Do you think ranks on Hypixel should be transferred to Hytale

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  1. So, are we gonna skip around this question, or...

    Will our ranks on the Hypixel server be transferred over to Hytale, or will people have to purchase separate ranks on Hytale? In my opinion, I feel that the people who took the time and money to contribute to Hypixel should get their ranks transferred over, but that is my opinion. For the people who disagree with me, here is an idea that might be able to bring in a happy medium.


    Yes, there is an obvious problem with this idea, someone can just hop on the store, buy VIP for $7, and call it a day. Here is the solution to that problem. Commitment. It's obvious that many players have spent thousands of hours, and hundreds of dollars playing on Hypixel. That's not a bad thing. I think that people who have been dedicated to this server for a long time should be rewarded for that. Here are a few examples of ways commitment could pay off in Hytale.


    Ranks represent commitment on Hypixel in a sense that you spend so much time on Hypixel, a rank will truly amplify your experience. So, say only players with MVP or MVP+ and higher, their ranks will be transferred. Now, once again, a player with VIP+ can just go buy MVP for $15, but, there could be a certain time limit. Say, after such-and-such date no other ranks will be transferred.

    Hypixel Experience

    Another solution would be for players with a certain amount of experience levels, their ranks will be transferred over.


    In conclusion, I feel like I just had to speak up about this topic, as this would affect many players in Hytale. In fact, probably about 95% of players on Hytale will have played on Hypixel before. These solutions may not be the right ones. An edited edition of one of these might be the solution, or maybe a mashup of these two. Only time will tell.
  2. I think we should at least get something like a supporter or donator rank since we helped them funding the game. But I wouldn’t mind buying another rank for Hytale.
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  3. there will be no connection between hypixel server and hytale, so no ranks will be transfered
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  4. It's a different game, can people finally understand?
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  5. Tera

    Tera Well-Known Member

    ^ And there neither should be. Hytale is different game with different team (sharing few old Hypixel staff members).
    Just like you don't get anything extra in a new game for buying from same developer/publisher you have bought game from before.
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  6. It's already been announced that no purchases on the Hypixel server will carry over to Hytale.

    Hytale is it's own separate entity. Let's assume that Hytale is structured like Minecraft. There is a one-time purchase for your account, and you can play on both single-player and multi-player worlds. Would it make sense for the same ranks to transfer over and give us some sort of benefit? It doesn't really. Cheats or extras in a singleplayer world that you have to pay for? Extras in multi-player servers that aren't affiliated with Hypixel? What if those servers don't appreciate some players having advantages or extras while others don't?

    The only thing that would make any sense is for the official Hypixel server in Hytale to have ranks similar to the Hypixel Minecraft server, that would be given free to people who have already bought ranks on the Minecraft server. But again, this has been confirmed as not going to happen.
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  7. I don't actually think this counts as the elephant in the room btw.
    Also there is no legit way to prove the Hytale account you have is the MC account that you say you have.
  8. If there's a way to connect your Discord account with your Mc account its possible to make your Mc account connect with Hytale.
  9. wheres the the elephant..? this seems like a misleading post!!! there r no elephants anywhere in this post!!!1
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  10. IcyClover

    IcyClover Well-Known Member

    If you buy toilet paper from a store, they’re not going to give you free paper towls.

    They might give you some kind of benefit for buying the toilet paper, but it'd be foolish to give away the paper towls.
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  11. You are asumming Hytale will have ranks, btw Hytale is a totally different game and won't share anything with Hypixel
  12. Well yeah, but I have a feeling that Hypixel will sell ranks, because Hypixel
  13. Thing is that they won’t make as much more money if they did this. I think long time veterans who spend/ have spent lots of time on the server could get something special (like a cape).
  14. *looks at title*
    ohh we are gonna talk about your mom exx dee
    on a more serious note
    isn't Hytale gonna be it's on separate thing?If so it would kinda be illogical for ranks to be transferred
    also from a money earning standpoint,why tf would they do that xD
  15. On their server? probably, on the game itself? I doubt it
  16. That's actually a pretty great (and low key funny) analogy
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