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  1. Hello everyone!

    We are working on a new mode for The Bridge, and we are looking to you for feedback and ideas!
    Read below to see the plan for the mode and how you can help shape its development. :)

    ▶ Mode Outline - 10v10
    • 2 teams of 10 players each. This may be tweaked depending on testing, but we feel it's important to try a mode with a larger number of players.
    • 2 Goals wins the game (instead of 5). Teammates leaving during the game gives a big disadvantage to that team, so we think minimizing that risk by lowering the score limit is best.
    • There potentially could be pre-built defenses on the map to make it harder to score at the start. This way, action has time to build.
    • Arrows will only take 2.5s to regenerate (instead of 3.5s) so that it is easier for players to defend their goal.
    • Perks! There will be a perk menu in slot 9 containing a variety of different perk options. All will require Gold to purchase, which can be obtained by killing players. Killing a player gives you +1 Gold.

    ▶ Why Perks?
    Many of you have been asking for kits to be added, and many of you have been asking for perks! After some discussion about how each would affect gameplay, we ultimately decided to only use perks for this mode. We agree that kits would add a more dynamic element to the game, but we think perks can accomplish this goal without the one major drawback of kits - kits are hard to balance.

    By using perks instead, we can implement many fun features in the game, as perks, and balance them more easily through their Gold pricing. Note that this does not mean we will never add kits to the game, but for this mode we will only be using perks.

    Here are some of our perk ideas. This is where you come in! Let us know what you think of these perks, how we can improve them, or any perk ideas that you have yourself. Don't be afraid to be creative!
    Name: Iron Gear
    Icon: Iron Chest
    Description: Gain Iron Armor for 1 life
    Price: 2 Gold

    Name: Velocity
    Icon: Feather
    Description: Gain Speed 2 for 1 life
    Price: 3 Gold

    Name: Snowball
    Icon: Snowball
    Description: Get 4 snowballs
    Price: 1 Gold
    Note: Keep them on death, maybe stacks

    Name: Explosive Arrow
    Icon: Arrow
    Description: Your next arrow will explode on impact
    Price: 2 Gold
    Note: Low damage but explodes in a 3 wide area, deals kb and breaks bridge blocks.

    Name: Invisibility
    Icon: Potion of invisibility
    Description: Becomes invisible for 10 seconds. You will lose your armor!
    Price: 8 Gold
    Note: Removes armor

    Name: Jump Boost
    Icon: Frog Head
    Description: Gain Jump Boost 3 for 30 seconds.
    Price: 1 Gold

    Name: Fishing Rod
    Icon: Fishing Rod
    Description: Get a Fishing Rod for 1 life.
    Price: 2 Gold
    Note: Can’t purchase 2 in a row.

    Name: Creeper
    Icon: Creeper Egg or Creeper Face
    Description: Spawns a Creeper in front of your portal
    Price: 4 Gold
    Note: Only gets angry at enemies.

    Name: Revitalize
    Icon: Golden Apple
    Description: Give absorption 1 to all players in the team
    Price: 5 Gold
    Note: Make sure 2 players can’t buy it in a row (5s)

    Name: Dragon’s Fury
    Icon: Dragon head or Dragon egg
    Description: Spawns a dragon for 40 seconds, angry at enemies.
    Price: 8 Gold
    Note: Dragon only breaks bridge blocks

    Name: Wither Fight
    Icon: Enchanted Wither head
    Description: Spawns an angry Wither next to the bridge!
    Price: 8 Gold
    Note: Wither spawns 6 blocks away from middle bridge block. Wither has 30 HP, dies to arrows and swords. Targets all players.

    Name: Invigorate
    Icon: Health Potion
    Description: Gain 1 Heart until the end of the game.
    Price: 6 Gold

    Let us know what you think about this mode! Your feedback is important to us, and it will help to shape the future of this mode (and The Bridge in general!).

    Perk Idea Format:

    Icon: (optional)
    Price: (optional)
    Note: (optional)
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  2. Waffle

    Waffle Well-Known Member

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  3. HolidayJoy

    HolidayJoy Well-Known Member

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  4. GuessTheBuild

    GuessTheBuild Well-Known Member

    Sounds awesome!

    I’d say make it 3 goals instead of two required. Even though it seems like the game will take longer due to having 10 players on each team which is great, I don’t think this will be the case. This is because most players don’t even focus on players coming towards their goal and just focus on the other teams goal leaving an easy path. Having 3 goals required, in my opinion, would be better.

    I love that you’re looking into a 10v10 gamemode and definitely would be interested in these bigger modes because they’re so much more competitive. Having a 50v50 mode in which 1 goal is required for victory could be cool as well, be competitive and bring some unique playstles to the game. If not this, then maybe a 20 v 20 mode too!

