should this be added?

  1. yes

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  2. yes, but with a couple of changes (Explain)

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  3. no (explain)

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  1. incorrect. Let's say I was a resident at a housing. In chat and tab, it would show me as "[RESIDENT] [MVP++] aDerp." So if a custom rank MVP++, then it would say "[MVP++] [MVP++] aDerp," so you would know that the housing rank was called MVP++
  2. It's that you wouldn't know that your MVP++ rank is actually resident, especially if custom roles can have custom colors
  3. You don’t get the point of this
  4. How so?
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  5. What if you want like a rp and yo make new ranks
  6. Yeah I get that part but my point is that some non rp housings might change cos and res and you wouldn't know who's co or res
  7. You wouldn't need to know who is co or res because you would have custom ranks. If the only ranks that people have in the housing are owner, admin, derp, and guest, you wouldn't need to know who is co or res because there aren't any. You're not gonna change the name of co or res, but instead you're gonna add new ranks with custom permissions.
  8. Alternative_Account

    Alternative_Account Active Member

    I thought you weren't changing existing roles, but you were adding new ones
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  9. That would be even worse as you'd have no idea what role gave what perms
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  10. You would have another menu for that
  11. You don't know what role gives what perms right now too! Residents may or may not be able to build and co-owners may or may not be able to summon pets. It varies from housing to housing
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  12. Yes
  13. It's just that adding more roles to this issue may be too much to handle for some people not to mention people could make offensive custom ranks and bypass any filter if one were to be added
  14. Ken_M

    Ken_M Well-Known Member

    Colored banners, and a deserted island theme. Also, a basic middle-of-nowhere theme like Fjord but not snowy would be cool!
  15. There are already some offensive housing names and signs, and of course there will be some sort of rank limit, like maybe 5 or 15
  16. That's a long thread. It has lots of good suggestions too :d
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  17. I like think 8
  18. Was already in the post
  19. i like ur command block idea i could make a game with command blocks :c i made a similar post about game making & stuff like that
  20. I actually only put them down as decoration to avoid bugs, but if you a solution to bugs can I see your thread

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