence, I’m so scared, not like this is the 49th time I’ve gone through it!”

    Well, them’s the breaks.


    “Sure, I’ll let you go even though this is the Hunger Games, I don’t gain anything from this, and you’ll probably kill me later!”

    Yea, like we’ll ever be able to find each other again.
  5. 6 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

    District 6

    District 11

    District 10

    District 6

    District 5

    District 4
  6. Games 49, Night 1:

    D9F attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful.
    NanoCourse begs for JavaBrine to kill her. He refuses, keeping NanoCourse alive.
    Waffle, LegoHuntress, and Incrediboy2000 discuss the games and what might happen in the morning.
    MrKillU is awoken by nightmares.
    uln passes out from exhaustion.
    D10F dies from hypothermia.
    Wyatt sees a fire, but stays hidden.
    FyrePhoenix stays awake all night.
    Swac, Enderasher, Astatine, and NetherNitro tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood.
    FunkyPickle3 loses sight of where he is.
    SFmovie lets Captainized into his shelter.
  7. Games 49, Day 2:

    LegoHuntress stalks NanoCourse.
    Waffle questions his sanity.
    Swac makes a wooden spear.
    Captainized makes a slingshot.
    D9F runs away from SFmovie.
    FunkyPickle3 tends to Incrediboy2000's wounds.
    FyrePhoenix fishes.
    MrKillU is pricked by thorns while picking berries.
    Enderasher receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.
    JavaBrine falls into a frozen lake and drowns.
    Astatine hunts for other tributes.
    Wyatt chases NetherNitro.
    uln constructs a shack.
  8. 2 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

    District 10

    District 9
  9. Games 49, Night 2:

    SFmovie starts a fire.
    Captainized pushes D9F off a cliff during a knife fight.
    Wyatt and uln fight Swac and FyrePhoenix. Swac and FyrePhoenix survive.

    Waffle and FunkyPickle3 talk about the tributes still alive.
    NetherNitro receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
    Enderasher receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
    LegoHuntress convinces MrKillU to snuggle with her.
    Astatine tends to his wounds.
    Incrediboy2000 is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth.
    NanoCourse cooks her food before putting her fire out.
  10. Games 49, Day 3:

    MrKillU, NanoCourse, and SFmovie start fighting, but NanoCourse runs away as MrKillU kills SFmovie.
    FunkyPickle3 receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.
    Incrediboy2000 picks flowers.
    LegoHuntress, Astatine, FyrePhoenix, and NetherNitro form a suicide pact, killing themselves.
    Enderasher severely slices Captainized with a sword.

    Swac and Waffle work together for the day.

    Enjoy the child

    oh heck when did that occur

    why lol

    Huntress regrets her life decisions
    Nitro, you’re getting involved in this regardless of whether you want to or not.
  12. 9 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

    District 9

    District 3

    District 11

    District 2

    District 12

    District 7

    District 7

    District 4

    District 1
  13. Games 49, Night 3:

    Swac accidently steps on a landmine.
    MrKillU tends to her wounds.
    Enderasher sets an explosive off, killing NanoCourse.
    Incrediboy2000 and Waffle talk about the tributes still alive.
    FunkyPickle3 dies from hunger.
  14. The cornucopia is replenished with food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs from the tributes' families.

    Incrediboy2000 severely slices MrKillU with a sword.
    Enderasher is unable to convince Waffle to not kill her.



    Why does it say “severely slices” that’s weird
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  15. Games 49, Day 4:

    Waffle throws a knife into Incrediboy2000's head.

    Well heck

  16. Stats - Placements

    1. Waffle
    2. Incrediboy2000
    3. Enderasher
    4. MrKillU
    5. FunkyPickle3
    6. NanoCourse
    7. Swac
    8. Captainized
    9. NetherNitro
    10. FyrePhoenix
    11. Astatine
    12. LegoHuntress
    13. SFmovie
    14. uln
    15. Wyatt
    16. D9F
    17. JavaBrine
    18. D10F
    19. MyMetalPony
    20. D5F
    21. TheFatalConceit
    22. LeAragog
    23. Zichy
    24. D6F
  17. Stats - District Placements

    1. District5
    2. District8
    3. District2
    4. District3
    5. District12
    6. District1
    7. District4
    8. District7
    9. District11
    10. District9
    11. District10
    12. District6
  18. Stats - Kills

    3: FunkyPickle3
    3: NetherNitro
    3: D9F
    2: Astatine
    2: Enderasher
    2: Waffle
    2: Swac
    2: FyrePhoenix
    1: MrKillU
    1: Wyatt
    1: Captainized
    1: Incrediboy2000
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  20. I kinda feel like I should do a twist for the 50th Games for the sake of Quarter Quells But there aren’t enough people for double tributes as is canon so I guess I’ll take suggestions or come up with my own
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