    As for prebuilt defences they also sound super cool! Could these be purchased with gold though? For example, with 5gold you can purchase a bridge egg or a small structure to be built somewhere.
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  5. Waffle

    Waffle Well-Known Member

    Name: KB Aboose
    Icon: enchanted stick
    Description: knockback II for 1 life
    Price: 3 gold
    Note: none
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  6. NotLavamancer

    NotLavamancer Well-Known Member

    a larger/more bridges then would be nice
    it would be insane a 10v10 gamemode in a tiny bridge
    i mean
    players could also build bridges
    but it would be much less fun
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  7. Name:Interruption
    Description:Clear all the blocks on the bridge
    Price:5Gold(Just my opinion)
    Note:Can be only used 1 each game
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  8. NotLavamancer

    NotLavamancer Well-Known Member

    in my opinion perks should be permanent
    this type of perk is way too annoying and makes the game much less fast paced
    also you don't know if you will have profit
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  9. NotLavamancer

    NotLavamancer Well-Known Member

    amazing idea. each person should have their own unlocked with a outside-match (pre game lobby maybe while on ptl?) similar system to a soul well. the bridge would have to be larger tho
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  10. Oh, please add this!
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  11. Most perks are balanced in my opinion, but I recommend lowering the invisibility perk potion time to seven seconds instead of ten seconds, lower the frog perk's jump boost three potion to 15 seconds instead of thirty seconds, and make the snowball perk cost 3 gold (can stack) and you're good. Keep coming up with creative ideas amazing staff team! :)
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  12. I agree with the proposals you have made. However, thought I'd give my input. I'd recommend changing the invisibility time to something shorter like 5 seconds. Personally, I think 10 seconds is too much time to be invisible and will give a massive advantage when scoring against the opposition. I do have some ideas when coming to perks which could affect the opposition. Maybe, when crossing to the opposition's side you could be given a low dosage of mining fatigue which could cost X amount of gold. Same could apply with Nausea. Also, traps could be a possibility to defend your goal. The addition of traps would make scoring harder for the opposition. However, to balance the gameplay, making the traps cost around 8 gold and they last for around 30 seconds at each time. Traps that makes the opposition take damage when they're inside the area of the goal or could place a barricade of blocks in the way of the entrance to the goal. Anyway, these are just my opinions. Could anyone please give feedback on my opinion, Thanks! :)
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  13. _X_Bow_

    _X_Bow_ Well-Known Member

    This is probably the best game to have a capture the flag in btw
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  14. I like all the perks expect creeper and fishing rod because it would be kinda always to have an explosion on the bridge and fishing rod spam would almost ruin the game
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  15. Rhythmically

    Rhythmically Well-Known Member

    No thank you, seems way too chaotic and completely unnecessary. Three modes is already more than enough, we don't need a fourth.
    Also perks would just make the game yet another breeding ground for sweats and broken strategies that nobody can do anything about.
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  16. CactusSmacker_28

    CactusSmacker_28 New Member

    I love this idea! Here is my opinion on the perks!

    Name: Just Savage
    Icon: Fire Ball Stick
    Description: A stick that shoots fire balls at other players on the opposing team!
    Price: 7 gold
    Note: Can only be purchased once in a game and is not permanent. There is also no delay between shots.

    That's something I would like to see! I am so excited to see what you do!
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  17. Labron1975

    Labron1975 Well-Known Member

    Puns PUN
    Not a huge fan... I personally can see this mode having a ranked, no kit/perk mode and a casual mode with perks and such I guess. For 10v10 maybe extend the bridge length, as 20 people on such a short bridge is kind of hectic. Also widen it a bit. Good luck with the game, and if all else fails, make it a duel.

    /duel bridge would be cool
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  18. this should be added, and the bridge would be 2 blocks wide instead of the regular ol' one block wide
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  19. Tmi489

    Tmi489 Well-Known Member

    first page
    maybe 2 pairs of bridges?
    Also, instead of just 2 goals determining player leave instead give all players a small perk if they leave (but having 10p would be better than 9p still)
    no unless the fishing rod has low durability or has a cooldown, or can't kb off a bridge
    it costs 3 gold (rod -> snowball -> rod) per life to get one but prevents any enemy from coming via rodspam

    Also the "perks" are more like "shop items", perks are generally passive.
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  20. I'd suggest something like a Normal and Insane mode possibly? Normal would be the same with 1 goal per team and the team to score 5 goals win. Insane mode would be 2 goals per team and possibly a timer of 10min (just a suggestion) and the team to score the most goals before the timer runs out wins.
    I think this game has a lot of potential and so far it's my favorite! Keep up the good work!
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