1. i'm actually so surprised how many people don't know who stevem is. he's one of the OGs, hes been a top player since the game's release, he's the leader of the blue hats, when you think of hunting he's the guy i default to. he's also one of the less toxic players. him quitting is a big deal.
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  2. remind him this when he come back
  3. Thanks dude I really appreciate your compliments
  4. I wont be playing skyblock its even more boring xD
  5. thanks everyone for the compliments it means so much
  6. There are WAY deadlier hunters than him lmao and I've been here since feb 2018 too so it's not like im new
  7. Star and major? Who else
  8. Kade bc he cheats
  9. imagine being a pres 1 non asking an og player who they are
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  10. good riddance.
    took you long enough to finally leave
    no one will miss you
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  11. 2JN


    2JN New Member

    Firsts things first he aint OG I am more OG than him in fact and also he is a shitty player who is toxic and thinks he has godly mystics and he thought he could drop me I killed him he comes back with another feather and he loses another one he's honestly trash omegalul and idk why you are sucking his dick.
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  12. first of all if someone's leaving i want their last impression of me to not be 'asshole'

    second, you can't argue that he hasn't been playing since the beginning. he's also very active. when i said top i meant prestige-wise, not necessarily skill-wise but he's not garbage anyway. in terms of hunting i do see him active the most often and he doesn't go out of his way to be toxic.
  13. It's sad seeing another one of the OGs leaving but I guess it's for the best
  14. I don't care about the pit, and I haven't bothered making effort into it at all recently, stop stating the irrelevant.

    My original post:
    Was completely sarcastic and meant to be a joke, good job on totally letting that fly over your head.
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  15. Look around you buddy
  16. Thanks iPower <3
  17. Rip, you seemed pretty cool, and I even dyed my hat blue.
  18. Thanks man. You seem cool too
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